MD: During development, Bryan and I had an idea for a scene in which Korra was missing her native food and found her way to a Water Tribe restaurant and had an altercation with a bully. We kept trying to find an organic way to put a scene like that into the show and it worked perfectly to make it the site of Bolin and Korra’s date and her near-fight with Tahno. Storyboards by Ki-Hyun Ryu and Sung-Dae Kang.


My contribution for the Lok Disney Madness week! First day starring my bby *-*

So, Tahnunzel and Korra are ready for some adventures!

This drawing gave me quite a headache, because the first time I was doing it I put the .psd file on a flash drive, but I ended up losing the pendrive and had to redo it all again. And redo DAT HAIR is not as enjoyable as it should be…

Whatever, here it is!