A Few Miscellaneous Notes about bending in LOK
  • It’s less “Korra likes to use firebending and firebending-style moves.” and more “Korra uses waterbender style moves when she’s surrounded by her element, but will switch to firebender style if 1) she wants to mix it up, 2) if she’s angry or upset, or 3) she doesn’t have water on hand.” This applies to Books 1 and 2 as well as latter seasons.
  • Except for a few instances, Tahno almost exclusively uses a firebender style of waterbending.
  • A lot of the pro-bending teams use firebender style, mixed with airbender-like agility and movement.
  • Korra, Mako, and Bolin all use that airbender style avoidance/dodging tactic, and alternate between earthbending and firebending style moves.
  • While Zaheer uses classic arbender evasive maneuvers, his style of avoidance sometimes, and acrobatics mostly actually resembles Ty Lee’s style (and I’ll have a gifset on that). 
  • For the most part, the Northern soldiers from Book 2 use classic waterbending styles of fighting, with maybe an earthbender move or two thrown into the mix, but they will switch to a firebender style of fighting depending on the situation. 
  • Ikki asking Huan to dye a stripe in her hair. Tenzin overhearing and saying “NO!”. And Ikki’s like “Why not?! You let Jinora get tattoos!”
  • Su trying to get Lin to dance with one of the cute waiters.
  • Meelo asking Asami to dance, she finally gives in and ruffles his hair and tells him he’s cute. “I’M NOT CUTE! I’M A FEARSOME WARRIOR READY FOR BATTLE AT ANY MOMENT LADY!!”
  • Mako and Korra dancing cutely as friends, and Mako telling her he sees what’s going on with her and Asami ;)
  • Varrick bickering about Tenzin ruining his big day because he won’t give him a glider, until Zhu Li gives him kiss on the cheek
  • Mako filling Bolin in on Korrasami and Bolin getting super excited for his friends
  • Bolin stuffing his face, and a song he really like comes on and he’s like “OH OH OPAL C'MON!!!” with his mouth still full and dragging her to the dance floor
  • Kainora pulling a Kataang and stealing the dance floor with their moves
  • Korra and Asami dancing, and Bolin letting out a loud whistle at them and fanboying off to the side.
  • Tahno taking a break from the band, and asking Ginger to dance with him.