Same Old Mistakes

Summary: Some things never change.
Parings: BoruSara, SasuSaku, NaruHina.

“I’m worried about her, Sasuke.”

Sasuke paused, his spoonful of red bean soup mid-air, and looked at his wife. Sakura sat next to her on the picnic blanket, staring at the Uchiha pond ahead of her, her eyes fixated on a tiny body with dark hair and a red bow.

Sarada Uchiha sat near the end of the dock with a book in hand, reading without a care in the world. She was seven years old and the apple of her parents’ eyes. She was a quiet, albeit quick-witted, intelligent young girl; constantly top of her class, much like Sasuke was, and excelled in whatever ninjutsu and taijustu that she knew. The teachers at the academy often boasted about her whenever Sakura came to pick her up, quick to call the tiniest Uchiha a prodigy among the other children.

“Why are you worried?” Sasuke finally asked. He saw nothing wrong with the picture a head of him. Sarada was content with her book.

Sakura snapped her head to her husband. “Are you kidding? Sasuke look around — don’t you think Sarada should play with the other kids? All she ever does is read.”

Sasuke’s onyx eyes (or rather, eye) scanned the area in front of him. Laughter flooded the grassy hills overlooking the pond. The newest InoShikaCho formation were doing something between sparring and playing tag — ChoCho seemed to think it was a game, while Shikadai and Inojin were more engaged in battle. Temari scolded her son for not engaging all of his team members. Boruto climbed atop Kakashi-sensei’s back, as if he was some kind of human totem pole, while his kids, Obito and Kyoko, were chasing Mirai. Hinata appeared to playing hide and seek with her youngest child, Himawari.

And then there was little Sarada, sitting quiet as can be near the water, reading.

A ghost of a smile graced Sasuke’s lips. “Are you calling our daughter a stick in the mud?”

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SHEILA HADDAD. This video is mesmerizing. I never get tired of it.

This is not Ninjutsu, however, she does hold a 15th Dan in Bujinkan Budo Taijustu/Ninjutsu. She is also a 7th degree black belt in Seibukan Jujutsu as shown here!

anonymous asked:

How would the Iwatobi + Samezuka boys react to their girlfriend about to be attacked by some gang members? Just when the situation is about to get worse, she surprises both the gang members and the boys by beating the tar out of her attackers. Punches, kicks, throws, the whole nine yards. How would the boys react to seeing how strong their girlfriend is?

Warning: coarse language (there is an F bomb) 

Haru:  When he sees you surrounded, he freezes for a moment; panic taking over. He manages to get his feet moving and sprints towards you, thoughts of losing you running in his head. “__________” he screams. However the moment he sees you going all Black Widow on their butts he slows down in surprise. By the time he reaches you your attackers are lying on the floor, groaning. When you turn around and give him a relived smile he pulls you into a tight hug, “thank goodness you’re okay” he mumbles after a while. Haru would be slightly proud that his S/O could kick serious butt =) 

Momo:  “BACK AWAY FROM HER!” He screams as he angrily charges towards you. One of your attackers turned hearing his threat, and taking advantage of his momentarily distracted form you delivered a brutal punch to his face, breaking his jaw. Momo’s eyes widened in shock, when did his beloved ______, become so strong? He thought as he watched you go all Captain Levi on their butts. “Don’t you ever come near me again; you hear?” You say coldly, before turning and walking away, you smile as you approach your boyfriend, “Hey Momo.” 
”______,” he says seriously,
“Are you a ninja?”
After this incident he firmly believed that you were indeed a ninja, and nothing you could say could convince him otherwise. Unfortunately for you he now wanted you to be his sensei and teach him the art of ninjustu & Taijustu.

Makoto: His mind begins to race as he runs towards you, he needed to protect you, he couldn’t let you get injured. “_________!” Leave her/him alone!” He shouts as his vision becomes blurry, he wipes his eyes and when he see’s what’s happening in front him his feet freezes. You were taking on three guys at once, and you were giving them quite the hiding. Punching the final guy in the face, you looked up to see your petrified boyfriend. “Hey,” you said with a exhausted smile as you approached him, makoto stiffed when you  wrapped your arms around him, “hey, hey baby it’s okay, I’m okay.” Hearing this he wrapped his arms tightly around you as he silently cried, relieved that you were okay. 

Ai & Nagisa: Their mind and body freeze when they see you under attack; but after a couple of moments they manage to force their bodies to move. “Get away from her/him” they scream as they rush towards you, Nagisa’s eyes would probably begin to tear up whilst Ai’s mind would go blank. When they see you go all Kung fu panda on the attackers they’d freeze in the tracks stunned at your capability. Nagisa: “Hey babe,” you smile as you walk towards him, he rushes towards you and pulls you into a hug, _____-chan, _____-chan” he says sobbing; you smile softly as you rub his back in a soothing manner. “It’s okay love I’m alright, I’m fine”. Ai: He pulls you into a tight hug relived that you were okay, pulling away he asks you impressed “where did you learn to fight like that?” You grin in response, “my old man taught me a few tricks when i was younger.” 
Nagisa would be incredibly proud that his S/O could deliver some deadly blows and would threaten Rei whenever he took away his junk food.

Seijuro: His eyes widen in terror when he see’s his s/o in danger, he runs towards you shouting your name, “_________! ________!” When he see’s you ram your fingers into one of your attackers eyes whilst you simultaneously  kick another guy in the crotch he can’t help the surprised smile on his face. You were kicking these guys asses!  After finishing them off you turn around only to be pulled into a tight hug. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” your boyfriend asks concerned. “I believe that’s what should be asking them.” You say laughing, jabbing your thumb at where the attackers lay. At this Seijuro’s eyes soften, chuckling he kisses you softly. “Where did you learn to fight like that? You were incredible!” 

