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Only a few clouds lit up with colour during this sunset. The sun made a brief appearance before moving past the horizon and the clouds on the right that did catch some colour make the two look a bit like a comet with a long tail.
I made this time stack by combining 177 photos into one image.


#662.5 - Fletching are friendly Pokemon who communicate among their flock with specific chips and tail-feather movements. Despite the loveliness of their singing, these Pokemon are merciless to intruders who invade their territory. Fletching aren’t very quick or powerful fliers, but as they age they will grow a flame sac on their belly that will help power them up once it’s hot; however, the sac won’t be fully developed until Fletching has finished evolving, and until then, cannot be used to produce external flames.

#663.5 - Fletchinder, now able expel embers from their beak, utilize their newly developed firepower to drive prey into the open by setting patches of tall grass on fire. Their internal flame grows greatly as they do, heating their flame sac to high temperatures and granting them an impressive speedboost in the sky. Fully evolved Fletchinder, known as Talonflame, have been known to have such a hot internal flame that they shed embers from the gaps between their feather during intense battles.

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Ligonier Veil Fox

The Ligonier Valley area in Pennsylvania is famous for its many reported UFO and cryptid sightings, but there is perhaps one strange encounter that trumps them all. On November 23, 2015, an unnamed couple driving about 2 miles from Ligonier spotted a semi-transparent creature on the rural roadway.

It was around 2 PM when the driver saw something shoot out of the bushes in front of his car. He quickly stopped about 20 feet from the creature, which began to walk back and forth in front of the vehicle. He and his wife both noticed that the animal was almost completely clear except for a faint outline that appeared as it moved. The couple described the creature as looking like the heatwaves that appear on the horizon on a hot and humid day, almost like the body was reflecting the scenery. The wife used the words “smoky veil” to describe the creature, or rather, its outline. From the outline, the couple distinguished a tail, and its movements suggested it had four legs. They both agreed it was about the size of a fox.

The veil fox’s description somewhat matches those of atmospheric cryptids, a type of aerial cryptid that appears only as a smoky outline in the sky. The only difference is that this beast was apparently ground-bound. The couple said the veil fox ran left into the bushes on the opposite side of the street from where it first appeared, and they did not see it again. This is the only confirmed sighting of this creature, but it is not the only cryptid sighting in the area. As stated, the Ligonier Valley area has also had frequent UFO sightings in recent years.

Even though (most of the?) the dragons in HTTYD really wouldnt be able to hover realistically, and the filmmakers knew this, the way they animated it worked so well that I actually ended up LOVING the look of the hovering scenes

Because it doesnt look EASY.  They have to flap really hard, and they drop in between flaps, its a constant movement, their tails move about trying to find stability in the wind, the down stroke of their wing looks so forceful. Even if its not possible, you believe it. And I admire that so much.  Its like what they pulled off with the Gronkle in something new.  

And in some scenes, Toothless hovering and keeping his head still while the rest of his body moves to glare at Cloudjumper, the scene in the end where his wings create a rhythm that sticks in the back of my head, it just works and its so worth it

Rule of Cool is a good Rule. 

Crick is my personal fursuit partial, I first made him back in 2013. I decided a while ago that it was time for a re-make!
Finally he has a new look, and I love it. Showing the two side by side really shows my improvement from then to now. Thanks to everyone who has watched me and supported me, I couldnt have gotten this far without you! <3

New suit features:
-lined head and feet
-metallic parts
-pleather pawpads and claws
-outdoor feet
-weighted tail (for more swaying movement)
-static jaw
-under muscle padding

I hope you all like him!


Signs of illness in birds

Some symptoms to help you identify if your bird is unwell.
Being able to identify symptoms of illness in birds is very important not only for your own birds health but also to help you identify if a new bird you want to buy is healthy or not.

-change in attitude; lethargic, not playing with toys, decreased talking or chirping
- Change in breathing; noticeable breathing movement like tail bobbing while resting, change in quality of voice, sneezing or wheezing
- vomiting
- change of colour of droppings or diarrhoea
- injury, bleeding, swelling of the body
- change in posture
- sitting on the bottom of the cage
- fluffed up feathers
- sitting low on perches
- drooping wings
- decreased food or water intake
- discharge from the eyes, nose or mouth

jotaro kujo's adventures in florida part 3
  • average florida man: hey jotaro check this out
  • average florida man: *perfectly breaks open a lobster tail in one swift movement of his hand*
  • jotaro: impossible.... this must be the work of a stand user
Romeo and Invel

in case you guys miss it…. about my points earlier: http://neavamber.tumblr.com/post/148291975475/my-thoughts-on-ft-chapter-496 and http://neavamber.tumblr.com/post/148294182985/sivera777-thatsvicchan-sivera777

I see this again:

so…if my prediction are right, maybe Invel will use Romeo (see his weird smirk?) for something bad, because he possessed Romeo or mind controlled Romeo… especially for Natsu and Gray.

he might be reveal  who Natsu is and destroy the brotherhood of Natsu (as END), Gray (as Demon Slayer and his promise to his father to kill END) and Romeo (as their younger brother).

if this war ended sooner than we thought (like they took Mavis or Fairy Heart with them but not finish the war) there’s a chance that Spriggan 12 will use Romeo as their pawn or “spy” for spying Fairy Tail’s movement.

now I am scared with my prediction

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