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concept: the vld gang, all together, sitting in the common room. someone starts singing and everyone slowly joins in until they are all singing songs they like together.

concept: accepted

  • imagine allura and coran learning about earth music and finding earth metaphors completely hysterical. 
  • allura singing an altean song similar to earth rock/metal and her voice… is so loud and strong and unexpected that everyone is in awe
  • pidge and hunk crafting simple instruments out of things in the castle. pidge probably plays something like the saxaphone while hunk and lance are gods on the guitar. (shiro favours the maracas)
  • hunk and lance help teach keith how to harmonize, and everyone is shocked to find out that his voice is actually really beautiful
  • coran loves music to the point where when they’re singing he’ll start doing impromptu acapella (they all start crying with laughter the first time it happens. lance is thrilled)
  • even though it starts as a casual thing, shiro likes to sneakily start impromptu singing sessions with them all because he thinks it’s good for teamwork building
  • singing in graver circumstances is something they do a lot. lance cries every time.
  • imagine one of the team being seriously injured while the others kneel around them. someone starts singing a lullaby they all know to take their mind off the pain, and the others shakily join in.
  • to sum up: i love this hc

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New kickstarter: get kaito some h*ckin glasses

!!!!!! Tahnk you very much anon…….I really Aprpeciate that Thought, but thre is no need, i am waiting for my Insurance cycle to begin back over, so I may get them soon…

but I really rly apprecaitne your concern! have a good day anon

(These are tears of joy atyour kindnes) )

– 🚀 mod kaito 🚀

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All ur faves

OH MY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. Did you come here after reading my tags to the previous anon? Regardless, TAHNK YOU SO MUCH

(In no particular order:)


Okay, wow, that’s a lot. Hopefully I covered everyone, super sorry if I didnt! Love all the blogs listed and you should definitely follow them! <3