taiga alter

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Reader gets left at the altar by taiga. He regrets it eventually and when he sees her after a significant number of years, he wants her back. Up to you if reader wants too as well or not. Thanks!

Today was the day, your outfit was beautiful, the bouquet was filled with red roses the ends of the pedals a darker hue matching Kagami’s hair. The music played as you walked down the runway, on the ceiling there were chandeliers with crystals hanging from them. The white light glistening and reflecting off of them casting  brighter reflections as they fell to the ground and on you as well as others guests making it look like even the light was shining just for you. You held your vows in your hand tightly the white notebook paper with your handwriting you had written numerous times over and over trying to make the words sound perfect. Today was perfect. Why were you feeling this dread in your heart? Maybe it was cold feet? Your friends you chose for this day stood in a row on your side of the alter, Himuro, Kuroko and even Alex stood there on Kagami’s side. Himuro being the best man looked as nervous as you looking around as you took your place at the alter.

“Where’s taiga?” You mouth to Himuro.
He looks around again. “Ill go look for him.” He mouths quickly running to the dressing room where he left Kagami. “Taiga this isn’t the time to chicken out, come on Y/N is waiting for you, they look amazing you have to see them.” Himuro calls out trying to convince Kagami to not be scared. “If you’re having second thoughts you don’t have to, Y/N loves you so mu-“ his voice cuts off. On the provided desk is Kagami’s suit and shoes on the floor. An envelope rests in the suit that says, ‘To:Y/N, I’m sorry.’ Himuro takes the envelope, its heavier than a normal like there is more than just a paper letter is in there, feeling around a circular object is pressed between his fingers. His heart sinks for Y/N, “No Taiga, please tell me you didn’t.”

That was 5 years ago.

You had moved on with your life. You had come home to an empty shell you and Kagami had moved in together only months before the wedding. His clothes were gone, everything of his was gone. All he left you with was a suit, shoes, his ring and a broken heart. His stench filled the house. You remembered  it took you months to get rid of it. Everything that reminded you of him now sent you into a fit of anger, self-loathing, and despair. You threw away everything he had given you, you sold both rings. At least they’ll be wanted and they were of some value now that he was gone. You stayed friends with Himuro, Alex and Kuroko, with them nothing had changed, they stood by you and comforted you when you needed it. Himuro stopped talking to Kagami for an long while, he stayed by your side letting you cry and vent.

Its spring, the start of new beginnings. The air was warm and the wind was cool, blowing the last remains of winter away with every passing day. For the first time you weren’t sad, or depressed, you went out by yourself just once taking this day off to relax and have some me time.  Up ahead there’s an arcade, passing the huge window you see a prize rack on the inside. “First to beat the high score in Tekken Vs. Street fighter wins!” Under the sign there’s a giant tiger plush. Your face turns to one of disgust as you push down your sunglasses to see the orange and black on the tiger. “I hate you.” You say under your breath.  Anything that reminded you of him instantly made your blood boil, and honestly you had every right.

A deep voice replies to you quietly, “I hope you don’t really mean that.” Your stomach drops, looking to where the  voice came from you see Kagami behind you in the reflection of the window. Your eyes narrow as you push your sunglasses up to cover your eyes. The lump in your throat making it hard to breath or really talk, clearing your throat silently you begin to walk away.  Kagami stares at your retreating form. Following he says, “W-wait,”his voice sounds almost urgent, “please.”

His saddened voice pains your heart, turning around you don’t look in his eyes, “What do you want.” Your anger laces into every word you speak, “I don’t have all day Kagami, hurry up.”
So you really do hate him. He looks down, he knew it’d be like this, why did he walk up to you like that? What was he expecting? A second change. That’s al he wanted. He musters up his courage. “Can we talk in private?”

“Sure.”  You start walking and he quickly follows, “Wow you’re not deserting me this time?” The sarcasm in your voice hits his heart reminding him of what he did. Walking down the street you speak again, “Is this a silent contest or am I supposed to pick these pieces up and start a conversation.” Your voice is hollow, had he really done this to you?

“I,” he takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry.” His voice becomes more sad, “I don’t know why I left, I was scared and I was immatur-“

“Don’t give me that Disney movie bullshit excuse of a reason.” You cut him off harshly “I remember everything you don’t have to remind me.”

“Y/N please list-“

“NO, you don’t get to call me by my name!” his body stiffens, “YOU left ME, no warning, no real reason. You promised you weren’t like the other people I was with before I was with you! You promised you’d never leave! I gave you my heart! I showed you the most vulnerable parts of me and you LEFT! And all I got was this stupid letter telling me why I deserve someone better. No answers were given just more questions.” Your voice cracks, your eyes burn with tears of anger and hatred. You turn around before he can say anything walking to the direction of your home. Kagami yells for you to come back, he starts going after you. He can’t lose you again, he was an idiot before he couldn’t be an idiot this time. Crossing the street he gets caught on the other side as the signal goes from green to red. You’re already on the other side, and he’s stuck there. This time watching you leave him, feeling hurt and lost.

You take your phone out, calling the one person you feel you need right now, tears seep from your eyes as the receiver rings, “Y/N, what’s up?”

“Can you come over? I don’t want to be alone right now.” Your voice breaks even more as you wipe tears away.

“I’m on my way.”