tahnos bending


my top 10 bending scenes of korra in book 1

Tahno and Korra #8, for firelordsavvy. A few seconds after Tahno gets his bending back.

An idea I had in mind as I drew this was something I read by a translator saying there’s no word for “awe” in French, so he has to more or less say “religious fear.” It’s a concept I’m in love with, something impressive and spiritually moving and somehow terrifying in its immensity. I wanted a moment of Tahno in awe of Korra.

Tahnorra waterbending~

Tahno and Korra playfully splashing each other when she restores his bending 

Tahno and Korra facing each other head to head in a pro-bending match again

Tahno and Korra competing over who’d make the best snowman 

Tahno and Korra using waterbending to gain an edge over the other while surfboarding

Tahno making an elegant ice-surfboard, while Korra dives in with whatever works well enough

Korra teaching Tahno how to spiritbend

Tahno teaching Korra how to make and control a vine monster


Avatar Questions…. GO!

  • 1. Favorite character?
  • 2. Favorite bending style?
  • 3. Favorite bad guy?
  • 4. Favorite animal?
  • 5. Favorite episode?
  • 6. OTP?
  • 7. Avatar The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?
  • 8. Favorite battle?
  • 9. Favorite minor character?
  • 10. Favorite spirit?
  • 11. Best quote?
  • 12. Cutest character?
  • 13. Favorite Katara moment?
  • 14. Favorite Aang moment?
  • 15. Favorite Zuko moment?
  • 16. Favorite Toph moment?
  • 17. Favorite Sokka moment?
  • 18. Who do you prefer? (Yue or Suki?)
  • 19. Katara or Toph?
  • 20. Zuko or Aang?
  • 21. Jet or Iroh?
  • 22. Mako or Bolin?
  • 23. Favorite Korra moment?
  • 24. Favorite Mako moment?
  • 25. Asami or Korra?
  • 26. Favorite Bolin moment?
  • 27. Who would get along better? (Sokka & Bolin or Mako & Zuko?)
  • 28. Name the first character you thought of when you read this.
  • 29. Favorite piece of Iroh advice?
  • 30. Favorite Avatar state moment?
  • 31. Do you prefer Ikki, Jinora or Meelo? Why?
  • 32. Best pair of siblings?
  • 33. Did you care when Tahno lost his bending?
  • 34. Least favorite episode?
  • 35. Which character do you relate to most?

things that matter to me

  • tahno is alive
  • tahno has his bending back
  • tahno is still a sex falcon jerkbender
  • the way he lips off at korra in the video game leads me to believe they have a healthy, playful rivalry (i know he has like 2 lines shh)