Sosuke: “OI!” He roars as he charges towards your attackers, altering them of another presence. Two rush towards him and he finishes them off easily, his mind only on you. When he looks up he see’s you knee on guy in the crotch and elbow another on the head. You turn and face your boyfriend with a grin, “not bad for a girl eh?” you say as you glance at the several bruised bodies on the ground. Your boyfriend simply marches over and pulls you into a wordless embrace. You smile softly in his arms, “It’s okay Sou, It’s okay.”
“You’re one hell of a badass woman, you know that.” He mumbles into your neck.

Rei: When he sees that your in danger he marches right up to you whilst dialling the police. “STEP AWAY FROM HER/HIM” He shouts, “I’M CALLING THE POL-” He pauses when he see’s you deliver a roundhouse kick to one of your attackers. You turn and face your boyfriend with a clam smile, “Thanks Rei.” you say. He pauses for a second before rushing towards you and pulling you into a hug. “Are you alright?” He asks worried as he pulls back to inspect your face,arms and torso. When you finally convince him that you’re okay. He calms down a bit. “Where did you learn to fight like that? You were in-incredible, he says impressed. You grin at your boyfriend proudly, “I took a martial arts course in the summer.” “is that right” He says, taking a mental note to book a course himself, what kind of boyfriend was he if he couldn’t even protect his beloved _________.

Rin:  He is a very protective boyfriend so the moment he see’s his S/O in danger he he would charge in without a second thought. “Get the fuck away from her/him!” He roars as he sprints towards you, but before he can even jump in front of you, you deliver a brutal punch to one of your attackers face and and knee the other one in the stomach. He slows down, in shock and when you deliver the finishing blow he just stares at you dumfounded. “Took you long enough;” you say grinning. Your boyfriend pulls you into a tight hug, “thank goodness you’re alright, he mumbles into your hair. Pulling away he holds your face in his hands and asks with a bewildered smile, ‘where did you learn to fight like that?” You just grin in response, “Person of interest.”

Sarada’s Monstrous Strength.

(Dedicated to a special Anon who gave me extra incentive to write this :P)

Anon: “Madara, I saw before that you were thinking in make a post about Sarada’s taijutsu, so I wonder, will you make it? I really want to read what you have to explain about it :) :3″

Anon, this is for you! ^_^

I often hear people saying that it makes absolutely no sense that Sarada was able to use Sakura’s monstrous taijutsu techniques at such a young age, whereas it took Sakura 2.5 years to learn them from Tsunade. But really, it’s not that unbelievable.

We all know Sakura always had an affinity for excellent chakra control, it was evident from very early in Part 1: 

And while the super strength taijutsu certainly cannot be passed down genetically, good chakra control certainly can be, and this just so happens to be the main prerequisite for the monstrous strength. Not everyone can simply learn the levels of chakra control necessary to use this taijutsu; just ask Shizune! :D  

But even if Sarada inherited Sakura’s excellent chakra control, many still say that it’s nonsense that Sarada would be able to learn the taijutsu in such a short amount of time. But this disregards one very crucial factor: The Sharingan:

Earlier in the series, it was explicitly demonstrated through Lee and Sasuke that when one possesses the Sharingan (in all of its glorious overpowered-ness), one can learn in a month what would usually take years to perfect:

Regardless of whether it’s ninjutsu, taijutsu, or even physical speed, the Sharingan makes it possible.

Within a month, Sasuke had managed to master both Lee’s taijustu style, and his speed, in order to build the speed required to effectively use the Chidori. And how was he able to master it so quickly when it took Lee years to master? Because of the Sharingan:

It therefore shouldn’t really be so unbelievable that Sarada was able to master Sakura’s taijustu within a relatively short space of time, whereas it took Sakura years to perfect.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to the Sharingan’s overpowered abilities.

It is likely that Sakura had at some point trained Sarada in perfecting her high chakra control in the past, but she had probably never started teaching her how to harness the chakra in order to unleash the monstrous strength. However, Sarada had undoubtedly observed her mother using her monstrous strength many times in her life, with two examples being shown in Gaiden:

So when emotions were running high and the situation demanded immediate action, Sarada subconsciously used her innately high chakra control in conjunction with her Sharingan, to imitate her mother’s technique which she had seen before, and unleash a devastatingly powerful physical attack:

The first time was done subconsciously in order to protect her mom, hence both of their surprised faces afterwards. However, once Sakura saw Sarada’s potential, she no doubt trained her in using her chakra control to amplify her taijutsu, with the fearsome results being shown in the movie:

And Sakura was so proud of her daughter! They’re such dorks! :D

But seriously though, the Sharingan really is just too useful! That along with Hashirama’s cells are literally the answer to all of a shinobi’s problems! =)

EDIT: To give credit to the Gif editor.

(Gifs by laetia)

Uzumaki Family: Head canons

Himawari is very skilled in taijustu and will be a teacher pet’s(when she does enter the academy) and is a daddy’s girl.She wants to tag-along with her big brother and follow him everywhere. She not only picks flowers for her late uncle but for her Daddy Hokage too, and she loves spending time with her mom as they occasionally visit Grandpa Hiashi and Aunty Hanabi
Boruto is very similar to his father as in being loud and a prankster but is a Momma’s boy. I bet he was jealous when his little sister was born. But is very protective of her. He has a promising future and has a rival/crush-thing with the Uchiha girl, I bet he once broke her glasses.