taiji killings

  • BTS: *talking about the concert with Seo Taiji*
  • Namjoon: we really did well, right Jin hyung?
  • Seokjin: yeah, we were awesome
  • Jimin: they liked Jungkookie's rapping so much
  • Jungkook: yeah Jimin was so cool
  • Taehyung: Yoongi hyung slayed them all
  • Yoongi: ok but Hobi was breathtaking
  • Hoseok: Taetae made them scream with only his look
  • Namjoon: I think we kinda killed ARMY.
  • Me: KINDA ????????????
  • ARMY: KINDA ????????????
Horror in the Cove

I know the cove doesn’t get a mention much here anymore, but everyone needs to know what is going on right now. 

On the 20th of January a superpod of around 200 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the cove. 

They were surrounded by nets and left overnight before the captive selection process began. So far 82 dolphins have been taken for the captivity industry, most of them calves taken from their frantic mothers. 

Each day, for around 7 hours, the dolphin have faced the trauma of being manhandled by hunters and trainers. The people responsible are as usual driving their boats straight through the pod without any shred of decency. Dolphins have been repeatedly tangled in the nets attempting to reunited with their pod members. They are starving, dehydrated and exhausted, and at least 2 dolphins have died, either from stress or injury sustained during their harrowing ordeal. 

This horrendous torture will continue tomorrow, it is likely that even more dolphins will be taken for the captivity industry. It is not yet known if any individuals will be slaughtered. 

This is not tradition. 

This is barbarism. This is greed

*Update 1. The estimated pod size has now been increased to 300 animals. The captures are ongoing, 2 more dolphins have died*

*Update 2. 100 Bottlenose Dolphins were captured and transferred to the sea pens for a life of confinement. Of those that survive the first months of confinement, half will be dead in under 7 years. The 2/3 of the pod that were driven back out to sea are exhausted, injured, dehydrated and traumatized. Its is highly likely there will be more fatalities among the survivors, especially among the very young calves. 


Taekook with Seo Taiji at 25 Years With Seo Taiji Concert. They killed it.

So, what are my thoughts on the park board’s decision?

It’s a load of bull. Like, if they only  banned the breeding of captive cetaceans, I would still be mad, but banning rescued cetaceans is fucking insane. If you are an anti and you support this decision because they’re “better off dead than fed”, but go around claiming that you care about these animals,  then you’re a hypocrite. The next time Taiji decides to kill thousands of dolphins don’t start complaining because they're “better off dead than fed”. The next time a pod of cetaceans gets stranded and dies don’t complain because they're “better off dead than fed”. When the SRKW, Québéc’s belugas, the vaquitas and other endangered cetaceans go extinct don’t complain because they're “better off dead than fed”. Oh wait! I forgot that most of the antis that supported this decision hardly ever acknowledged these endangered cetaceans. It just goes to show how extremely uncaring these radical anticaps can be. Let’s see how many of the radical antis who support this decision are gonna start rambling about how pros who don’t agree with this decision  don’t care about the cetaceans and their well being and how they only care about their “circus performer”.