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Captivated - by @sunrow

Damen approached the lounge to find Laurent curled up on the pillows wearing nothing but Damen’s black sweatshirt, his tail curling side to side. The sun streamed in on him, highlighting his gold hair and sharp cheeks, and Damen, overwhelmed by love and adoration, crossed his arms over the back of the lounge and rested his head against them so he could watch Laurent.
A few minutes passed before Laurent’s tail slowed its movements and he peeked his eyes open, looking straight up at Damen.

“Enjoying the view?”

“Mm-hmm, very much so.” Damen grinned, then reached down and pulled at the sleeve of the sweatshirt. “Is that my hoodie?”

“It’s mine now.”

My art for the CaPri Big Bang 2k17! I’ve always wanted to draw kitty!Laurent, because he has such a cat-like persona: Hissy at first, but once he grows comfortable, he might curl up next to you (possibly while softly purring). I saw the chance when I saw sunrow’s wonderful story and took it!

good hands

Request: I wanna request Woozi x reader x S.Coups smut please~ Hybrid Au?
Pairing/s: Woozi x reader x S.coups
Genre: hybrid!AU, smut
A/N: omg i got so excited with this request! I might plan to give these some few chapters but then it depends how much you guys like it so hit me up if you do~

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They’re back again. Damn it.

It’s always them. And you’re definitely a sucker for them, there’s no denying of that. From the way you pulled against the strands of Seungcheol’s hair in which he responded with that low groan near your ear that he knew was a complete turn on for you. From the way your hands gripped unto the fabric of the shirt Woozi wore, pulling him closer even though your bodies were practically pressing quite hard against each other. Needing each other’s warmth.


Woozi was behind you. His hands snaked around your waist, trailing those long slender fingers down your hips as his mouth hungrily latched upon your neck with no means of even stopping. Every movement or squirm you make, it would only heighten Woozi’s arousal as your rear end would grind against his restraining bulge which would end him growling hotly near your ear. Being a hybrid as he is, he is quite sensitive in all this heated session that his ears were practically twitching with his tail in an excited movement, flinging left to side.

Seungcheol was busy enough keeping your moans and sealing it with a heated kiss. His tongue slipped to lick your bottom lip, asking for entrance. Though, your brows furrowed and you were determined to keep them shut not until his hands then slipped underneath your blouse, feeling your skin and up until on one of your mounds. A gasp was emitted from you which he sees it as an opportunity and initiated another searing kiss.

“Enjoying yourself?,” Woozi spoke and while he did so, he made sure to press himself further against you, causing your hand to clutch unto Seungcheol’s shoulder tighter. Your half-lidded eyes can barely register what unholy things they were basically doing to you but you were definitely not complaining at all.

Releasing your lips from Seungcheol’s, a string of saliva was visible in between your already violated lips. A puff of hot breath before he started latching unto the other side of your neck where Woozi hadn’t mark it yet by himself. By this, your hands that were by Seungcheol’s shoulders came to shift themselves to his hair in which you would gradually brush those cat ears he so dearly possessed.

Feeling the lack of attention to the other boy behind you, his hands came in to grab your chin so as to make you face him and eventually planted another series of sloppy kisses while his other hand would boldly slipped themselves down to the hem of your pants and through your underwear. As he inched closer, your inner thighs tried to press themselves against each other to satisfy the aching friction down but Seungcheol’s leg was keeping you from doing so. Once in a while as Woozi would tease you down by merely rubbing to one of your sensitive buttons, Seungcheol made sure rub his thick thigh against your lower region which absolutely felt really good. Too good that you were so close on biting down Woozi’s bottom lip at the intense lip-lock.

A hybrid has its needs and practically these two men had those desires piling up to you. Only you.

“Woozi..,” you muttered. Four cat ears pricked at the lewd sound you made. Much more to the owner of that name. The hand that was by your panties withdrew itself and instead pulled your pants down, just enough for his liking and rubbed himself against you.

“You see how you make me feel. This is all on you.”


Seungcheol hissed. His hands fumbled against the buttons of your shirt. Though in frustration, he had ripped the piece of clothing off you and disregarded it to the cold floor. Your half-lidded eyes stared up the the man towering before you. A smirk plastered by his lips with those pearly white canine teeth on display as he licked his bottom lip in anticipation.

“You’re in our good hands.”

Shit. This is going to be a long night.


#662.5 - Fletching are friendly Pokemon who communicate among their flock with specific chips and tail-feather movements. Despite the loveliness of their singing, these Pokemon are merciless to intruders who invade their territory. Fletching aren’t very quick or powerful fliers, but as they age they will grow a flame sac on their belly that will help power them up once it’s hot; however, the sac won’t be fully developed until Fletching has finished evolving, and until then, cannot be used to produce external flames.

