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Request: I wanna request Woozi x reader x S.Coups smut please~ Hybrid Au?
Pairing/s: Woozi x reader x S.coups
Genre: hybrid!AU, smut
A/N: omg i got so excited with this request! I might plan to give these some few chapters but then it depends how much you guys like it so hit me up if you do~

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They’re back again. Damn it.

It’s always them. And you’re definitely a sucker for them, there’s no denying of that. From the way you pulled against the strands of Seungcheol’s hair in which he responded with that low groan near your ear that he knew was a complete turn on for you. From the way your hands gripped unto the fabric of the shirt Woozi wore, pulling him closer even though your bodies were practically pressing quite hard against each other. Needing each other’s warmth.


Woozi was behind you. His hands snaked around your waist, trailing those long slender fingers down your hips as his mouth hungrily latched upon your neck with no means of even stopping. Every movement or squirm you make, it would only heighten Woozi’s arousal as your rear end would grind against his restraining bulge which would end him growling hotly near your ear. Being a hybrid as he is, he is quite sensitive in all this heated session that his ears were practically twitching with his tail in an excited movement, flinging left to side.

Seungcheol was busy enough keeping your moans and sealing it with a heated kiss. His tongue slipped to lick your bottom lip, asking for entrance. Though, your brows furrowed and you were determined to keep them shut not until his hands then slipped underneath your blouse, feeling your skin and up until on one of your mounds. A gasp was emitted from you which he sees it as an opportunity and initiated another searing kiss.

“Enjoying yourself?,” Woozi spoke and while he did so, he made sure to press himself further against you, causing your hand to clutch unto Seungcheol’s shoulder tighter. Your half-lidded eyes can barely register what unholy things they were basically doing to you but you were definitely not complaining at all.

Releasing your lips from Seungcheol’s, a string of saliva was visible in between your already violated lips. A puff of hot breath before he started latching unto the other side of your neck where Woozi hadn’t mark it yet by himself. By this, your hands that were by Seungcheol’s shoulders came to shift themselves to his hair in which you would gradually brush those cat ears he so dearly possessed.

Feeling the lack of attention to the other boy behind you, his hands came in to grab your chin so as to make you face him and eventually planted another series of sloppy kisses while his other hand would boldly slipped themselves down to the hem of your pants and through your underwear. As he inched closer, your inner thighs tried to press themselves against each other to satisfy the aching friction down but Seungcheol’s leg was keeping you from doing so. Once in a while as Woozi would tease you down by merely rubbing to one of your sensitive buttons, Seungcheol made sure rub his thick thigh against your lower region which absolutely felt really good. Too good that you were so close on biting down Woozi’s bottom lip at the intense lip-lock.

A hybrid has its needs and practically these two men had those desires piling up to you. Only you.

“Woozi..,” you muttered. Four cat ears pricked at the lewd sound you made. Much more to the owner of that name. The hand that was by your panties withdrew itself and instead pulled your pants down, just enough for his liking and rubbed himself against you.

“You see how you make me feel. This is all on you.”


Seungcheol hissed. His hands fumbled against the buttons of your shirt. Though in frustration, he had ripped the piece of clothing off you and disregarded it to the cold floor. Your half-lidded eyes stared up the the man towering before you. A smirk plastered by his lips with those pearly white canine teeth on display as he licked his bottom lip in anticipation.

“You’re in our good hands.”

Shit. This is going to be a long night.

Gonakadet The Iliamna Lake Monster

The earliest reports of a monster living in the lake came from the native Tlingit people, who tell stories of a creature referred to as the Gonakadet. It was described as a large, water-dwelling animal with a head and tail similar to that of a wolf, and a body like an orca, very similar to the Akhlut. 

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#662.5 - Fletching are friendly Pokemon who communicate among their flock with specific chips and tail-feather movements. Despite the loveliness of their singing, these Pokemon are merciless to intruders who invade their territory. Fletching aren’t very quick or powerful fliers, but as they age they will grow a flame sac on their belly that will help power them up once it’s hot; however, the sac won’t be fully developed until Fletching has finished evolving, and until then, cannot be used to produce external flames.

#663.5 - Fletchinder, now able expel embers from their beak, utilize their newly developed firepower to drive prey into the open by setting patches of tall grass on fire. Their internal flame grows greatly as they do, heating their flame sac to high temperatures and granting them an impressive speedboost in the sky. Fully evolved Fletchinder, known as Talonflame, have been known to have such a hot internal flame that they shed embers from the gaps between their feather during intense battles.

Named: Fletchling - Fletchember - Fletchinder - Flintwing - Talonflame

Other Gen 6 Pokemon

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Aoi Shouta LIVE 2017 WONDER lab. ~prism~ Osaka/Tokyo 2017-02-04/2017-02-12 - Report


Two reports in one post! The majority of the live was similar ✨
Osaka parts will be in italics, Tokyo in bold, plain text means it happened in both lives!
Most the official photos I’ve used here are mainly from Tokyo.

As usual not 100% accurate!

At Tokyo Live

*Thanks to those who responded to my post! ^^*
So I got to my seat and after I was ready I messaged @jeanette-ting seeing if she got to her’s ok (we applied for tickets separately so never got to sit together 😢 ).

And not long after she told me she spotted Chiharu!!!
Here are screenshots of our convo 😂Thought it’d be easier than trying to explain it all lol
Hopefully it’s not too small and you can all read it! (Probably better to read on mobile devices since you can zoom in!)

Please excuse the spelling mistakes, as you can tell I was really excited 😂😂

And~ then the live started!

If only I could have recorded him 😂

It’s not in the convo but I also saw Agematsu Noriyasu, BROCCOLI’s composer (third photo) he was sitting next to Naru, Shoutan’s kouhai in S Inc (second photo).
And I couldn’t tell who it was next to Agematsu-san, but since they were next to him and Naru, I guessed it must be Satou Hiromi, S Inc’s president (third photo).
Araki Hirofumi, Kento’s actor in Smile Mermaid was also there (last photo)

I seen Japanese fan reports saying that Onoken was also there but I never seen him.


The live started with a video of painter/artist Shoutan in an art studio. His Budokan Prince outfit was also displayed in the room ☺️
He was drawing a white, space-like outfit.
He then turns and look straight to the camera with this expression (noticing us)

(ok not 100% this expression, he was more happy looking) and then he smiled beautifully~

Suddenly he sees something unusual and wiped his eyes to check that he wasn’t seeing things. Sparkles started coming out from the drawing, he then smiled again
Then Shoutan appeared on stage in that white outfit!!!

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The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Five

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimp for some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

Back to Chapter Four

Chapter Five: Dead and Gone

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Word count: 3100+

A/N: keep in mind in know that in 2016, the 6th of Dec wasn’t a Saturday. But ignore that like I have haha! & also this was originally 2 different chapters, but I combined them & I might do that with a few more so there isn’t so many chapters.

I’m glad that people have liked the first chapter. The drama hasn’t even started Unfolding yet! ✔✔❤❤

As usual: oversee the grammar and spelling mistakes I make. I’m not the best editor 🖕



Before I knew it Monday came around, and to say that I was excited to see my babies was an understatement. It had been two miserable days of not seeing their darling faces creating havoc around the house. I missed cleaning up after them, snuggling with Ruby at night when she couldn’t sleep, cooking with Joshua when wanted to bake.

In those two days I moped around the house, cleaning spotless bench tops, re-washing all the linen in the cupboards, and having lunch with Greg on the Sunday before he went to Los Angeles to see his sister for a week.

