tahno is my favorite

LOK, don't read it if you liked the ending

You know what I getting the most angry about the fact that people don’t seem to know that people break up all the time and can still get back together. I have literally seen this and I also have proof that it works. For example my sister broke up with her boyfriend, they dated for four years because he got jealous and well she started dating another guy and they dated for like two years but she broke up with him because he wanted her to quit studying and marry him and she said no. After that her ex started trying to make her fall in love with him again and he worked his damn butt off and you know what my sister didn’t want him back but he kept trying little by little and he won her back and now they are married and have a beautiful baby boy. Like seriously never say that just because the first time around they don’t make it doesn’t mean they cannot work it out and get back together because it can happen. My parents fight all the time and you know what that doesn’t mean they do not love each other, my mom always tells me she misses him after every fight and they make up and love each other even more. Mako and Korra love each other and have since the beginning, I was one of the people who was pissed with Mako and how he dealt with both relationships. Trust me I wrote a post talking about how much I hated him but you know what he turned into one of my favorite boys because he matured and he became an awesome freaken guy that fights for those he loves and protects them with his life. That breakup was heartbreaking for me but I didn’t lose hope because like I said love can still repair itself. I saw the way that mako and Korra matured after the breakup and when I heard that there hasn’t been a special lady since Korra my god I fangirled because I thought they would be together again. And that flashback episode where he admitted he dealt badly, he knows it and he felt bad. Where was the Korra//Sami? Not really anything all that great because i do every single thing they do with my bestfriend heck I even grab her butt. We call each other girlfriend all the time and you know what? That in no way means i have romantic feelings for her. I would of liked having them up together if there was something romantic about it. Or if they held hands closer together or said I love you (that is not asking to much) I keep seeing comments from people saying that mako and Korra can love each other just as friends or that people can just be friends. You know what the same thing can be said about Korra and Asami because dude you guys romantize their friendship too because like I said before they did nothing that is out of the ordinary of friendship. Korra never had a friend that was a girl because her first friends were Bolin and Mako (that by the way barely interacted this season, like their friendship didn’t matter at all but her friendship with asami means everything ._.) Korra needed that a friend who she could tell everything too and be with but don’t go saying its romantic. Because people are trying to say I am looking at this wrong but practically what I am being told to do is to see romance in every single action and relationship which is bs.
Aside from shipping what the hell happened to Kai? (Seriously he showed up like twice and he talked once! He is a very amazing character and I love him and I needed more!)
What was the point of Tenzin having another son? Was he a bender or not?
What happened to Bopal and Kainora? Did they stay together? Are they happy? Are they having fun?
Did wu become a singer or a hobo? Because dude he cannot sing and I doubt he has money! I loved him because he reminded me of kuzco!
What happened to Bataar jr? Did he make up with his mother? Did he go to jail? What about Kuvira? Did they ever talk?
WHY THE HELL WAS THERE NO TEAM AVATAR? What happened to the meaning and special thing for friendship?
Bolin and Korra barely freaken talked? I thought they were friends?
I know they fought together but where was the team avatar hug and the airbenders family hug?
I needed everyone to hug and talk got that?
Did they rebuild the metal city or did try move to republic city?
What happened to Mako’s grandma and family?
Did the beifongs fix their relationship completely?
What happened to Zuko, Katara and Toph?
What was the point of another spirit portal?
These are some of the reasons why I am angry and I did not like the ending. Some of it has to do with shipping but others just have to do with closure.
By the way if we do not like Korra//Sami it isn’t because we don’t like gay relationships because trust me I have them. It’s because it came out of nowhere because most of what they did was normal best friend behavior and I just don’t see it. Plus I am not a big fan of Asami and I haven’t been since the start. But I saw all three books in like a day or two before book 4 and I know what I saw and I don’t ship them and never will. But don’t make us forget that the story is incomplete and that it needed to be ended in a better way. The only parts I enjoyed were the fighting (THEY WERE ALL BADASSES MY GOD!) and the wedding and I TOTALLY LOVED TAHNO (I love you!) but I hated how most of my favorite characters were tossed to the side like they didn’t matter. I would of preferred a group hug including Naga than that ending.