#663.5 - Fletchinder, now able expel embers from their beak, utilize their newly developed firepower to drive prey into the open by setting patches of tall grass on fire. Their internal flame grows greatly as they do, heating their flame sac to high temperatures and granting them an impressive speedboost in the sky. Fully evolved Fletchinder, known as Talonflame, have been known to have such a hot internal flame that they shed embers from the gaps between their feather during intense battles.

Named: Fletchling - Fletchember - Fletchinder - Flintwing - Talonflame

Other Gen 6 Pokemon

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Zora Anatomy: How do those Tails work Anyway?!

Hello everyone! So those of you that have been reading my SidLink fic had a lot of questions about what would happen to the little Zora kiddos who were getting their tails grabbed at by the Yiga in one of my later chapters. 

Well, the short answer to everyone’s concerns is that while the kiddos are okay because their tails are not long enough and their bodies are not heavy enough for them to suffer serious injury, tail injuries are NOT something to be taken lightly. Which then got me begging the question: Why? How do they work? What function do the tails even serve? How do they attach to the rest of the body?

Lucky for me I earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Science last weekend so my last four years of studying anatomy and physiology is being put to good use for the sake of fanfiction ahahaha

Ahem. Anyway, I’ve been mulling all these questions over for a day or two and decided to put everything together in a master post! Before I begin, I do have a few people to give thanks to:

First, I want to give the biggest thank you to @rosie-pr-98 for the AMAZING art they so kindly drew up to help me hash all this out. I couldn’t have done this without them! Also everyone needs to go check out their blog and their art because it is awesome :)

Second, @ponpox drew a beautifully HEART WRENCHING COMIC (tw for blood and near death) (DON’T WORRY SIDON’S FINE) that had me thinking about all this so, I feel thanks is in order for getting my nerd brain going :D 

Lastly, I want to emphasize that everything I’ve written are simply headcanons that I made based off of my own knowledge of human anatomy and the game!

Okay, everything else is under the cut! 

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Gonakadet The Iliamna Lake Monster

The earliest reports of a monster living in the lake came from the native Tlingit people, who tell stories of a creature referred to as the Gonakadet. It was described as a large, water-dwelling animal with a head and tail similar to that of a wolf, and a body like an orca, very similar to the Akhlut. 

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The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Five

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimp for some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

Back to Chapter Four

Chapter Five: Dead and Gone

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Aoi Shouta LIVE 2017 WONDER lab. ~prism~ Osaka/Tokyo 2017-02-04/2017-02-12 - Report


Two reports in one post! The majority of the live was similar ✨
Osaka parts will be in italics, Tokyo in bold, plain text means it happened in both lives!
Most the official photos I’ve used here are mainly from Tokyo.

As usual not 100% accurate!

At Tokyo Live

*Thanks to those who responded to my post! ^^*
So I got to my seat and after I was ready I messaged @jeanette-ting seeing if she got to her’s ok (we applied for tickets separately so never got to sit together 😢 ).

And not long after she told me she spotted Chiharu!!!
Here are screenshots of our convo 😂Thought it’d be easier than trying to explain it all lol
Hopefully it’s not too small and you can all read it! (Probably better to read on mobile devices since you can zoom in!)

Please excuse the spelling mistakes, as you can tell I was really excited 😂😂

And~ then the live started!

If only I could have recorded him 😂

It’s not in the convo but I also saw Agematsu Noriyasu, BROCCOLI’s composer (third photo) he was sitting next to Naru, Shoutan’s kouhai in S Inc (second photo).
And I couldn’t tell who it was next to Agematsu-san, but since they were next to him and Naru, I guessed it must be Satou Hiromi, S Inc’s president (third photo).
Araki Hirofumi, Kento’s actor in Smile Mermaid was also there (last photo)

I seen Japanese fan reports saying that Onoken was also there but I never seen him.


The live started with a video of painter/artist Shoutan in an art studio. His Budokan Prince outfit was also displayed in the room ☺️
He was drawing a white, space-like outfit.
He then turns and look straight to the camera with this expression (noticing us)

(ok not 100% this expression, he was more happy looking) and then he smiled beautifully~

Suddenly he sees something unusual and wiped his eyes to check that he wasn’t seeing things. Sparkles started coming out from the drawing, he then smiled again
Then Shoutan appeared on stage in that white outfit!!!

