desna-ofnorthern-watertribe  asked:

//Eska and Tahno domestic meme//

// Gonna assume that this is in the City!verse, because I can’t think of how else they’d meet.

Also I love you I ship this really hard and it’s the only other ship for Eska that I’ve ever seen and I just want my baby girl to be happy okay

1. who cooks normally?

Whoever loses the argument over who has to cook tonight.

2. how often do they fight?

More than either of them would like to admit.

3. what do they do when they’re away from each other?

Tahno would enjoy the chance to return to the “nightlife” lifestyle that he was used to without having to listen to a lecture about the “decadence that is so prevalent in the city.” Eska would probably call Desna in the North Pole and talk to him without having to be teased about being so codependent that she can’t talk to her brother for less than an hour.

4. nicknames for each other?

Tahno is “city brat.” Eska is “princess.”

5. who is more likely to pay for dinner?

Tahno, out of necessity. Eska tries to avoid eating in large restaurants, due to the overstimulation, so if she pays, she has a tendency to just throw cash on the table and run–if she doesn’t have the right bills, she’ll wind up over-or-under-paying and then Tahno would have to stay behind to either explain to the restaurant people that she wasn’t trying to get a free meal, or to try to get the waiter to give back some of what he or she thinks is a very large tip. Neither of these conversations ever ends well.

6. who steals the covers at night?

Probably Tahno. Eska is used to it being much colder, so she doesn’t need too many blankets and probably gets too warm while she’s asleep and kicks them off.

7. what would they get each other for gifts?

…I have no idea.

8. who kissed who first?

Tahno kissed Eska. Eska has been wary of showing affection towards anyone ever since everything went to hell with Bolin.

9. who made the first move?

^^See above.

10. who remembers things?

Eska. Eska has a very good memory.

11. who started the relationship?

*casually directs you to question 8 again*

12. who cusses more?

Tahno. Eska was raised to view swearing as crass and unrefined.

13. what would they do if the other one was hurt?

I feel like that would be one of the only situations in which they might actually act like a normal couple who actually visibly cares about each other–they know that they love each other and are loved, but the signs of this are not ones that outsiders could always read, at least not instantly.