Since the kids school was only a few blocks away I decided to forgo the taxi and pick them up by foot. I even considered stopping at a small ice cream bar to give the kids a treat. It may have been the middle of November but I didn’t mind a little ice cream here or there.

I replaced my black stilettos for some ankle boots but left my work attire on, only putting thick white peacoat and black scarf over top. I grabbed my handbag and keys from the kitchen bench before locking up.

It was a bonus that I got to work half my days at home instead of being cooped up in a stuffy office for hours on end. Being a senior architect and a boss meant I could mold my own hours and delegate my work load. My boss and owner of the company, Chloe was an incredible lady and not much older then me. When I started working for her straight after collage, her business was just starting off.

Being only 5 years my senior meant that she turned into one of my closest friends. She was there visiting me at the hospital when both my children were born, and one of the people holding me up when my marriage broke. Apart from her, and my best friend Izzy, she was the only other person I trusted that wasn’t family.

The walk to columbia grammar and preparatory school only took about 20 minutes or so, it was a nimble walk along the streets of the upper west side. Finn refused to send our children to any other place stating ‘it’s what’s best for our children’s education’ and I couldn’t agree more.

It was a private school full of privileged young youths, the tuition alone per year was more then buying a house. But when it came to their learning money wasn’t a problem. It was one of the places Finn’s company donated heavily too, he was also on the board of trustees and a former student.

I opened the door to ruby’s class room and gathered with the other parents in the corner as the teacher was talking to the students.

“Hey Rachel” whispered another mom to the left of me, she was a sweet women that wasn’t short of bedazzling herself with stunning diamonds.

“Hi Rebecca, how’s your day?” I replied with a hushed whispered and shuffled closer to her so I didn’t disturb the class.

“Oh you know same old, same old. Patrick begs me to stay at home and keep my feet up until miss Isabella makes her grand entrance, he’s like a broken record that man” she smiles rubbing her, very round tummy. I looked at the 40-something year old in amazement, her hair prim and proper, with wonderful designer clothing and a kind hearted smile upon her face. It was rare to meet genuine people in New York. It reminded me to set up a coffee date with her sometime soon.

“Listen to your husband Rebecca, Patrick’s right you should put your feet up more often. You won’t be able to do it when she comes along” I tutted and chuckled quietly at my authority.

“Yeah maybe but I’ll be so bored. I need to be doing something or I feel like I’m going crazy”.

“I know how you fe-”

I was interrupted by the feel of a tiny body constricting themselves around my legs in joy. Her little pony tail bouncing with her movement when Ruby began jumping lightly on the balls of her feet. A smile radiated my face, leaning down I wrapped an arm around Ruby’s back and cuddle my little girl close.

“I missed you too sweety” I whispered softly into her ear and returned to my stand position.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Rebecca, I’ve got to get going to Josh’s classroom” I learned over a pecked her cheek in Farwell. “Bye brody” I patted her sons head as they both smiled and waved goodbye.

After collecting ruby’s bag and coat, we headed down the hall to Josh’s class. Her tiny hand secure in mine as we walked side by side through the busy corridor.

Josh was already waiting for us by the door as he talking to one of his teachers, Mr Holden.  He was a bubbly old man, who talked years of wisdom. Josh was fond of the old guy, admired him almost. He made sure Josh kept his grades impeccable and in exchange he would tell Josh all about his time teaching in France, Ireland and Australia.

“Hi mom” beamed my little man, then said a quick goodbye to the teacher who waved at me.

“How was dad’s house?” I was a bit sceptical on how the weekend went after ruby’s little breakdown.

“Awesome!” He beamed. “We had so much fun! Dad took us out for tea, went to the park and even the zoo mom. The ZOO!”.

“It would of been better if you were there” I could barely hear the whisper that was muttered by Ruby. My heart broke again after hearing her soft words. I knew they weren’t meant for my ears, so I decided not to speak up.

We headed towards the little ice cream bar that was situated between our house and the school. Even with New Yorks chilly temperature the place was still bursting with people. It took us 20 minutes for us to place our order (Ruby with a scoop of vanilla bean and sprinkles, Josh with a scoop of raspberry swirl and I deciding on a scoop of cookies and cream). We chose to eat and walk, the kids talking about the rest of the weekend and school today and I filling them in on my lonely adventures without them.

By the time we arrived home our bellies were full and the cold finally getting to us, Ruby snuggled closer into my leg as I fished into my bag to retrieve the keys.

The rest of the night was full of laughter and a light tea before both the kids and I curled up in my king size bed and dozed off.


The rest of the month flew by fast and before I knew it, it was already the 5th of December. Finns mood stayed placid but he didn’t speak to me or step foot into my house after I kicked him out. He’s grumpiness was obvious on his face, but I was glad the smart ass kept his usual comments to himself.

Greg had popped over several times after work when he came back from his sisters house. He only stayed one of those nights, to which I was grateful for. Our relationship sometimes felt more like a friendship and I was comfortable with that. I wasn’t ready to give my heart to someone else after a messy divorce.

If i was being honest, I wasn’t completely over my ex-husband. I probably never will be. He swept me off my feet when I was only 18, I was new to college life and Izzy convinced me that our first week should be spent drinking until our livers gave out. I being the pushover I am agreed and somehow we found ourself at a prat party.

Finn approach me and asked me to dance, and I being a typical freshman fell for his charms and instantly in love. It was just my luck that he reciprocated my feelings and for the next 12 years out life was bliss. Until it wasn’t, until he broke my heart in the worst possible way.

Joshua’s 8th birthday was tomorrow and it was my turn to have him. I hadn’t planned anything big, but I couldn’t wait to surprise him with a visit to the Rockefeller centre to go ice skating, then to travel to my parents house over in New Jersey for a family tea. He wasn’t a fussy child and the simple things in life is what made him happy. I’m glad that even though he grew up around money he doesn’t demand to be spoilt.

I was lucky to have both humble and nurtured children. Money buys power, to which their father had Alot of, and still with the world at their feet they would rather have a simple gift then an extravagant one. I guess they inherited my way of thinking, I had always told them money can’t buy love.


By 7am the next morning the house was alive, the birthday boy had made sure of that. His excitement for the days events were contagious and I couldn’t help by smile everytime his eyes lit up after opening one of his presents.

Blueberry waffles were still steaming hot on the counter top as I prepared the cream and chocolate sauce. It was a breakfast I disapproved of, but today was Josh’s day and he had practically begged for days on end for them. Who was I to say no? How could I even say no?

Just as I was about to call the kids to the dinning room table the door bell chimed. I looked at my watch seeing it was only 8.14am.

‘Who on earth could that be?’ I thought to myself as I dusted off my hands and made my way to the door. My Mom and Step-Dad knew we were coming to their house today, same with my older brother Robert.

Izzy surely wouldn’t be out of bed this early on a Saturday morning, plus she was at a franchise meeting in LA to both her and the kids dismay. They loved their aunty Iz, who had a habit of feeding their bellies full of white chocolate muffins. Also, Chloe was meeting us at the ice skating rink with her two bubbly children. So we weren’t expecting company.

Shocked couldn’t even describe my emotion when I opened that door to see my ex-husband and his new hussy standing there on the door step.

His impeccable dark blue wash suit was tailored to perfection as aways, hair greased back leaving it slightly wet, which could also be said about my panties.