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The Yule Ball. [Newt x Reader]

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A/N: merry christmas everyone! sorry for the late thingie I was celebrating for a while and had the most horrible hangover ever. This could be tied into Peculiar, but it’s not canonically correct. Either way, names are used. Still, hope you like it! <3 (side note: still working on masterlist. new one should be either today or tomorrow)
Words: 2592
Warnings: none


It had taken all of his courage, despite the two of you now being together, to make those words spill from his mouth. It was a big jumble of incoherent meek murmurs but you most certainly understood what Newt Scamander had in mind when in a heated breath he mumbled, “this—Yule-I…maybe, you…have…” his hands then jittered in the air as if it would be easier to convey his point, “…please?” the look in his magnificent green eyes was hopeful and strained with cracking nerves. The tension in the air – one he was imagining, no doubt – was deflated along with his tensed shoulders as a brilliant smile bloomed on your face with a small tint of a blush on your cheeks.

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Notes: I wrote jeonghan a totally different scenario, but I absolutely hated it. So I took a break, and rewrote it! I like how this one came out, I hope you do too!

•you are the supposed to be the heir of Quia, a colony inhabited by mermaids
•your tail is a cyan blue, with baby blue sparkles on it
•your younger siblings all had purple tails, like their mother
•you were born from a different mother, who had became sick and died when you were little
•no other choice, you moved in with your father, King Ryuu
•while your stepmother was nice, and treated you like her own child, only one out of her three kids followed in her footsteps
•the eldest one was cruel, he’d put dirt on your schoolbooks, tear you dresses
•King Ryuu was the worst by far, he would make you sleep on the other side of the castle, with the servants children
•while you had no qualms with that, he’d make you get up at five and make you run errands, help make breakfast, clean his clothes and more
•he was nothing like a father
•and by law, your stepmother could do nothing, as you weren’t her child legally
•you were trapped

•When you turned sixteen, things stayed the same
•instead of receiving training, since one day you’d be the ruler
•King Ryuu gave you more work, and moved you out of the servants quarters, isolating you instead
•you received strict rules that you were not allowed to speak to anyone, that you would be punished if you did
•Your stepmother would come, drop off books and tell you about the outside, letting you speak to her
•every time she had to leave, tears were in her eyes, and she’d give a tight smile and tell you she’d see you tomorrow
•little did she know that her daughter would come and hang out with you all day, she’d spin tales about school
•she called you her favorite sibling, and that made you happy
•soon enough she was the reason you lived
•why you didn’t die, why you didn’t hang yourself, even though that would please the king
•Visitors would come and the King would introduce them to his three children
•The visitors would talk about taking servants from your father, and he would laugh and say that they’d cost an arm
•but he wasn’t joking
•he ran an underground ring, he sold body parts, children, anything you could think of
•it was an awful thing, that his eldest son knew he did
•his son, uta, was a part, he was the one who gathered the things to sell
•after all, who thought a child was behind the disappearance of children
•the youngest son, zion, was only eleven and did not know what his father did, he was quiet, often hiding in nooks and crannies
•he’d outgrown his hate for you, and had snuck in to your room once with Lyra, to talk about other colonies

