First of all I not only want to thank God but also Jesus and his parents for creating such a beautiful human being. The man I’ve called my husband since like forever. My first, my baby, the one I love. No matter which fandom I go to I’ll always love him more than anything or anyone xD i’ll stop now Happy Birthday My Tamo~ <3 <3 I loves you always and forever

I translated Kyomoto’s Q&A Session from the latest QLAP. Full translation under the cut. 

What is your strength and weakness?
My strength is that I am a perfectionist when pursuing things that I love. During musicals, I want to deliver a flawless performance, and even if I was praised for my performance today, I will keep raising the bar for myself and bring an even better performance tomorrow. My weakness is that I am very negative. I often imagine bad situations where I screw up during my musicals. 

A monomane you’re good at?
Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun’s singing. I can even do Tsuyoshi-kun singing “Sexy Zone” (lol). I have never shown it to Tsuyoshi-kun before, but hopefully someday I will get the chance to. Lately, I have been told that my face looks like Domoto Koichi-kun. I kinda see that too (lol).

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