Olivia looked stunning as always, and it made me sick. Her newly short platinum blonde hair was styled into a quirky quiff, her slim figure dressed in a perfect two toned grey and white stripped knitted dress that stopped just before her knees. She added black boots, a grey coat and a beautiful necklace hung around her neck.

I internally groaned when I assessed my own attire of, black leggings I pulled from my draw and a old, baggy OASIS top which I stole off Finn in my junior year at college. It was stretched beyond belief because of the two pregnancies I endured and the neck line kept slipping off my shoulder. No doubt my hair was still a tangled mess on top of my head, actually I was a mess from head to toe and they were the perfect couple. But just to add insult to injury, I remember that I didn’t even bother to put on a bra this morning. Great, just great.

“What are you doing here?” I tried my hardest to cover up as much of my top as I could, I didn’t want to look like a desperate ex-wife still mourning the loss of her husband. But the look in his eye told me he had already noticed what top I decided to wear.

“I came to see my son on his birthday Rae. Is that alright with you?” I rolled my eyes and ignored Olivia’s snickering. I stood to the side and allowed them both to come in, as much as I wanted to slam the door in their faces I knew that Josh would want to see his dad.

The kids where currently in Josh’s room playing the Xbox game I got him, so I excused myself to notify them that their dad was here to see them.

The moment their little eyes connected with their fathers they came running down the stairs and engulfed Finn in a giant hug nearly knocking him to the ground.

Josh started talking a mile a minute explaining to Finn all the exciting things that he had gotten already. I could see Finn smile as he watched his son, causing a small ache with on my heart. These moments are the ones I missed, when we would spend time as a family.

I knew that Finn had already given Josh his present when they had seen him after school on Thursday so I was a little shocked to see him pull two small gift box’s from his coat and hand them to both the kids. I didn’t stick around to see the cute expressions they made when they opened them, it still hurt to much.

“Dad, mom cooked our favourite breakfast today! And made home made chocolate sauce” Josh spoke excitedly, “dad, are you staying for breakfast? Please, please say you are!”

Finn, Josh and Ruby looked to me expectedly as I stood awkwardly in the kitchen. I nodded my head silently and listened to the kids cheer.

“But finny, we have a plane to catch” Olivia whined. It was the first thing she had said since she arrived, and I wished she had just kept her mouth shut.

“Liv it’s a private plane! I’ll just ring the airport and delay it by an hour” Finn spoke softly, but I couldn’t help but pick up on his cool tone. Olivia continued to whine like a 3 year old about keeping to a schedule and I didn’t have time to listen. I just continued to busy myself with setting the table.

They all gathered around my mahogany 6 seater table in the dinning room. Finn and Olivia sat together on one side, and the kids, and I sat on the other. Never had I felt this awkward in my own home, between Olivia scrunching her nose up the waffles, and the kids in a in-depth conversation with Finn, I just felt alone. This wasn’t the family breakfasts I dreamt of when I was a teen. Silently, I sat there nibbling on a few bits of freshly cut fruit. Wishing I could disappear.

“Mommy?” Ruby whispered, disconnecting me from my thoughts and bringing me back to reality, not realising I zoned out.

“Yeah baby” I cooed stroking her soft light brown hair smiling.

“Why is Olivia here?” I turned to my daughter and leaned closer to her.

“Ugh- well sweety. She is your daddy’s girlfriend and she wants to see you guys. It’s Josh’s birthday and he’s extremely happy having them here. Why do you ask?”.

“She doesn’t like us very much” Ruby muttered, “she always says we get in the way”.

I focused on my breathing, reminding myself that today was Josh’s day and I couldn’t ruin it by jumping over the table and strangling the bitch to death.

“Like I said sweetie your going to have to talk to your dad about that”.

“Talk to me about what?” We swung our heads towards Finn not realising that our conversation was being heard. I felt ruby’s small hands latch onto mine in a death grip.

“Well… Umm… I think it’s something you and Ruby should talk about that- in private” I explained sending a small smile to Ruby.

“And why is that?” Olivia butted in. I could see the annoyance etched on her face.

“Because it’s a private matter between him and his daughter that’s why” I narrowed my eyes on the witch, but kept my voice light. She had no right to butt in on this conversation.

“Oh please save me the sob story. You just want to spin lies to my Finn don’t you!” Olivia spat. Her words echo in my head over and over again. Her Finn. I felt my heart break all over again.

“I would never, ever do that! You have no ri-”.

“Enough!” Finn bellowed, his face tinted red in anger.

“Olivia, I’ll meet you in the car” Finn hissed, ignoring her complaints. She huffed and stormed off; slamming the front door behind her.

“Kids do you think I can talk to your mom for a minute?” They both nodded and went back up into room after I kissed them on their heads.

“What exactly was that about Rae!” I cringed at his toned. He leant over the table, his eyes boaring into mine. I looked away deciding the left over fruit on my plate looked particularly interesting.

“I think you need to speak with Ruby, Finn. I’ve told her too, but she is too scared” I sighed, “and that is what I tried to explain to your girlfriend”.

“I’ll deal with Olivia later Rae, don’t bring her up”.

“Why did you have to bring her here! To my house! I understand you wanting to see Josh but you know how we feel about each other. And you still-” Finn abruptly got up from his chair and walked around the table until he was standing right next to me. Yanking me by my arm lightly, Finn dragged me to my feet.

“You left me remember! You packed your shit and left with my fucking kids in the middle of my business trip. So don’t you dare go there!” He hissed causing me to flinch back.

“You were so heart broken that you moved Olivia in 6 months later” I scoffed, “you know what just leave please. This is Josh’s day! And I don’t want it ruined by a silly little argument. So please just go say goodbye and hop on that plane of yours and go… your good at that” I barely whispered the last words before I fled.

Out of all the deceitful things Finn had done to me in the 2 years since our divorce, this took the cake. I could deal with his hateful words, but for him to bring her into my home… That was unacceptable. To let her talk to me like that in front of our children. I was done.

There was no use hiding my tears in the bathroom I barricaded myself in. I needed to get this pitty party over with, because today wasn’t the day for a mental break down.

'Why wasn’t I good enough Finn?’


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The Yule Ball. [Newt x Reader]

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A/N: merry christmas everyone! sorry for the late thingie I was celebrating for a while and had the most horrible hangover ever. This could be tied into Peculiar, but it’s not canonically correct. Either way, names are used. Still, hope you like it! <3 (side note: still working on masterlist. new one should be either today or tomorrow)
Words: 2592
Warnings: none


It had taken all of his courage, despite the two of you now being together, to make those words spill from his mouth. It was a big jumble of incoherent meek murmurs but you most certainly understood what Newt Scamander had in mind when in a heated breath he mumbled, “this—Yule-I…maybe, you…have…” his hands then jittered in the air as if it would be easier to convey his point, “…please?” the look in his magnificent green eyes was hopeful and strained with cracking nerves. The tension in the air – one he was imagining, no doubt – was deflated along with his tensed shoulders as a brilliant smile bloomed on your face with a small tint of a blush on your cheeks.

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The Prince and the Sea Witch

I’m back with the first chapter of the Mermaid au! You guys really liked the prologue, and I am having so much fun with this! Thank you all so much! Also, the poem at the start is a translation of an amazing Urdu ghaza by Amjad Islam Amjad. One of my favorites. Enjoy!

Pairing: Prinxiety, background Logicality

Summary: Prince Roman of the Mermaid City and the evil Sea Witch Anxiety must work together to put their differences aside to save the ocean from the biggest threat yet. They might succeed, if they could go five minutes without murdering each other.