•"Our neighbor colony is coming over tonight! I hear that the prince is supposed to be beautiful but his advisor is even more!“
•Lyra sung as she danced around your small room
•smiling at her, you hummed a tune so she could continue her dance
•"they are only coming to see if we continue to trade, and to see if we are on good terms.”
•Zion who was perched on the edge of your bed spoke, for being eleven, he was incredibly smart
•Lyra paused mid twirl, sticking out her tongue at her brother
•"oh y/n! Are you sure you can’t leave the room? Just for tonight?“
•Lyra pleaded, flinging herself on your lap, her big green eyes growing bigger as she pouted
•"Lyra, you know I can’t. But I’m sure you’ll have a fun time.”
•you whispered to her, your voice itchy as you spoke
•her pout grew bigger, and she sighed dramatically, throwing her head back
•"Shut up Lyra.“
•Zion commanded his sister, shooting you an apologetic look
•while he did not know what his father did, he knew that he wasn’t a good man
•But Lyra thought the best in everyone, she loved her father
•"Meanie! I’m older than you, respect me!”
•Lyra commanded Zion, or attempted to
•he smirked at her, and shook his head
•watching her yell at her brother, and than his response that made her continue laughing was funny
•"Kids? Where are you?“
•your step mothers called for them, making them both freeze
•"Coming mom!”
•Lyra called after a second, grabbing zion’s hand, she waved to you
•"bye y/n, I love you.“
•and the two swam out of the room, leaving you alone in your room
•standing up from the bed, you closed the door, making sure that they left no trace
•once you were sure no one was coming, you stood by a wall that was covered by a bookshelf
•grabbing the corner, you pulled it out of its place
•exposing the wall behind it, where you had drawn on it
•paints that step mother gave to you
•on the wall were paintings of outside, kelp, seaweed, things that people didn’t appreciate
•this is what kept you sane
•staring at the wall, and rubbing the pads of your fingers on it, feeling every crack and crevice
•"y/n! Come! Daddy said that you could join us!”
•Lyra said, swimming into the room
•her blonde hair was in a bun, making her look proper
•knowing that King Ryuu had plans, and that terrified you
•"give me a minute.“
•smiling at the girl, you swam to where your small closet was
•inside were few pieces of fabric, picking the best one, you put it on
•running a comb through the mess on your head, you rushed through
•making yourself look a little presentable
•"are you ready yet?”
•nodding to the blonde mermaid, you raised a finger, telling her to wait
•pushing the bookshelf back in place, you let her drag you out of the room
•her tail was powerful, even with your small tail movements, you were going quickly
•"This is my daughter, Lyra. She is a fine young lady, a beauty isn’t she?“
•King Ryuu spoke, his tone bragging since he knew that Lyra was adorable
•"It’s my pleasure to see you again, princess Lyra. Who’s the young one next to her?”
•the king of the neighboring colony greeted Lyra, then brought king Ryuu’s attention on you
•"that is y/n, an orphan.“
•he said coldly, staring at you
•your gaze was on the floor, while you waited for someone to change the subject
•"Well King Ryuu, I hear that you have had the chefs make a feast for tonight!”
•the other kind changed the subject, a jolly smile on his face
•that got King Ryuu to smile again, making him remember the task on hand
•Lyra squeezed your hand, and swam over to her spot at the table
•awkwardly standing by the wall, feeling more alone that you did in your cell
•"Y/N, please come sit.“
•the prince of the neighboring colony said, motioning to the empty chair next to him
•receiving a glare from King Ryuu, you swam over quickly, sitting next to the prince in record time
•"I’m Joshua, behind me is jeonghan, next to him is Seungcheol, my knight.”
•Joshua said, a smile on his face as he introduced you to the males behind him
•bowing to them while still sitting, you kept your eyes on the floor, fearing your punishment
•they saw your reluctance to speak, with odd glances, the feast carried on
•you were allowed to eat, since King Ryuu couldn’t tell you not to, but as you felt sick to your stomach
•small bites of food, and moving it around, making it look like you ate
•you heard Lyra call your name quietly, as the adults spoke
•looking at her, you tried to keep tears from coming out of your eyes
•"he’s not going to hurt you, is he?”
•her voice wavered, making her seem younger than she actually was
•"of course not, sweetie. Don’t worry, I’m strong.“
•for the first time tonight, you spoke, your voice cracking as you tried to whisper
•feeling the princes eyes on you, you looked away from Lyra
•unable to see her eyes moving from you to Zion, who was also looking at you

•Uta was telling the king about his grades in a class he didn’t even attend when King Ryuu made up an excuse to make you leave the room
•"Y/N has an early day tomorrow, I must help her get ready, my apologies.”
•freezing at his words, you knew that it was time
•getting off the chair, you smiled at Lyra and Zion, hoping to get their minds off of you
•"it was a pleasure meeting you, I’m sad to see you go.“
•the king laughed as you bowed goodbye
•without looking back, you swam to your room
•knowing that he was following
•once you were in the room, a hand was around your neck, choking you
•King Ryuu’s blue tail swishing side to side in anger
•"How dare you come out! After all I’ve done for you! Brainwashing my children, you whore!”
•King Ryuu seethed, his hold on you neck getting tighter
•not moving around, you let him choke you, knowing that he was happy causing you pain
•his hands got off of your neck, but his fist hit your jaw as his other hand clutched your hair
•counting the hits, you waited for it to be over
•the next thing you knew, you were on the floor, red floating above you
•it tasted metallic when you opened your mouth, so you didn’t
•black dots clouded your vision, making everything splotchy, your ears were ringing
•voices were there, but you were unable to make the words out
•a face moved into your vision, making your last coherent thought being a name

•your body hurt, you felt like screaming
•you were swimming as quickly as you could but from what?
•who was chasing you?
•and than nothing, there was no more swimming, no outside walls
•you were inside your prison, where you were beaten down
•swimming closer, you saw a person on the bed
•it was you, wasn’t it?
•the hair matched, so did the tail, but where were the bruises, the necklace Lyra gave you on your birthday?
•This couldn’t be you, it had to be someone else
•but only you laid in this bed

