Tai - Sarha - Sacha

I’m working on a Taichi related commission and I feel very happy~ I miss Tai (Digimon Adventure Tri soon !!), and I also miss Tai and Sarha’s friendship. In Daybreak, I mean. So I wanted to share here one of my favorite sketches of Tai, Sarha and Sacha. I always liked this one but never dared to color it, maybe I should one day ! ^^ 

In Daybreak, I always made sure the five (or six) characters have the same amount of… “screentime”, and the same kind of friendship (I mean it’s not just these 3 and the others are alone) but I enjoy drawing these 3 cause they are the “silly ones” XD

Daybreak was born 15 years ago uAu and still so dear to my heart.