You can also read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10829247?view_full_work=true

Chapter 1

No matter what season it is on the outside,
My heart always celebrates the season of missing you,
You can test me, my love, if you do not believe,
And see how your smile transforms the season of my melancholy heart.
The Mermaid City, Jaesmore, was a sight to behold. Named after the very first Mermaid Queen, it was situated deep in the heart of the ocean, and spanned several thousand feet in every direction, as far as the eye could see. Surrounded on all sides by an impenetrable protective Shield, the city was both a safe haven and the worst prison to all that resided within.

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Halfchangeling Jim - Fighting

In addition to his skill with a sword, Jim has become adept at kick based fighting. More than once, he’s gone blade-to-blade with an opponent, and then suddenly he shoves forward, pulls away, and slams one foot into any available weak point. He also takes every opportunity to attack from above, dropping on top of the enemy and stomping on their head or shoulders before springing off and away to avoid counterattacks.

Another move he can do, one that slightly embarrasses him, he can brace himself on his tail and lash out with both feet in a devastating kick, much like a kangaroo. The kangaroo comparison is what bugs him, but the technique works, so he won’t forget it anytime soon.

His tail functions more for balance than anything else, it isn’t dexterous enough to hold things and not long enough to be used like a club. He might try to smack someone with it in a pinch, but it does little more than startle his usual sort of opponents.

(in noncombat situations, his tail movements can give away some of his emotions. A calm sway is a sign of ease, short and stiff movements convey anger, brief flicks every few seconds is a sign of interest)

Because of how thin and long his antlers are, charging and headbutting the enemy is too impractical to be used as a main attack, but he will use it on rare occasion, against foes closer to his size and as a way to stun them. (for instance, he wouldn’t even consider charging someone like Bular, but Strickler and Nomura are almost guaranteed to get antlers to the face)

This isn’t to say Jim hasn’t playfully headbutted Arrrgh once or twice, and sometimes Draal, before and/or after a sparring match.

(and once, in human form, he rammed his head into Steve’s face during a particularly frustrating day)

His antlers also have a bit of a disadvantage. His opponent may be able to grab hold of them for leverage, to yank him off balance or to pin him against a wall. Of course, with them holding him in place, his legs are free to deliver powerful kicks to any part of the enemy he can reach, but he would prefer to not be pinned at all. Once he realizes that is going to be an issue, he sets to practice twisting free of an attackers grip.

His teeth and new claws are incredibly sharp, but they aren’t very useful against creatures with stone skin. When he’s pressured and willing to fight dirty, he will gouge for eyes if he’s close enough. And if anyone is stupid enough to put a hand near his mouth he will bite without hesitation.


…ever since the mermaid/merman craze hit, suggesting all the different kinds there can be… 


Like sealmaids (or men); merpeople with the tails of  clownfish, dory, rainbowfish, angelfish, all manner of fishies; lionfish merpeople with their poisonous spines… (stonefish merpeople could be a thing too, just FYI -with their poisonous spines)…

Fluourescent-tailed mercreatures from the depths of the deep, dark ocean, whose eyes glow eerily but do not work well in the light. Mercreatures who use echo-location to define friend-from-foe… whose razor-sharp talons protect them from harm, or help them battle one another.

Mercreatures that hear the call of evil, whose desires are not born from any need for revenge or anger… but simply an inner calling to the dark side; and those who are their mirrors, the mercreatures who have good at the core of their being.

Overprotective solitary merparents, with one or two children… or hundreds of spawn that they valiantly try to protect from all harm, but succeed in raising only the strongest, fastest, most agile… who survive.

The parents that secret the mereggs somewhere alongside their entire group/community/pod of mercreatures’ eggs, protecting the cave/place as a whole, raising all infants equally… no concern over who was whose…

And those who kill off their rival’s children.

Those who adopt other merchildren, or infant creatures/anything that needs their protection…


Mermen, Merwomen, Mermaids, Merlads, Merpersons…

MerJellyfish, merpeople with the tentacles of blue-ringed octopi, or blue-bottle stingers… MerEels, MerStingrays, Merdolphins, MerSharks… MerWHALES

Then there are the swamp mermaids, River mermaids, lake mermaids,  and ALL the other kinds that could exist out there…

The ones that drown, the ones that lure people to their deaths with their voices, mercreatures that protect the animals in their habitats, those that eat some of them; merpersons who help people without them ever knowing, or watch landdwellers from afar in longing.

Mercreatures who safeguard travellers, lead lost boats or rafts to shore, who rescue the drowning or punish the wicked; those who can call up storms with the fury of their songs, or calm a churning ocean with the same.

Mercreatures of one gender or the other, of both genders at once (genderfluid/intersex), of no gender at all… those that are transgender, and those that only gain/choose either way when it comes to a special period of year/life for procreating (which can be nixed even then).

Those who want girls, or boys, or both or neither; some who literally just want a friend, an out-of-water sibling who can whisper secrets of the land to them… nothing more, nothing less…
Those who dream of their items of fascination swimming below the waves with them, or perhaps walking alongside them on the shore…

Mercreatures that are asexual, those that are bi, pan, straight, gay, lesbian… Mercreatures with no set definition(s) for relationships other than those of ‘family’, 'friend’, 'love’ and 'foe’/'predator’.

Merpersons who only come out at night, those who prefer the day; others who are crepuscular and only appear at dawn or dusk.

Those with powers, those without.

Mercreatures with species-specific abilities all relying on one another in great communities; mercreatures who live in isolation, damaged from battles protecting others, and too afraid to show themselves anymore.

…the mercreatures who go after those in isolation and show them that there are those that still care.

Merpeople who have a single partner, those with several, those with just friends…

Mercreatures that dream of the surface, those who solidly stick to the underwater world. Those who hate those above them, those who ignore that they exist, those who never venture up to see them, and those who are excited to see and speak with those above.

Merpeople who make clothes for themselves out of underwater items for fun, or because it is expected… or because they emulate those seen on ships’ passengers…
Those who prefer to have nothing at all between them and the ocean…

Mercreatures who have taught themselves the language(s) they heard from sailors, or people living near their ocean/swamp/lake/etc.
Those who use hand-signals and tail movements to communicate with land-dwellers, or one another.

Those who stare at the moon in wonder, those that have never seen it.

Mercreatures with a hierarchical society where there is a leader, protectors, teachers, food-makers and growers, etc.
Those who live informally, all doing this and that to the best of their abilities, nothing more is asked of them but what is freely given.

Warrior Mercreatures that battle fiercely to save/protect those around them, those counting on them. Those who are not born warriors, but wait to give them aid or comfort at the end of the day…

Timid mercreatures. Brash ones.

Those that will only fight to protect others if backed into a corner; others with anger issues (Mer-ray eels?).

The ones with healing abilities, and those who cause pain (intentionally or otherwise)… living symbiotically, or apart as nemesis. 

Mercreatures that live in one place, merpeople who love to travel and see all the wide, wide ocean has to offer…

Child mercreatures playing together, laughing, singing, practicing in whatever craft they wish to take up… 

Mercreatures of all colours, shapes and sizes… blue scales, gold scale, silver skin, red skin, green hair, eyes of purple, all variations that can be imagined and some yet undefined.

Mercreatures trying to describe the colours they can see with their enhanced eyesight, to their landdwelling friends whose eyes cannot perceive them. And those whose eyes cannot behold a colour (or colours) that those above-water can (like, say, blue) and listening in rapture to those on land trying to explain it to them through vivid descriptions…

Mercreatures with blood of red, gold, silver, green, pink, blue…

Those with protective armaments, inbuilt or made; those who make them from others from scratch, or from their own bodies (e.g. a Merlionfish granting another mercreature one of their spines to use as a weapon in times of war, or danger, or spawning -protecting the eggs/younglings from predators is dangerous business).