•sitting up, you gasped, feeling your heartbeat throughout your whole body
•"Y/N, listen to me, you’re okay. My name is mingyu, I’m a medic. I’m here to help you. Deep breaths.“
•the mermaid instructed you, taking your hand and putting it on his own heart
•it took you a while, but your breathing was normal, a hiccup every now and then
•"where… am I?”
•you paused, noticing how hoarse your voice was, it hurt like hell
•"Jeonghan went to go make sure you were alright, his gut said something fishy was happening. When he opened the door, he saw you and the king, he called for Seungcheol, and they knocked him out. Sadly the king did the same to you.“
•the brunette mermaid said, you hand still on his heart as he spoke letting you feel it beating
•nodding, you let your gaze hit the floor
•"where’s Lyra and Zion?”
•you asked, afraid of what he might answer
•"we took them into custody, King Ryuu and prince Uta have been arrested.“
•Mingyu said, his eyes on you seeing your reaction to this news
•you didn’t have any tears to cry for those pieces of shit, so you scoffed
•"good riddance.”
•he shook his head with a smile on his face, and took your hand off his heart
•"you’ve got injuries, a split lip, a black eye, bruises, and a gash on your upper arm. No concussion luckily.“
•mingyu told you, swimming from the bed you were lying on
•"wh…when can I see them?”
•mingyu shrugged at your question, unable to give you a definite answer
•before you could try to whisper out another question, Joshua swam through the door
•the rose tailed male behind him, a worrying look in his eyes
•"y/n, my father would like to see you. If that’s alright?“
•Joshua said, the question more towards mingyu,asking if you could leave
•he nodded, a smile in his face
•you agreed, getting out of the bed and groaning
•your body hurt, you could feel your eye throb
•Joshua led the way, weaving through crowded areas as you and jeonghan followed
•"thank… you. For stopping him.“
•you said, your throat still itchy
•"it was nothing, he was an asshole.”
•his voice was clear, and his smile seemed to hold nothing cruel behind it
•so you returned his smile, beaming at him

•when you made it to the castle, the king was waiting for you
•"Excuse me.“
•entering the room, you tried to your voice as clear as possible but it was clear that it was coming and going
•"y/n, how are you doing? I trust that mingyu treated you well.”
•the king asked, concern clear in his eyes
•"I’m fine, thank you for asking.“
•coughing in the middle of your sentence, you powered through the uncomfortable feeling in your throat
•the conversation was a bit one sided after that, the king telling you what would happen to king Ryuu and Uta
•that your stepmother would take over the throne as the queen, and if you wanted, you could be the ruler
•when he said that you could rule the colony, you giggled
•how was he expecting you to rule?
•Zion or Lyra would take the throne, and you would be a civilian, that’s the way it would go
•but what he did give you was an option to stay here, in this colony
•that going back to Quia so early, might be traumatic
•you agreed to it, since the only thing tying you to that place were your siblings and stepmother

•"y/n! It’s time to go! Come on!”
•you had been re-homed with a young mermaid named chan and his family
•chan was a bit of an excited mermaid, always at full speed ahead
•but he was adorable and who were you to complain?
•so here he was, dragging you out of the house
•taking you to hang out with his friends
•or your friends??
•you had made friends with them, but it was still strange to be allowed out
•especially since you were still considered an heir, so people treated you differently
•except for the group of boys that chan introduced you to
•Joshua, who was a prince and already had a fiancé
•Vernon, who was training to be a knight
•Mingyu, who was a medic and a chef
•and so many more who already knew what they wanted to do with their life
•"y/n! Let’s go!“
•chan swam circles around you, laughing as he did so
•agreeing, you swam to the castle, where the fourteen of you would hang out
•when you and chan arrived, only Joshua and jeonghan were there
•but the two of them seemed to be arguing over something
•"you don’t get it Joshua! Yeah, the way you met your fiancé was strange but I met my crush under terrible situations! It’s not my place to tell them how I feel!”
•jeonghan had wild hand motion as he spoke, his cheeks a pink from anger
•"jeonghan! If you don’t say anything, they’ll leave! And then what? You sulk for the rest of your life, wondering what could’ve happened?“
•Joshua retorted, looking done with this conversation
•before jeonghan spoke again, Joshua saw the two of you and swam over
•he hugged chan, before waving to you with a smile on his face
•he begun to ask chan about school, and the younger mermaid started to complain about his teachers
•swimming over to jeonghan who was leaning against the wall
•"you okay?”
•within the three months you had been here, your voice had gotten a little clearer and didn’t hurt as much to speak
•he nodded and paused, thinking about what he wanted to say
•"yeah, he’s just acting like a brother again instead of a friend.“
•jeonghan said, rolling his eyes at the prince who was still listening to Chan
•"I have to agree with him though, if you like someone then you should tell them. Heartbreak is better than not knowing.”
•or at least that’s what chan’s mom said
•"you think?“
•He asked, cocking his head to the side
•"yeah, I do. It’s good to do things before it gets to bad.”
•you were talking from experience, as you had the chance in Quia, but you hadn’t taken it
•but here would be different
•"y/n, would you come with me for a minute?“
•jeonghan asked, his face squishing itself into a nervous look
•you nodded even though you were confused to what he would tell you, following him out of the room
•in the hallway, you heard him sigh, as he prepared to say whatever he was worried about
•"It’s you. I like you, the way you observe things before you speak. How you care for the younger mermaids, how you aren’t afraid to speak your mind, but you’re still polite. I like you.”
•he stared straight at you while confessing, his cheeks the same pink tinge from earlier, but this time not from anger
•"uh…I think I like you too. I’m not sure what crushes really feel like, or what to do in relationships. I just know that I like seeing you happy.“
•your voice cracked multiple times, but honestly you didn’t care
•you didn’t care, especially not when jeonghan was grinning in front of you
•"that’s alright, we’ll go slow.”
•he said, closing his eyes as he smiled
•swimming closer to him, you closed your eyes and did something out of your nature
•pressing your lips to his temple, you tried to show how you felt
•because words might be difficult but body language was easy
•when you pulled away, you saw that his smile was even bigger
•"fuck, how are you so cute?“
•he questioned, holding out his hand
•slowly taking his hand with yours, you smiled back at him
•swimming back into the room where you saw that all the boys were there now
•when Joshua saw the two of you holding hands, he winked at the two of you
•it was mingyu who pointed it out, and made the group whistle at the two of you
•you might’ve lost the ones biologically related to you, but the family you made by yourself was better then that man ever was

