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Racist names for organisms, what to replace them with

Oldsquaw,  Clangula hyemalis The American Ornithology Society has successfully changed this common name to “Long-tailed duck.”

Indian Pipe, Monotropa uniflora “Ghost flower” is a cooler name anyway. I usually just call it “monotrope,” that’s just as easy to remember.

Gypsy Moth, Lymantria dispar This one is super hard to get rid of, because the public uses it constantly, and many people don’t think that “Gypsy” is a slur. I think I’ll follow the lead of my moth friends ( @Coolbugs ?) and try to remember to call them Lymantria. 

Oriental bittersweet, Celastrus orbiculatus, “Round-leaved bittersweet” is preferable, although I also like “Orange-rooted satan-vine.”

Jew’s ear, Auricularia auricula-judae, the racism is baked into the scientific name on this one, hard to ignore, but easy to refer to this mushroom as “wood ear.”

That’s all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there are tons of others (hint hint)

Five things that make me happy

1. Taking Ella and Oliver to the dog park and watching them get in crazy chases with groups of dogs. Ella is so fast she runs outside the group when it turns so she doesn’t get ahead of the other dogs. That way she can keep an eye on them.

2. Flossing my teeth. My dental hygienist raises an eyebrow when I say I floss daily, sometimes twice a day. What, doesn’t everyone?

3. Crossing the finish line in a race. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5k or a marathon. It’s not that I’m glad the race is over, though sometimes I am relieved, but I savor the accomplishment. Frequently I get a runners high. You may see me walking around the finish area with a stupid grin on my face.

4. The sound the recycling collection truck makes when it pours the contents of my bin into the hopper. When that mechanical arm flips Gaia’s big treat jar upside down and all those empty bottles crash in the cacophony is marvelous. It’s why I switched from boxed wine to bottles. My neighbors can hear how much I recycle. [Pats self on back.] Recycling is like hugging a tree except no tree ever delivered tasty alcoholic beverages.

5. Driving my car after an oil change. The actual difference is not perceptible. It’s not like I wait until black smoke is coughing out the tail pipe. It’s more of a placebo effect, knowing the filter is debris free and the oil is silky smooth. The passenger compartment may be filthy but knowing the inside of the engine is clean makes me feel like I’m driving a better Camry, like maybe a 2012 model with a sunroof.

Angel With a Shotgun

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Prompt: Supernatural/X-Men crossover where Reader is an angel - a very unconventional, non-standard angel - that hunts with Sam & Dean and falls in love with Peter.

Editor: @fetus-twink-howell

Beta Reader: @nerdy833

A/N: Assume this takes place over the course of about 6 months to a year, I suppose. Sorry if the lyrics make it choppier, it just… felt wrong to leave them out. Also, please don’t kill me.

Get out your guns,
Battle’s begun.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

  Your eyes were closed the first time you ever heard his voice. It had been eerily silent in the forest that day, the dense quiet disturbed only by the sound of your footsteps. You didn’t mind, however. It was not often that you experienced the pleasure of true silence within the human world - or heaven, for that matter - and you were taking the time to enjoy it. Even if the silence meant that whatever you had been hunting was not hunting you.

  You thought about calling the Winchesters, but disregarded the idea, almost with distaste. They had their own problems to attend to, and this small vampire clan was the least of them. Besides, you were an Angel of the Lord. If you could not handle these simply creatures - ones who probably could not even kill you - you had fallen far, indeed. You paused then, your ears having picked up a sound in the distance. That was when the vampires made their first mistake. They did not stop moving quick enough, and you heard one of them move.

  You hadn’t whirled around, hadn’t bothered to even look, you’d merely slipped your angel blade into one hand and gripped your shotgun in the other. You held still, listening to the perfect silence. Listening for the mistakes.


  You whirled, throwing the blade - with enough precision and accuracy to scare any being - and firing the shotgun after it. Both projectiles met their mark. The vampire, most likely a fledgling, was too slow, too clumsy, to evade, and its head toppled to the ground within five seconds of you throwing the blade. One down, you thought, retrieving your blade, four to go.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you had anything else written for the Pistol Proof AU.

Ask and you shall receive a terrible short preview;

“Kid, watch out!” 

Eddy jolts to attention at the warning, his eyes wide at the Marine coming right at him but he’s not gonna be fast enough- 

An oh so familiar figure forms right before the marine, deflecting the attack with the length of a metal pipe, coat tails flapping in the wind. 

“Hurricane Hand!” 

Uncle Sabo lands right in front of him as the yellow guy goes rocketing back as the blunt force impact of a hurricane slams into his torso, a handful of the zephyrs spilling to the sides, licked black with Haki. 

“Get him out, Eddy. I’ll watch your back.” 

Uncle Sabo grins, bright and wide before he goes leaping back down into the fight, a tornado whipping up in his wake.

