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To @riocu, Merry (late) Christmas, we apologize for the delay and for your Secret Santa’s absence. We hope that you’ll accept the story in its place. Have a wonderful 2015 and an even better 2016 <3

Pairing: Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga
Rating: Teen and up
Wordcount: 2482
Author: Admin Sam / @kisekinodrabbles

He had been alone in his apartment, waiting for the curry to brew in his pot. The room felt a little too empty without his teammates. All of them were gone visiting family, spread out all across Japan. But Kagami’s family? He wasn’t quite sure he even had one at that point. The tightness in his chest pissed him off. He’s man enough to handle this. Why should he feel pain over parents who felt nothing for their children?

Shit. Don’t cry. Goddammit, don’t cry.

Ding dong. His eyes moved up to the clock. It was a little over eight but everyone had already gone home at that point. He sucked up a huge breath before walking over to the door.

What the — his eyes blinked a few times just to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

Aomine Daiki. At his doorstep. Carrying cake. Yawning.

The yawning he wasn’t surprised. But what was he even — “What are you doing here?”

“That’s a nice way to greet someone on Christmas.” He rolled his eyes, pushing the red-haired man out of the way and stepping into the apartment. He sniffed the air. It had become all too familiar for him to scent out Kagami’s apartment whenever he dropped by. It always smelled like something different. Sometimes he had cookies baking in the oven, other times ramen cooking in a pot. Most of the time, it was just his scent. Aomine didn’t mind that. He turned to Kagami who was still standing shellshocked at the door. “Are you going to just stand there forever, princess? Or are you going to feed me?”

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Baby Maybe

Pairings: Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga
Rating: T
Words: ~1300
Tags: Kissing Booths, Fluff, First Kiss

Summary: Momoi somehow gets Aomine to come to the Seirin club fair where the basketball team is holding a kissing booth.

Or, everyone wants to kiss Teppei and Kagami may be a little mad about his lack of customers. 

AO3 Link 

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Real Life Kuroko no Basuke

After watching the Western and Eastern Finals game between Houston and Golden State, I thought I would do a real life parallel between the anime and their actual counter parts. 

Point Guard:  Akashi Seijūrō, Hanamiya Makoto, Shoichi Imayoshi, Nash Gold Jr.

Real life player: Allen Iverson

Team: 76ers 

Points per game: 26.7 

Shooting Guard: Midorima Shintarō, Sakurai Ryō, Mibuchi Reo

Real life player: Stephen Curry, Ray Allen

Team: Golden State, Celtics 

Points per game: 20.9, 18.6

Shooting Forward: Kise Ryōta

Real life player: Michael Jordan

Team: Chicago Bulls

Points per game: 30.1

Power Forward: Aomine Daiki, Okamura Kenichi, Kagami Taiga

Real life player: Karl Malone 

Team: Utah Jazz

Points per game: 25.0

Center: Murasakibara Atsushi, Nebuya Eikichi, Kiyoshi Teppei

Real life player: Shaquille O’Neil

Team: Orlando Majic

Points per game: 23.7


Small Forward: Shigehiro OgiwaraNijimura ShūzōHaizaki Shōgo, Hayama Kotarō

Real life player: Dominique Wilkins 

Team: Atalnta Hawks

Points per game: 24.8