taichi chihaya

My Favourite Anime Pairings

                                          Okita x Kagura {Gintama}

                                         Natsu x Lucy {Fairy Tail}

                                    Roy x Riza {Fullmetal Alchemist}

                                     Hak x Yona {Akatsuki no Yona}

                                   Andrew x Akko {Little Witch Academia}

                                        Alibaba x Morgiana  {Magi}

                                   Taichi x Chihaya {Chihayafuru}

                                           Hinata x Yachi {Haikyuu!!}

                               Atsushi x Kyouka {Bungou Stray Dogs}

                              Souma x Erina {Shokugeki no Souma}



Taichihaya (Taichi x Chihaya) [1/5]

I’m in love with you, Chihaya. Chihaya i love your fingers, your always short nails, your hair, your mouth that opens so unbelievably wide, your smiling face…and i have always, always been, ever since we were little.”


Favorite moment from Taichihaya match part 3: You’re the one who’s actually hurt.

Taichi and Chihaya’s hands collided during their match (which even Arata noticed). Then Taichi asked Chihaya if she’s okay, she was a bit confused on what he’s talking about, but Taichi told her that their hands collided and asked her again if she’s really okay (since her hands just recovered from an injury) Chihaya told him she’s fine, but Taichi’s hands caught Chihaya’s attention - turned out, he was actually the one who got hurt.

And so, Chihaya started to realize that he’s still the same Taichi, even though he’s playing a different karuta it’s still him -”the boy who’s been doing his best with her the whole time”. After that, Chihaya calmed down knowing that there is nothing to fear. She started to look at Taichi more often, which eventually made Sumire thought on how “she’s looking at him” and that “she’s seeing him” even if it’s not with love or passion, and commented on how Taichi have always wanted Chihaya’s  eyes to be on him.

Comment: What I love in this scene is the fact that Arata cheered her on before her match with Taichi begun and almost everyone she cared about is watching them, but what made Chihaya really calmed down is Taichi himself.
And I also love on how this scene is what actually made Chihaya revealed a bit of how she really sees Taichi - that person who has been doing his best with her the whole time and cared for her more than his own.