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Why is “mouse society of scavenged objects living alongside and occasionally mirroring human society” such a widespread genre but such a niche fandom?

I refuse to believe this highly specific mouse fandom is not out there. I mean it’s like… Most movies/stories featuring such a world are pretty much compatible with one another if you level out the anthropomorphism. Is there a password? Do I need a secret password to enter the Mouse Fandom? Or, like its source material, is it merely small, living in the scaffolding and on the discarded pieces of other, larger fandoms where none but the residents and children may see its’ inner workings?

I wish to partake but alas, I cannot locate said Mouse Fandom.

  • me, when a character I don't like is angsty: Yeah, get over it edgelord, you had suuuch aaa hoorrible life am III riiiight?
  • me, when a character I love is angsty: Oh my god no my sweetheart... ~I hope they crush you more~ You had a such a terrible life oh my god no...

Natsu Themed Cake

I attempted to make a Natsu themed mousse cake from Fairy Tail. only to end up failing miserably. nothing was going right for me thus the cake turned out nothing like i expected. oh well lol  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (tasted good tho)  hopefully if i decide to redo this cake it will be much better. 


I also tried to make a mini happy cake on the side and FAILEDDDD. for the first hour or so he looked fine until the FROSTING STARTED TO RUN DOWN THE CAKE AND THE COLORS WERE MIXING TOGETHER, aasdffgghhjkk he looks like he has seen the horrors of war. lmfaooooo. 

just. look. at. his. face.

“Natsu, why have you forsaken me”

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was

Four for you, Glen Coco

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Stop trying to make fetch happen

  • (Music) Ariana Grande hits a low note, falling seven to No. 17.
  • (Movies) Baby Driver has grown up and lost his boyish charm (No. 16).
  • (Anime & Manga) Fairy Tail turned cautionary tale. This TV show fell six spots to No. 16.
  • (TV) If only someone would save Gotham from its barely-there ranking of No. 20.
  • (Ships) Is Taekook (BTS’ Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook) over? It crash-landed at No. 18. Yikes.

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