tai wants so much to be home

In the raw version, Sanji’s line here is 「帰りたい」(kaeritai = I want to go back). What’s noteworthy is that he didn’t say 「帰りてえ」(kaeriteh), which is the same in meaning but is a more masculine way of saying it. My guess is that Oda purposefully changed Sanji’s usual gruff way of speaking so that he could deliver how desperately he wants to go home (“tai” means “want” after all).

That being said, when asked to speak up his true mind, Sanji only said he wants to go back, not that he wants help. He didn’t even think for once about getting assistance from his nakama, just that he’d like to go back :’( I really hope Luffy manages to convince him that it’s okay to get help, that he more than deserves all the love and support from the crew he endears so much.

anonymous asked:

Since Tai, Ironwood, Winter and Summer have such differing personalities did you have to do different things for them on Valentine's Day? Or were you all a 'I don't celebrate except with sex but we already do it so much there isn't much of a difference' person?

“Well, it depends on what each person wants, mostly. James and Tai are happy with dinner and a movie and lots of cuddles. And probably sex after cause come on.

“Winter I’ll probably make a home cooked meal for her. Something fancier than I usually do anyway. Plus that cake she was talking about. She doesn’t often indulge herself, so I like to help with that when I can. 

“Summer is the romantic type. Flowers, chocolates, that sort of thing. And doing something special for the two of you. I usually get her a cute stuffed animal too. And as many chocolates and flowers as I can afford. And usually some flowers that she can plant in her garden come spring time.”