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a prompt about an alternate version of Sonic Forces in which Amy supports Tails so that he does not give up his faith, and where it's the two of them who start the Resistance againt the Eggman Empire?

(If you know artists that would be okay with me crediting their art for prompts, plz let me know!)


Tails rubbed his gloved hands through the fur on his head, trying to push back the tears as he rocked a moment before letting it all go.

Sonic was gone.

Not dead, but gone.

With Knuckles trying to stir up the people to some kinda revolution- he just felt vulnerable and useless. Weak and insignificant.

He wasn’t a hero.

He wanted to believe that they could stop Eggman on their own, but deep inside, he was still mourning for the loss of his friend.

No, Sonic wasn’t dead. They all saw him. Things happened. He’ll be back.

But they needed him now.

Amy, having noticed Tails turning recluse lately, knocked on the bunker door that lead to the room he was in.

He sorrowfully lowered his hands, sitting with his feet dangling on a steel rectangular pillar, before slowly turning his head to the door.

“..Who’s there?”

“It’s me… Amy.”

“Amy?” Tails perked up a little.

Amy would understand him crying.

She had been strong enough to not show it, but everyone knew why there was red around her eyes.

He could be sensitive around her. She was a good friend to talk to about emotional stuff. Even if she could be a little dramatic sometimes, she always gave the best pep-talks.

“C-come in.” He sniffed, rubbing his nose to try and be more presentable.

Amy slowly creaked the door open, peaking in, before her heart seemed to go out to him. “You poor thing.. have you been sitting in the dark this whole time?”


She walked over to him, sitting down and putting an arm around him.

He embraced the comfort by simply leaning his weight on her, but nothing more than that as he tried to push the tears back.

“I miss him too, buddy.” She rubbed his arm, and he closed his eyes, allowing himself to take in her kindness.

“I.. He shouldn’t have left us.” Tails rubbed his nose again.

Amy would normally disapprove, but this was a different story.

She leaned her head up on his own and sighed, “You know he does what he feels is right. And more often than not, it always is what’s best.”

Tails nodded, sniffing in hard before wiping an eye. “What do we do now though? Knuckles thinks he can rally the remaining survivors and start a-”

“Rebellion?” Amy moved her head and looked down at him, like a good older sister, she suddenly began to smile and chuckle. “I believe he’s going to really start a movement too.”

Tails smiled, turning his eyes up in hope to her. “How are you so sure we can do this without Sonic?”

“Well, we’ve done lots of things without Sonic’s help.” She perked up, leaning away from him as he moved away as well.

However, her arms stayed gently around his frame, and he appreciated that.

“We’ve fought off robots, defused bombs,… piloted planes.” She giggled as she pinched his nose and lightly yanked it around, making him shake his head and smile the bigger.

“You’re a smart and incredibly talented little boy, Tails. You’ve come along way. I’m sure you can do anything you set your mind… and heart too.” she lightly tapped his chest, where his heartbeat.

He looked away then, his smile faded just a moment. “But… That was because Sonic encouraged me to-”

Her arms suddenly pressed and constricted to his shoulders, forcing him to look back at her- dead in her eyes.

“Tails.” She stared very directly at him, making her point. “You’re not Sonic’s lackey. He never treated you like a second-hand sidekick. So… why are you doing it to yourself now? You’re Sonic’s best- let me re-emphasis- BEST friend… you can do it, Tails. I believe in you.”