Mercreatures who feast on flesh, those that eat only plants or corals… those that sift through the sand at the ocean bottom to find little creatures to nibble on.

All manner of merpeople and creatures that can only be described best via telepathy…

(I have a trillion ideas that my lack of drawing ability will never fulfill, but let this post throw some ideas at those who CAN…)


And the main thing that bothers me is that I not only don’t know which one of these ideas captivates me the most… but also that I have no idea which one of these kinds I would be…


Incubus!Taehyung, college au
Word Count: 3,404
Genre: Other, M

Taehyung didn’t eat food, at all. But you learned that for some reason you were doubly hungry on your cycle, and ended up eating much more than usual. Oddly, you didn’t gain anything. You’d wondered aloud once if the bond and him constantly being out for…things…upped your metabolism, but it caused a very suggestive look to turn up on Taehyung’s face and you immediately dropped the subject and pretended you needed a shower. It had been two days since moving in together, and Taehyung continued to step out each night when you were asleep; he was awfully considerate for an Incubus. He claimed it was something about morals but didn’t bother elaborating, and you didn’t bother trying to confuse yourself more with his words, focusing instead on your homework, which was due…this morning.

Taehyung saw nothing wrong with skipping around the dorm while you got ready, putting on one of your five shirts, your only hoodie, and one of your three pairs of jeans. He frowned when you came out of your room, his swaying tail ceasing its movements the moment he saw you. His ears lay back flat against his fluffy lilac hair as he scanned you over and his frown deepened. “Don’t you wanna wear something else? Something nice and soft..?” Taehyung scratched at his arms through his new cashmere sweater.

“Because that seems so fun right now..so much for soft, huh?” You nodded to his sweater, hands shoved in the kangaroo pocket on your hoodie, fiddling with your phone in the media pocket. You remembered your headphones and turned on your heel, the sole of your worn-in DCs catching on the bare floor and squeaking. Taehyung mumbled something about not understanding why his cashmere was so itchy this time around while you yanked your buds off the little desk in your room and came back up front. You frowned, walking over to feel the material between your fingers and cocked a brow at him. “What are you talking about? That feels divine.” You turned to the door, wishing you could afford something that soft and rubbed at the sleeve of your own worn shirt as the two of you stepped out. You weren’t entirely sure walking to class with Taehyung was a great idea, but he insisted he would tell everyone you were just roommates; which, to his credit, was the truth for once. Or, partly, anyway. But the other folk on campus could be just as bad - worse even - as in high school, pettiness and gossiping and rumors spread quick.  One seemed to be trying to crop up today.

‘Why do they get to share a dorm? Are they a couple?’

‘How could they not be? I mean look at him! Nobody could control themself, not even her.’

What the fuck did that even mean? But before you could glare at someone, you felt Taehyung’s hand at your back and turned to look at him. He was smiling straight ahead, though, and waved at another student.

‘Nah, I heard he leaves their dorm every night. Either they’re together and she’s clueless, or they’re not together at all and he’s being nice enough not to fuck in their shared place. Watch…’

“Hey, Natalia.” Taehyung shot the girl he’d flirted with a few days ago a heavy wink and licked his lips, causing her to actually blush. Taehyung, without missing a beat, guides you over to her. “Hey, this is my roommate. Figured you should meet her in case I bring you back to mine sometime…” He let the sentence sit heavy in the air, making Natalia giggle and you scoff to the side. The gossipers chuckled and must have concluded you two weren’t fucking, because they left.

“Hey,” You offered your hand. “Always welcome to chinese left-overs in the fridge.”

“Oh..okay…” Natalia spluttered, clutching her phone before she shook your hand, blinking widely between you and Taehyung.

“Just, yknow, warn me.” You dangled your earbuds next to your face, laughing at her embarrassed look and turned into the math building. Taehyung, of course, stayed behind to flirt. Class was uneventful, but highly interesting delving deeper into Fibonacci with plans to move on to other ratios next week, and you’d planned on heading to get groceries after a trip to the coffee shop and before one of your core art classes. What you didn’t expect was for Taehyung to meet you outside of one of the studios twirling his keys and smiling at you. You had to stop and shake your head, sure you’d seen a peek of fang or horn or tail - you couldn’t tell - and stop yourself from scolding him. You must have looked as confused as you felt, though, because he spoke up.

“Driving you home. Don’t need my feet hurting when I go out tonight, so distracting..”

You narrowed your eyes at him; was this what it was going to be like from now on? “Why do you feel shit and I don’t? Is it just one way?” you snipped as you slid into the passenger seat. “Wait, I have to get groceries, I forgot to before class. I can take the bus home from there if you can drop me off..” you stated as Taehyung started up the engine, but he shot you an offended look and scoffed as he backed out and began the short drive.

“I’m not letting you take a smelly bus home, no way.”

“I’ll shower afterward, god, why are you so damn picky?”

“Because my senses are sensitive ok?” Taehyung half-whined, half-snapped at you, pouting. It looked cute, and that notion bothered you more than the idea of him being repulsed by you smelling like public transportation for all of five minutes.

“Fuckin baby..” You muttered out the window, crossing your arms grumpily over your messenger bag and clinking the paint brushes inside together as you frowned. Taehyung, for his part, stayed quiet, unsure of whether he should whine more or make a lewd comment to amuse himself, caught between glowering and smirking. He chuckled as you two pulled into the parking lot, though, of the low-end department-and-grocery store, turning off the car and reappearing in the blink of an eye holding your door. “You have to stop doing that..” you hissed, looking around but quickly noticing the evening had obscured the two of you pretty well. He chuckled again, and you just grumbled and flung your bag over your shoulder, grabbing a cart on the way inside.

“So, what do you even buy anyway besides food?”

‘Pads’ you snarked in your mind, and Taehyung chose to scoff at that very moment at something else, otherwise you’d think he could read your mind. Instead, you opted for a plain answer. “Shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, you know, basic stuff.” You shrugged as you maneuvered through the personal care aisles.

“You need laundry detergent for your whole, like, five pieces of clothing?” Taehyung joked before slapping a hand on his mouth. “Sorry! I’m sorry, I didn’t..”

“Nah, whatever,” You growled and wheeled to the next aisle quickly, definitely not fine or unaffected. You couldn’t find a job while attending school, but you were lucky that your parents would send just enough funds to cover some cheap essentials. You hadn’t grown up even being able to afford decent basics; normally, your trip would be to the dollar store, but you’d saved a bit recently. It may have been from skipping meals but still. Taehyung followed silently behind you until you reached the menstrual aisle.

“Uh. I. I’ll be right back, I gotta do something.”

“Uh- okay.” You knew he was bullshitting but whatever, you weren’t gonna make him uncomfortable. Yet. He’d have to get past whatever his deal was with periods since it was what summoned him in the first place. You still hadn’t spoken with your friends (what would you say anyway? ‘Hey assholes it actually worked, meet Taehyung, he’s a fucking incubus’?).  You sighed, slipping your worn bag into the seat of the basket and rubbing where it had dug into your shoulder before grabbing some nicer shampoo - and conditioner for once - and went to pick out not-totally-sandpaper toiletries. It wasn’t until you were trying to decide which bulk pack of ramen you wanted for the week that Taehyung returned, whistling and apparently pleased. You eyed him suspiciously before gasping out “Did you jus-?!”

