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Happy Odaiba Memorial Day! <3

Taichi Yagami Courage 紋章 Yuki

  Yamato Ishida Friendship 友情 Yuujou

  Sora Takenouchi Love 愛情 Aijou

  Koushiro Izumi Knowledge 知識 Chishiki

  Mimi Tachikawa Sincerity 純真 Junshin

Jyou Kido Reliability 誠実 Seijitsu

  Takeru Takaishi Hope 希望 Kibou

  Hikari Yagami Light 光 Hikari

  Daisuke Motomiya Courage and Friendship 紋章 Yuki - 友情 Yuujou

  Ken Ichijouji Kindness 優しさ Yasashisa

  Miyako Inoue Love and Sincerity   愛情 Aijou - 純真 Junshin

  Iori Hida Knowledge and Reliability 知識 Chishiki - 誠実 Seijitsu


What do you mean “normal”? We are also your “normal” everyday girls here!


[ Odaiba Week - The Power of Friendship: Taichi & Koushiro ]

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The DigiDestined Names and their meanings in the Arabic dub.

Taichi - Amjad: The glory, stardom, The owner of the choice and the great man.

Yamato - Yamen: The one who uses his right hand, and in arab this is a very good feature “religious thoughts”, the word also derived from insurance and safety.

Sora - Samar: The word itself means the night talking at the camp singing and listening to stories, as an arabian habit, it also means the moon’s shadow. It can also mean the tanned color.

Koushiro - Shadie: Cute guy with a special attraction, has a sharp attention and hates routine and he is so attracted to learn what is new for him.

Mimi - Maie: The baby deer, which means little tender girl like a little deer.

Jyou - Zain: Courteous, polite, cultured, good manners.

Takeru - Waseem: HANDSOME!.

Hikari - Hind: The arabic word for “India” Which refers to power and imagination

It also means a sword but in the ancient arabic. Also means the strong, patient, effective and attractive girl.

Daisuke - Saleem: Pure, healed, right and undamaged.

Ken - Yazan: Justice and equality.

Miyako - Salma: The survivor woman.

Iori - Hanie: The one who’s living a happy and tranquility life.