With that gentle coax at the end, Tails’s twin tails swished behind him in two rapid beats, his eyes lit up, and he felt as though Amy had reminded him a bit of Sonic.

He hugged her again, “Thank you… Amy!” he freely cried, but not so much in despair this time.

It was a renewal of faith, a change of perception. He was going to fight Eggman and join Knuckles’s crazy idea- one way.. or another! They were gonna take down the Eggman Empire!

The three created the Resistance. Off of duty, valor, and passion. They were going to protect the last of the world they knew, and keep their dream of freedom for tomorrow strong.

Tails quickly became a leader in the Resistance, and Amy always helped him when he had self-doubt or authority issues. She loved to encourage him and keep him on track.

He broke down once, and she wasn’t far behind. They broke down together, and their friendship only grew stronger for it.

When Sonic did come back, he was pleasantly surprised at Tails’s maturity, and Tails even- sources tell us- admitted to Sonic that he was rooting for Amy. Sonic didn’t seem to understand, but Tails began to silently hope his best friend could see the true worth of his other best friend- Amy Rose.

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How did mermaid Viktor and Yuuri meet?

In a Water Dancing competition! But they weren’t on the same division. Yuuri was competing in Patterns while Viktor was competing in Figures.

Their first real ‘encounter’, in which they actualy talked, was 2 years after this, when Yuuri started competing both in Patterns and Figures.

In here, they are 15 (Viktor) and 11 (Yuuri). Short story under the cut!

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Take My Heart -- Yoongi

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Drabbles)

Let me wake up next to you…

You love sleeping – getting 8 hours or more is absolutely mandatory – but sometimes you wake up early just to watch Yoongi.  His face is a lot softer in sleep, his mouth slack and his dark eyelashes fanning across his pale cheeks.  The black ears on top of his head twitch occasionally, and you never touch them even though you’re dying to.  It’s normally hard to wake Yoongi up but his ears are extra sensitive and he’ll wake up in a second if you go near them.  So you settle for running your fingers through his auburn hair, smiling when his nose scrunches and he involuntarily moves closer, seeking out your touch.

Yoongi is quite aloof and isn’t great at expressing his emotions.  To be honest, when you were looking for a hybrid to adopt, you originally wanted one that was cuddly and would curl up in your lap while you watch movies together on the couch.  But there was something about Yoongi that drew you in.  Even after learning about his brusque nature you still wanted to adopt him; wanted to teach him that it’s okay to show and ask for affection when or if he wants it.

He’s still learning and it’s a slow process, but when his tail comes up to curl around your waist and he shuffles even closer to you in his sleep, you’re proud of the progress he’s made so far.

Even if he’s not entirely conscious of it.

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Logistically, do you think that a mute warrior could exist?

oh absolutely, i dont see why not!!! u have to realize that realistically cats are sorta nonverbal w/ each other - cats dont really meow at each other unless they’re fighting/angry or being affectionate. cats communicate with facial expressions and w/ tail movements much more than words irl

so while in the world of warriors, cats communicate a lot w/ speaking, that doesnt mean at all that a mute warrior couldnt exist and wouldnt thrive in the clan. they could communicate w/ tail flicks, ear movements, facial expressions, etc and get along just fine!!!

Questions & Answers [Yandere! Chat Noir] [Reader-Insert]

The skies were grey and the soft patter of the rain hitting against the window of her room created a comforting sound. The wind howled and caused the tree branches to sway due to its ferocious speed. This caused a few tree branches to swat against her window making it seem as if someone was trying to break in. And occasionally, the booming sound of thunder was heard, and flickers of lightning was visible to the eye.   

It could be taken as two things: a scene from a horror movie and the anticipated killer appearing soon, or for just what it was – a description of a storm.

Of course, if it was the first scenario, the killer would be the one being killed. [Name] was aware of the lengths Chat Noir would go to for her and so, she knew exactly what he would do to someone who ever tried to hurt her. Whether he considered that ‘someone’ himself as well–was unclear.

Like she usually was when she was unfortunate enough to be in the presence of the possessive black cat, [Name] was overwhelmed with anxiety. Constantly, she felt her stomach twist in knots and her heart beating fast and prominently against her chest.

It was beginning to feel like a chore to live in this constant state of fear whenever he was around; and he had been around her a bit too much lately.

Chat laid his head in [Name]’s lap. His eyes were closed and he wore an expression of serenity. Moments ago, he was not content enough with his situation. This had caused him to grab [Name]’s wrist gently with his claws, and settle her hand in his hair. And so, presently, [Name] was combing her fingers through his hair, and occasionally, scratching the back of his ear which almost caused him to purr.