“No! God, no, I’d never- ok I mean I would but not while you’re awake - but no. I mean I have some amount of restraint..”

You just snorted and held up the ramen. “Chicken or beef? I can’t decide.”

“So get both?”

“I can’t.” You sighed heavily as if it was obvious before explaining. “I can’t afford both, which?”

Taehyung looked at the ramen before his eyes flicked up to yours with a very serious look. You rolled your eyes before he could speak and chucked the family pack of chicken into the cart, zipping off to the frozen section for some vegetables.

“You know that’s not healthy to eat that all week right?” Taehyung jogged behind you, hands shoved in his pants pockets and his keys jingling on his belt loop.

“Yep.” You reached out and grabbed some frozen mixed veggies and made a sharp u-turn to exit the aisle and move toward produce. You could afford fresh green onions and cilantro this week. It would be nice.

“So why are you only buyin-”

“It’s all I can afford, okay? Christ!” You turned and snapped at him, quickly turning back to the basket and shoving it along the produce wall, looking for some sprouts too. You’d grab eggs on the way to the checkout. Taehyung was silent again, probably realizing it was better to shut up than say something more to piss you off. He scoffed at the checkout when he realized you were serious and took the cart back from you, running off with it back into the produce, you storming after him and trying not to yell. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Helping. I’ll pay. Get some stuff you like. That’s healthy,” Taehyung amended last-second.

“I don’t need your help, and I don’t want your pity, just gimme back the damn cart so I can check out. Fuck,” You exclaimed, trying to yank the cart back, but Taehyung kept it just out of reach. “Give it back!” You ejected, loud-enough for a few heads to turn and to make his head snap up too.

“Why are you being so…so fucking stubborn about this? What’s wrong with me helping?” He glowered at you, but you glared right back.

“I’m fine, I can cover it, give me the damn cart!”

Taehyung was ignoring you and adding more fresh produce by the second, faster than you could chase him, and you stopped. You sneered at him, scoffed, and simpered out a “Fine. I’ll just get another basket.” You turned on your heel, but Taehyung was there in an instant, gripping your elbow and leading you to a quieter spot.

“What the fuck is your problem, for real? Huh? What’s the fucking deal. Tell me.” Taehyung looked genuinely scary and it made you flinch back. “Now!” He barked, and you jumped back, tears beginning to form at your eyes. God dammit, you didn’t want him to know. He’d only been here a few days. “Y/N…” Taehyung’s tone was soft and downy, and he leaned in slowly to wipe the few tears forming away.

“I’m poor, okay, we’re poor. W-we’ve always been poor. I’ve survived this long on ramen so clearly it’s not as horrible as you seem to think but I..I can’t really afford anything else ok? Same with my clothes. So please stop making fun of me…” Your voice grew very small at the end.

“How poor?” Taehyung questioned, leaving you confused. He shook his head. “Rent or own your home?”

“Rent. Apartments.”


“U-uhm…” You knew this is where he’d catch you. You didn’t want to have to go into detail so you shook your head stubbornly. He just stared you down, though. “..Pallets for our beds. On the floor. A-and..” You gulped. Dammit. “Cinder blocks and recycled wood for shelves. I-i think our dining table is from before I was born? It’s glass, really old, like out of the 80s or something…” Your eyes were staring at his hi-tops as he shifted his weight. You chanced a look up and saw him squeezing the bridge of his nose and hissing like he’d just been punched.

“Fuckin hell..” The two of you stood in silence for a long moment before he spoke again. “Cmon. We’re going aisle by aisle and stocking the pantry. I don’t give a fuck what it costs. But we’ll pick things thoughtfully, food that will taste good but also be healthy and filling. You’re not getting out of this. We’ll probably be here a while, though, so… “ Taehyung looked down at your stomach just before it growled, and you tried to disappear into your hoodie. “Come on..there was a little mini restaurant at the front right? Let’s get you something to eat…”

The two of you spent hours in the store, looking over ingredients and nutrient facts of so much food your head wanted to explode. Taehyung refused to let you see the cost as things rang up, but you knew it had to be over a hundred dollars, possibly even two. You shifted uneasily on the counter in the dorm room’s kitchen when everything was put away and you were eating dinner. “I’m sorry,” you blurted out around your food. “I don’t like asking for h-help..”

“You didn’t ask.” Taehyung stated rather simply across from you where he was leaning on his hands against the oven. “You don’t have to…to ask. Ever. I’m here now.”

You’d barely heard him finish before you burst into tears. You always felt like shit asking your parents for help, and boy did they make you feel like shit when you did too. That someone went out of their way to help you, even if just this once you thought, man. You were a blubbering mess, Taehyung’s hand rubbing your hair as he cradled your head into his chest and cooed at you. Eventually, after a good fifteen or so minutes, you calmed down. If he knew how bad it really, really was, you were afraid he might break something. Or someone. So you swallowed the lump in your throat, sniffling as Taehyung suggested you take your shower and get to sleep. It was past ten, and even without classes the next day, you were sleepy and worn out from your emotions. You’d sleep well tonight.

Taehyung watched you shuffle to your bedroom, felt you get under the scalding water. He smelled the botanical fragrance from your new shampoo and bodywash set, felt the silkiness of the new loofa slide up his chest, leaving his breath to stutter out of him. He left quickly so you couldn’t challenge him about the towels he’d replaced in your bathroom, but he certainly felt when you finally accepted them as fact now. The cotton was warm and plush on his skin as he settled into a spot along the balcony of the second floor of the club. He smelled your new scent lingering as he picked out his prey, and it was fuelling his need. He managed a few dances before he was being dragged out of the club, his arousal obvious to his prey. Your peppermint toothpaste blended miraculously with the schnapps in their mouth, and Taehyung wondered if you’d taste the same if he ever got the chan- He had to stop himself, catching a low growl in his throat that only served to push his prey forward.

The prey bucked their hips up with a particularly rough grind from the incubus pushed the two of them forward; surely the prey thought heaven but Taehyung knew it was toward hell. The sweat he worked up was mirrored by you fast asleep in bed, on those damn itchy sheets, in those itchy fucking pajamas and fucking hell Taehyung couldn’t concentrate, he’d thought hell was bad but he never really knew until he became bonded to you, an insufferable, pitiful, meek, adorable fucking human. At the feeling of you throwing your head back with his in your sleep, Taehyung lost himself and completely locked up in ecstasy, a primal growl ripping from his throat with one last hard thrust that slammed his poor victim into the headboard and made them cum too. Panting and sweating, Taehyung remained stilled until he could find breath again. It didn’t take long before he was snatching up his clothes and bolting back to your shared dorm.

“I am not wearing that fucking sweater, Taehyung!” You screeched for the upteenth time the next morning. “That could cover the entire grocery bill for the month! Maybe two! No! And why did you buy something so ugly anyway?”

“Ugly!? It’s the exact same one as a mine, how is it ugly!?”

“That’s how, why is it the exact same one?? We’re not a couple, Tae, why do you want me to wear…couple sweaters!?” You shuddered in disgust.

“…What?” Taehyung looked thoroughly confused. You shook your head and pulled up some pictures on your phone to show him. Realization dawned and he made a noise of disgust before recomposing himself and shoving the sweater at you anyway. “Look just fucking wear it, your clothes itch okay? Just put it the fuck on.”


