Tannar | Johnny

Johnny kicked his shoes off and popped a few of his pills in hopes to not go to one of his lows or ‘extreme lows’ while he went to go pay a visit to Tannar. He quickly but carefully ran through the dim hallways until he got to his room. Thinking that he’d be all “cool”, he slid over the tile floor in his socks but fell flat on his ass right in front of Tannar. “Ow… Hi there.” he laughed.

You're Perfect || Tahnny

Johnny didn’t like hearing that his boyfriend was down because of some asshole who made a really mean confession about his darling Tannar and how Johnny deserved more. If that was the case, it should be the other way around. He slipped into something nicer and put a sweatshirt on, walking down to the fire pit to see his loved one. “Hey babe..” Johnny came up to him and hugged him from behind.

Naughty Boy || Tahnny

Johnny opened the door to give his roommate access to their room and walked off to Tannar’s with his bottom lip out and puppy eyes at work. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. He didn’t mean to do something wrong. He was just having fun with his roommate and giving him a hard time.

You Want Some Popcorn? || Tahnny

Johnny ran all the way down to Tannar’s room, yelling his name on the way. “TANNAR!” He pounded on the door and made sure the movies and popcorn were in the other hand securely. “BABY. OPEN UP. RIGHT MEOW. I LOVE YOU. MOVIES. CUDDLES. POPCORN. MEOW.” Johnny was so excited to be hanging out with his boyfriend since they’ve been apart for so long.

Velvet || Tannar&Johnny

Johnny has been dreading this day since he first heard about it and now it’s finally come. His mother was a complete bitch and was very reluctant to even show up but she knew that Johnny had taken some vodka from home and she wanted to get it back. She abused him whenever she was drunk, which is why he was so sad all of a sudden when she arrived, and she didn’t appreciate that her now only son was gay. He could only hope that she wouldn’t hurt him, or Tannar or anyone else, in her visit or when Johnny would tell her he’s got a boyfriend now.

Nothing seemed to make the boy happy but after seeing how excited Tannar was after his family came, Johnny found himself to be in a better mood. He slowly made his way to his boyfriend’s room and tapped quietly on the door, biting his lip. 

Me & You || Tahnny

Johnny picked up a pencil and paper and wrote his boyfriend a little note since they haven’t been talking for 4 days. It killed him inside knowing that he upset his boyfriend and even liked someone when they were first dating. Adrian was a friend that meant a lot to him and was a lot like his brother, which was something he’s wanted in a guy, but after realizing that Tannar was the only one for him, he left him alone and was glad he did. Johnny finished the note and walked over to Tannar’s, taping it to his door, knocking on his door then quickly leaving to his room to make sure everything was prepared.

Kiss Your Face Off || Tahnny

Johnny skipped down to their secret place, smiling widely. He’s been feeling really good lately but he feared that sooner or later he’d crash and be in the depression but he was going to try his best NOT to let that happen. He jumped for the seat, slipping and landing flat on his back. Johnny laughed to the point he couldn’t breathe and waited for his boyfriend to arrive.