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After seeing, and loving Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, I decided to make a picture with the cast of Sonic Boom dressed as the main characters from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sonic as Peter Quil/Starlord
Amy as Gamora
Tails as Rocket Raccoon
Sticks as Groot
Knuckles as Drax

Me: okay but Zeref’s proposal is really confusing  given we don’t know a lot about Fairy Tail’s stance on how alternate futures work, and how Zeref is planning to execute this plan in the first place. If he does “reset the timeline” to return himself to before he was cursed, then won’t the future play out exactly the same as before? What could he possibly change if he’s eliminating entire chunks of the future timeline? Is he planning to convert the Timelapse into a pseudo Eclipse Gate with Mavis’ power, or is he going to force it to destroy entire chunks of the timeline? If timelines really do correct themselves like Anna suggested (and is indeed supported by the events following the destruction of Hisui’s Eclipse Gate), then isn’t this an effort in futility and a paradox in and of itself? (If Zeref destroys the current timeline then he won’t exist to destroy the current timeline so he didn’t but then he did exist to destroy the current timeline etc) If he’s time travelling to stop his past self, will that create a paradox from there or will current!Zeref exist simultaneously alongside his past self and still not die (what would he be planning to stop if he did)? It seems like the latter will be true given what we know about Future!Lucy and Future!Rogue, as they existed  alongside their own past selves. Doesn’t this mean Zeref’s plan is flawed in and of itself? If the Timelapse does exist as a pseudo Eclipse Gate to support the paradox, then isn’t that… bad, given the very nature of the Timelapse as a destructive entity and not a stable one? Further, we don’t know whether or not future!Lucy’s vision of everyone from her guild greeting her was a real indication of her returning to her own future, an alternate version of her own future or her last thoughts as she died For Real, so do alternate futures exist in Fairy Tail or not? And what the hell does any of this have to do with killing Acnologia? Won’t it be a lot harder to do that if Zeref returns to the past and returns to his weakened mortal self? Does he plan to destroy Acnologia with the timelapse as well? Is Acnologia weak enough in the past for a human Zeref to destroy him?

Also me: lmao the dragonslayers got shot out of the eclipse gate like rockets 

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You guys should bring in Rocket Raccoon for G.A.S. when the film drops YAS!

Cana: *Excited gasp mid sip of her drink* Oh my God! Laxus! We have to invite Rocket Raccoon!
Laxus: He’s not real, Cana. He’s just a comic book character that got turned into a movie.
Cana: But Rocket Raccoooooooon, Laxus!
Laxus: … You know what, if you’re going to be drunk while we do this, then so I am. Pass me the drink.
Cana: YESSSS! Drunk Laxus! *Gives Laxus a barrel*
Laxus: Uh, I think I’ll be good with a bottle.
Cana: Okay. Don’t worry. Baby steps.