“GOD DAMMIT PUT ON THE FUCKING SWEATER, IT’S MERINO AND CASHMERE AND YOU’LL WEAR IT AND YOU’LL LIKE IT OR SO HELP ME..” Taehyung’s voice boomed and echoed in the apartment, startling the crap out of you and the few birds outside. Taehyung huffed and deflated from his frustration. “Please. It’s not because I pity you or anything,” he spat out a little harsh, “but your clothes actually itch and my senses are way more sensitive than yours so please just…Wear it?” His voice, and look, softened at the end and he looked to be actually pleading with you, a little pout forming and the corners of his eyes drooping down like..Like puppy eyes.

You narrow your eyes in distaste and yank the sweater from Taehyung before stopping yourself, eyes wide, and treating it with much more care. He was right, it was unbelievably soft and silky. “Fine, If it’ll get you to stop making that damn face, sure.” You stomped off with him curiously following and repeatedly asking what face before you managed to slam your door shut in his face so you could change. With the sweater finally on, you looked in the mirror in uncertainty.

“Hurry up,” Taehyung whined on the other side of the door.

“It’s on, shit!” You cursed him.

“I know, but I wanna see!” you could practically imagine his big ears twitching and his tail fidgeting. This damn creature.. you step out and Taehyung slaps a hand over his mouth in surprise before breaking into giggles.

“You’re the idiot who couldn’t pick out the size.”

“It’s so big!” Taehyung spits out and laughs harder.

“That’s what she said..” you sass before you can stop yourself, making Taehyung’s deep purple eyes widen in shock and you slap a hand on your mouth.

“WhOAAA! You’re not a prude after all!”

“Shut the hell up, Taehyung.”

“I am hell, baby, can’t shut me up if you try.” Taehyung winks and shoves you toward a long mirror in his room.

“Wow, vain.”

“Shut it,” he quips, smirking with a playful glint in his eyes.  You turn your head and groan at the sight. It really is huge; you now own a merino cashmere blend sweater….dress. Gown, even. It falls to your knees, but so do the sleeves. It is utterly ridiculous. “Ah, finally, so soft..” Taehyung backs away and falls back onto his bed, throwing grabby hands in the air toward you.

You walk over, confused. “What do you want now?” Taehyung pats the bed beside him. “Uh, no.” He whines loudly and you grimace at the sound. “Noo,” but he sits up in a blink, hands around your waist, and yanks you down against your will until your head is nestled into his shoulder and you’re wrapped in silk sheets.

Then, Taehyung releases a deep sigh. “Perfect.”

AAAA Danny having an off day. Hes totally okay, honestly; hes just… off yanno? And theres no way to really make it better, he just has to deal with it until he feels better the next day. And he knows its silly; knowing youre upset but not being able to do anything about it on your own. He appreciates everyone who tries to cheer him up but he knows it does nothing for him; hes still tired, still upset, still off, and no amount of sweet sugarcoated words will make the feeling go away. They dont say anything anymore. He appreciates the silence way more, but he still hates the nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach that hes done something wrong; that their halfassed, forced smiles when they make eyecontact is his fault. And in a way, it kinda is; but theres nothing he can do about it. Sometimes he feels..off and when that happens, people can only help but so much. Its not their fault but he doesnt really like pinning the blame on himself. But itll blow over like it always does. That dip of selfesteem, selfworth, selfconfidence will disappear by morning and hell be good as new. But until then, hell just be …off.

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Meta About Andalite Tail Anatomy:

Andalite Tails are made up of a strange combination of tail bones, cartilage, and elephant-trunk-like musculature. The very end of the tail, where the blade connects to the tail, is made up almost entirely of very powerful muscles. The blade is connected to these muscles by microscopic cartilage fibers made of an unknown, extremely durable substance that connects to the primary cartilage rod that is in turn connected to the tip of the tail bones. Andalite tails are approximately twice the length of their hind-quarters.

The lack of bones in the very end of the tail allow the blade to recoil from impacts without causing extreme damage, as well as gives the end a large amount of flexibility. A lot of the fine-tuned and delicate movements are accomplished with these very powerful and specifically-designed muscles. This end of the tail will be called the Blade Trunk, because of its similarity to the Elephant’s trunk and the obvious fact that there’s a huge, sharp horn attached to it. The Blade Trunk makes up about 10 to 15 % of the tail itself. Females tend to have slightly smaller Blade Trunks, though the amount of muscles does not decrease. This makes female Blade Trunks more powerful and flexible than a males, but does not support a large blade like a male.

The cartilage rod allows for recoiling and extreme flexibility without risk of breaking. The middle segment of the tail has a lot of muscles, but these are more for support than impact. These muscles support the circulatory system in the tail, protect it from damage, and they allow this entire section of the tail to function like a whip: it can bend and the elasticity of the cartilage, muscle contractions, and the motion of a tail strike itself cause it to crack forward with unbelievable and devastating speed. The rod is capable of bending at a ninety degree angle in a 5 inch section of tail, making it possible for the tail to coil around itself or objects very effectively, and these coils can squeeze with an impressive amount of force. However, multiple loops drastically reduces blood-flow, and tails have been known to get tangled with objects and other tails in accidents. The cartilage rod section of the tail is called simply the Snap, mostly because I’m not a biologist and have no real idea what I’m talking about. The Snap makes up about 60% of an Andalite’s tail. Almost all tail-related injuries happen to the Snap. Someone who over-develops other aspects of their tail but neglects the muscles in the Snap is very likely to suffer severe injury when using their tails for combat. In fact, some of the best tail-fighters in Andalite history have all made the same claim: the Snap is the MOST important part of a tail-fighter’s anatomy.

The base of the tail is made up of a NUMBER of vertebrae of actual bone. The biggest muscles in the tail are located in this area, and it is the muscles here that allow the tail to achieve its immense speed and power. Each of the vertebrae has muscles connecting it to the next one as well as muscles that attach directly from each vertebrae to a large bony plate at the base of the spine/back end of the hind quarters. This multiple muscular attachment allows the tail to be pulled forward very quickly, and combined with the rapid clenching of the muscles connecting each vertebrae the tail can launch forward at impressive speeds. The base of the tail makes up the remaining 25 to 30% of the tail’s length, and is known as the Tail Mount. The muscles in the tail mount are usually bigger in males than females.

A striking tail is an immensely complicated maneuver anatomically speaking. As such, improper form can result in serious injury to the tail. When the signal is sent to the tail, the muscles in the haunches fire off first, pulling on the vertebrae of the Tail Mount. This causes the entire tail to rotate forward, and the rapid acceleration of the end of the tail stump causes a wave-like motion to occur in the Snap. The Snap moves forward, often creating the distinctive “FWAP” sound-effect as the ripple travels along its length. While the Snap is moving forward, the muscles connecting individual vertebrae pull the vertebrae of the Tail Mount into a sharp arc, adding more force to the moving Snap.

By now, the Andalite has maneuvered their body into position to avoid the blade. For a forward, over-head strike they’ve ducked down slightly and tilted their head, for an around-the-body sideways strike they’ve rotated their upper body and moved their hind-quarters into position, etc etc.

When the blade nears its target, the mostly-relaxed Blade Trunk moves and tightens, pulling the blade into position moments before impact. This added movement increases the power of a tail strike almost as much as the Tail Mount’s massive muscular movements, and the Blade Trunk keeps the blade from turning when it comes into contact with a surface.