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)

WOY Trending 27: Favourite Vehicle

I think my favourite ship in the show has to be Hater’s Skullship- I love skulls so much I’ve started a collection, so it’s no surprise this is my #1 xD I actually never realised that the bottom jaw created the tail pipes until I drew it once and I think that was a really clever way to design it- Good goin’ Hater lmao. Also I love the tardis aspect that it’s bigger on the inside lol, perfect for housing all those watchdogs x3

Not only do I love the Skullship in it’s normal form, but it is totally freaking bad ass in the Skullcrusher mode- I wish it could’ve actually done something in the finale, but the design is still super awesome and I want a figurine of it so bad- Definitely one of the coolest ships ever Hater >;3 

I’ve seen some cool ships, but that is BAD. ASS. 

Wander Over Yonder deserves a 3rd season, so we can see more awesome spaceships and other cool cars/trucks/etc! Sign the petition to help make a 3rd season possible!



I created this dragon plushie to display at my senior show. I wanted a five foot dragon! But it only came out 2.5 feet. I might make another one, only with wings and spines instead of a water dragon. And larger. It depends on whether or not I can get a helper this weekend and how much work I can get done before then.

The coloring was done with various markers, some alcohol, cotton balls, q-tips, and help from a tutorial from magweno (magweno.etsy.com - go buy it!).
Body is minky stuffed with polyfill and pellets for weight.
Cute black safety eyes.
Needle sculpted paws.
The fins on the head, along the back, and the tail fin have pipe cleaner in between the sewn lines for stability and slight poseability.

All around super awesome <3

Our Story’s Based on What We Choose | {Steampunk AU}

If it had been anyone other than Tony trying to goad him into going out into public, Clint might have told them to suck a tail pipe. But this was Tony and Tony was not only his employer and his landlord, he was his friend. His pushy, annoying, but painfully attractive friend. How could Clint say no to a ride in his steam car?

Alright, well, if he had known that Tony would be taking him to a slave auction, he might have still told him to suck a tail pipe.

“What are we doing here?” Clint asked, his voice sharp. He gripped his crutches harder, dread making his stomach roil when he spotted the size of the crowd. Navigating that will not be easy.

“Saving some poor sod from the auction block.” Tony replied. “This batch were infantry in the last Great War. You’d think heroes like them would be treated better.” It was something they were both working for, quietly. The current government weren’t too thrilled about having slaves who were also war heroes. “And we both know you need some help before you kill yourself just going up or down the stairs.”

Clint opened his mouth to argue, but Tony had him pinned. So instead he donned his jacket (that sneak brought his officer’s jacket, complete with bars denoting his greatest victories in the SteamMech he had fought in. He could not begrudge him, however, because it did help part the crowd and make it easier for him to move to the front on his crutches.


Pulsejet Engine Overview

Part of a Series on Jet Engines

The pulsejet is an air breathing jet engine. The pulsejet is different from most other types of jet engines as it operates in discrete cycles or pulses, where as most jet engines run smoothly and continuously. 



At the beginning of a cycle in a standard valved pulsejet, air is mixed with fuel at the mouth of the engine. This mixture then enters open valves at the mouth of the engine. The valves slot closed and the fuel-air combination is combusted forcing hot gas out the tail pipe, providing thrust. The valves at the mouth then open and the vacuum caused by the expelled gas fills the combustion chamber with air. 

In a valveless pulsejet, the moving valves at the mouth of the engine are eliminated. This type of engine uses the vaccum created by escaping air to cycle the engine.

At the start of the cycle, a chamber with two pipes connected to it, one short and one long, is filled with a fuel air combination. The mixture is combusted and hot gas accelerates out of both pipes. The escaping gas creates a vacuum in the combustion chamber. The shorter pipe is evacuated more quickly and air rushes through it to fill the combustion chamber.  This air is mixed with fuel and the combustion process starts all over again. In order to ensure an optimized fuel-air mixture and a smooth cycle, the lengths of the two pipes must be very carefully tuned. 


Both varieties of pulsejets are incredibly simple and largely eschew moving parts (excepting the valves on the valved pulsejet.) Additionally, pulsejet, if properly tuned, can be very efficient. The reason that pulsejets do not see wide use in the aerospace industry is that they produce what is considered an unacceptable amount of noise and vibration. This is a result of their discrete cycles which range from about 50 cycles per second in large pulsejets to 250 in smaller models. Additionally, at high speeds, ram air pressure can prevent valves from fully closing, drastically reducing power and efficiency. 


The pulsejet’s most notable use was on the German V-1 cruise missile. This missile was nicknamed the “Buzz Bomb” as its engine, cycling at 45 cycles-per-second emitted an audible buzz. Today, some military target drones and civilian model aircraft use pulsejet engines. The military has experimented with pulsejets as tipjets for helicopters, even going so far as to produce a number of working models. 

The engines were found to be far to loud and the project was abandoned. Pulsejets are also used in commercial drying and heating operations as the pulsejet produces heat from fuel very efficiently.

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