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Dude whenever you post about your OCS it's a highlight in my day, try not to feel bad about it because I know loads of people feel the same!

Oh my god, seriously? thank you so much hahaha I’ve always been so insecure… this is my oc blog and I got people here for fallout companions and I’m just screaming all the time if my stuff gets unbalanced…. 

I still love every fallout stuff I’m just imbalance when it comes to putting out content and I’m glad people seem to like both :’)

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All ur faves

OH MY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. Did you come here after reading my tags to the previous anon? Regardless, TAHNK YOU SO MUCH

(In no particular order:)


Okay, wow, that’s a lot. Hopefully I covered everyone, super sorry if I didnt! Love all the blogs listed and you should definitely follow them! <3