By now, the Snap has used up its momentum, transferred it into the Blade Trunk, and all that force is placed on the impact surface (usually the cutting edge of the blade). The amount of force is more than enough to slice through steel mesh, remove limbs in one swipe from most Earth animals, and in some rare cases can even slice through several inches of steel (see Gafinilan, with his ridiculous mass of muscle).

Most of the destructive capabilities of the Andalite Tail can be replicated among humans with martial weapons, though the materials used in Earth weaponry are no where close to the material found in Andalite Tail Blades. Most of the bones in an Andalite are made from calcium and other minerals, similar to human bones. However, their spines, tail vertebrae, and the cartilage rod in the Snap is made from an unknown material. This material has unparalleled strength and flexibility. When sharpened, this material creates a blade unlike anything on Earth.

It is the quality of the tail blade itself that gives the Andalite its deadly edge. If an identical tail was equipped with an identically-shaped blade made of Earth metals, it would not be possible for it to cut the way it does (though it would still be a very, very dangerous weapon).

Meta About Speed:

Andalite Tail Speed, while impressive, is not actually unheard of among Earth animals. Snakes routinely strike faster, and a striking Andalite was unable to hit a circling, full-speed Cheetah. Unfortunately, I do not know how tall Visser Three is or how long his tail is, so I can’t come up with actual numbers here. I may be a math major and know what formulas I could use to figure this out, but I’m also not a physics major so I’m not the BEST person to figure this part out.

But lets just make some assumptions, using what limited meta I’ve got here and the Acavatica’s body type for Alloran, a Red Deer:

Alloran’s Hind Quarters are 180 cm (70 inches) long. Thus, his tail is a total of 360 cm (140 inches long). From hoof to “shoulder”, Alloran’s hind-quarters are 100 cm (40 in) tall. The cheetah is about 50 cm (20 in) away from Alloran when he tries to slice down at the cheetah’s head. The cheetah is 70 cm (28 in) at the shoulder. We’ll assume Alloran’s tail is at a ready position, the tail forming a perfect half-circle with circumference 360 cm (the length of this tail, including his tail blade). This arc has a diameter of 230 cm (90 in). This puts his tail blade about 347 cm (136 in) away from hitting the Cheetah. He fires off his tail blade and he misses the cheetah. Assuming he isn’t trying to adjust his strike mid attack (which using my meta would be extremely painful, potentially crippling, and dangerous to do) that means that the strike took more than the time it took for the cheetah to travel a distance equal to the length of its of body while moving at full speed.

A Cheetah’s top speed is 112 km/hr, but in cm/second that is 112 * 1 hr/3600 seconds * 100,000 cm/cm = 3,111 cm/second. The cheetah is 112 cm in length. To clear this distance, it would take the Cheetah 0.036 seconds. This means that an Andalite’s tail blade maximum speed is less than 347 cm in 0.036 seconds, or 347 km/hr.

All this is very, very rough. This does not take into account mass, force, other parts of the tail moving through the air as well, the shape the tail takes as it moves through the air, etc. its also based entirely off of headcanons about size, shape, and tail-to-body ratio. For all we know, Alloran has a SUPER long tail or a super stubby one. we’ve no idea. So pardon the math. If anyone has better ideas, I’d love to hear them and discuss them!! Also, I don’t know the power and speed needed to cut through steel. If anyone knows how fast these tail blades would need to be going to do that, please let me know.

So, maximum speed is less than 347 km/hr.


Only a few clouds lit up with colour during this sunset. The sun made a brief appearance before moving past the horizon and the clouds on the right that did catch some colour make the two look a bit like a comet with a long tail.
I made this time stack by combining 177 photos into one image.

Zodiac Signs as Dragons
  • Aries: Purple eyes, topaz scales, specks of red on claws and mouth, friendly, skilled at hunting, cocky personality, hypnotising gaze.
  • Taurus: Orange eyes and auburn scales, feather-like scales, skilled at claiming territory, violent, 6 claws on each hand, rigid, ungraceful movements, sticks to colder climates.
  • Gemini: Grey eyes, transparent skin, very long and lanky, skilled at flying great distances, spiked horns extend from torso, hundreds of small razor sharp teeth.
  • Cancer: Small midnight blue eyes, flecks of gold in them, feathered crest, plum purple body, patches of yellow down its spine, sinister smile, deceptive personality, griffin-like.
  • Leo: Black eyes, full white body, bioluminescent, rare species, stick to the shadows and caves, can survive colder temperatures, hot weather is fatal.
  • Virgo: Large grey eyes, elongated spiked tail, obsidian black torso and head, stomach glows red when breathing fire, large wingspan, skilled at flying, rows of long teeth, sinister grin.
  • Libra: Skeletal frame, unpredictable, yellow glow in the dark eyes, variations of blue on the head, tail and torso. Long, thing, whipping tail, skilled at unseen movement.
  • Scorpio: Green dragon, red almond shape eyes, long neck and legs, thick tail shimmers in the moonlight, skilled at tracking, sticks to forests, solitary
  • Sagittarius: Slitted golden eyes, blood red body, patches of blue, red and orange on the tail, claw-like hooks on wings, skilled at graceful landings.
  • Capricorn: Round pupil-less pink eyes, grey body, flecks of blue and purple splattered on tail, long talons, spiked crest, spine and legs, rare species, skilled at ambushing.
  • Aquarius: Blind, wingless, skilled at running, has a keen sense of smell and hearing, best out of all the dragons at hunting, metallic, shimmering scales.
  • Pisces: Green eye and blue eye, Small fine thorns covering skin, skilled at defence, short muscular limbs, constantly sneers, is contemptuous.

Another Igor snuggle, uploaded for his body language.  He thinks with his tail and also moves his ears a lot.

Unlike many cats, Igor’s tail movements are not all about anger, frustration, and irritation.  As far as I can tell, they’re not only about those, but also about just about any feeling, as well as most of his thoughts.  People say to him a lot, “I can tell you’re thinking because I can see your tail going even though the rest of you isn’t moving.”  I’ve wondered if he stores his brain in his tail.  Because it clearly follows the pattern of his thoughts sometimes, and the more deeply he gets into thought the more his tail does an array of interesting and intricate movements.  I think it also moves when he’s trying to make decisions.  

At any rate, he has the most expressive tail I’ve ever seen on a cat.  

And he sometimes also has the highly expressive ears I normally associate with Anne’s cat Brodie (and Brodie’s mother Coal)(1).  Brodie’s are much more expressive, and much more consistently expressive, but Igor has his moments, and there’s some of that in this video too.

This is one of the quick snuggles he does shortly before morning caregivers arrive to feed him.  (They’re there for me, but they feed him, and volitionally spend so much time interacting with him that we’re pretty sure he thinks they’re there entirely for him and that they just talk to me on the side.)  He’s seeking reassurance even though he knows they never don’t come.  And generally I am the only person he’s emotionally intimate enough with on certain levels to show vulnerability, fear, etc. and seek that kind of reassurance by going into flagrant cuddle bug mode.  (He’s starting to open up more with the morning weekday person, and he also likes to be petted a lot by one particular LNA who rarely gets assigned to me but who he loves to snuggle with for some reason.  HIs relationships with people are wholly individual 

In the time it originally took to write this he did a whole other snuggle bug thing twice and then shot towards the door when a staff person approached.

(1) I guess if we follow the basic fictive-and-adopted-family structures, Igor would be cousins with Brodie, Shadow, and Coraline.  Weirdly enough he has at least one strong trait (per cat) that I’d associate intensely and specifically with each of his “cousins”.  Sort of like he seriously seems to fit into the general eccentricity level of my biological family.