She felt him shiver in delight.

As she continued to brush her fingers through his hair, [Name]’s eyebrows furrowed and she chewed on her bottom lip–an action which conveyed her nervousness. She internally debated whether she should risk voicing the question which weighed down her mind. Depending on his mood, it would be one of the following outcomes if asked her question: 1) Chat would ‘punish’ her, or 2) she would receive a straight answer without any detrimental consequences.

It was a 50/50 bet, and hoping that luck was on her side, she decided to gamble with the devil.

She let out a deep breath before spoke shakily.

“Chat,” She began, and her voice trembled.

Chat hummed in response, signalling her to continue.

“D-Don’t you have something better to do?” She inquired, gulping. The direct bluntness of her question caused the blond to snap his eyes open, and peer at her deeply. His eyes spoke volumes but he did not utter a word. They were unreadable but one thing was clear: he waited for [Name] to continue. And depending her next words, it would be decided whether she dug her own grave, or did the right thing.

She felt sweat beginning to form at the back of her neck and her fingers which were brushing his blond locks, halted in their movement.

Realizing that it was too late to turn back now, she decided to elaborate, consequences be damned.

“I-I just meant t-that, you’ve been visiting here more often t-than before. Before, you s-said you were r-really busy in your c-civilian l-life? Y-Yeah that, and weren’t around as much. S-So, I was j-just curious,” She explained, glancing away from Chat’s nerve-wrecking gaze, and fiddling with her fingers.    

She did not even spare him a glance in fear of what she would find.

Chat moved his head away from [Name]’s lap and sat up, his tail exaggerating his movements by swooshing around as if it had a mind of its own.

His emerald eyes were calculating as he spoke.

“Do you not want me around?” He asked, and narrowed his eyes at [Name], observing her cautiously. The [h/c] female had frozen, her breath hitched in her throat and she flickered her eyes towards Chat.

As soon as their eyes met, [Name] felt a shiver run down her spine as she saw the intensity in Chat’s eyes which was directed at her. Simultaneously, the tranquility they shared before, had shifted into a heavy, silent atmosphere.

[Name]’s fingers began to tremble and her lips quivered. The sweat on her forehead glistened, and she visibly gulped, praying that she sounded composed and her voice would not betray her.

Inhaling and exhaling as if to calm her nerves, she forced a smile towards Chat, wishing that it was convincing enough.

“W-Why would you think that? O-Of course I want you around!” She stammered, as she continued to smile forcefully. Inwardly, she cursed at herself for stuttering, knowing that certainly, Chat would see through her.

Subsequently to her response, silence commenced. Chat’s stoic expression,  and his lack of responsiveness worsened her fear for the situation.

She felt her heart beginning to beat faster, and a very loud sound of the thunder boomed as if to emphasize the danger of the situation. With each passing second, the heavy silence seemed to manifest more and more, until it felt like it could be sliced with a knife.

However soon, it was broken by Chat.

“Okay,” He replied simply, and shrugged, before he crawled closer towards her.

At his response, [Name]’s head shot up like she was a deer caught in headlights.

“W-What?” She asked, confusion written all over her face because there was no way that Chat would have actually believed her hideous horrible lie.

Chat’s crawling ceased and he had sat right next beside [Name]. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist, and pulled her in his lap, causing her to yelp. [Name]’s hands landed on his shoulders, her breasts pressed against his chest.

[Name] gasped when Chat begin to nip at her neck and mumbled coherent words in between his nips.

“You lied to me again,” He whispered, his claws digging into her shirt harshly. He applied enough pressure with his claws to hurt her and cause her to whimper, but not draw out any blood Moments later, his harsh grip began to loosen.

“For now, I’m satisfied with you just being by my side,” He whispered, beginning to lift up her shirt.

[Name]’s shoulder tensed and her eyes widened.

“But eventually, you will learn to love me once more.

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The silent demon approached the newly introduced Angel. Being cautious about angels he slowly approaches them, a wary expression on his face as he kept his distance when he was a good body length away. the demon didn't speak he just worriedly stared at the angel. a strong feeling of distrust came from them as his tail would twitch and whip, from pent up stress.

He was humming a song when he felt a pressence behind him. When the Angel turned around, he faced a fluffy demon. That was Mute, right? Before coming back to the Earth, he tried to memorize all the names and faces of OFB’s friends and acquaintances.

Also…that tail movement…the demon was feeling unseasy around him. He sighed sofly. Well, he was an angel after all, and he knew most of the demons were going to feel uncomfortable around him, but he wasn’t goint to let that discourage him! 

- Hi~ Is there something I can help you with? -he asked to Mute, with a sweet smile-