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I have only seen the Broadway version of the phantom and I haven't read the book yet. could you explain who dargoa and the Persian are or


  • The Persian is a major character in the book. He basically tells you Erik’s history. Erik refers him as the ‘Daroga’ (which means police-chief in Persian). He also tell you the end of the novel and what happened.
  • He was a police-chief in the court of the Shah when Erik was in Persia. He called these years ‘The rosy hours of Mazenderan’ and I imagine he was great friends with Erik. hehehe or more if you catch my drift ok ill shut up
  • He has a servant called Darius. We love Darius.
  • Daroga is really fond of Erik, so fond, when the Shah ordered to execute Erik, he helped Erik escape. But the news spread about their escape, and the Shah-in-Shah punished the Daroga. 
  • Daroga later travels to Paris to find Erik, which he did. He would walk 500 miles, and he’ll walk 500 more, just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door. That’s amore.
  • He is seen a lot at the Opera then, wandering backstage. He mostly goes to Erik’s house, playing chess and shit. Sometimes Erik goes to the Daroga’s apartment.
  • In the novel, it’s the Daroga who goes with Raoul to Erik’s house but they end up in the torture chamber. You had one job guys.
  • Erik tried to drown the Daroga twice. What an ungrateful, little shit. This is why he only has one friend.
  • Little fact (which I don’t know it’s true, but still), the time Leroux wrote the novel, there was a mysterious Persian Prince, who often was seen at the Paris Opera. 


  • He’s given the name Nadir Khan. He’s distantly related to the Shah. So he’s royalty. (hehe wink wink nudge nudge)
  • But still a hunk police-chief. Do not fear.
  • He brings Erik’s ass to Persia. He falls ill during the travel, and Erik saves him.
  • Nadir is a widower, losing his wife Rookheeya at childbirth and has not remarried since. His son Reza is dying of Tay-Sachs-disease.
  • Erik entertains Nadir’s son, and helped him in his last months.
  • Erik and Nadir become really close friends, though they won’t admit it (The classic ‘It’s not like I love you or anything IDIOT’ type).
  • Nadir saves Erik when he got poisoned during political affairs. Then save him again when the Shah wanted him dead. Nadir saves a lot. Such a kindhearted, precious guy.
  • He deserves so much more
  • Give him a movie
  • Only starring him bitching at Erik
  • I’ll pay

THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. OH. He doesn’t like cats.

TAI Entertainment brings back Fashion Tuesday’s at Delano South Beach with a presentation by Miami’s own, Shop Splash boutique. Showcasing brands such as Wildfox Couture, Alexis, Gold Saturn, Indah, Maya Swimwear, and Citrine by the Stone, this fashion-forward soiree will feature some of the latest trends of the season.

At 9 PM, VIP guests will be invited to a complimentary hair and makeup session while mingling over Corzo cocktails at the uber-chic Style Lounge hosted by fashion blogger, Amanda Del Duca of Capture Fashion along with the girls behind We Can Pretend.

The show will follow at 11 PM, where guests will preview Spring/Summer 2012 collections by some of the hottest design houses of the moment.


Fashion Show

Style Lounge


So one of the things we’re doing for Laura’s Story is trying out partial voicing. If you’ve played a recent Legend of Zelda title or something like Fire Emblem, you know what we’re talking about. Characters may “hmm” or “wha?” when a line of dialogue calls for it. They also have a few fully voiced lines when you first meet them so all the players who haven’t watched Ponies can get an idea of what they sound like.

We don’t want to spoil anything for the side story, so here’s the scene from the demo where you meet Faith with her lines partially voiced.

Of course you can turn them off in the settings menu if you really don’t like VN voices.