tahitian noni juice

As of today, I have 400 lovely followers who I can talk to :)!! It’s rather exciting! I wish I was wealthy already so I could do an Oprah and give you all cars and a holiday or something. How nice would that be?! That would be pretty cool. In quite a funny mood as well. Still in bed, should go to the gym, so comfortable though! Would anyone be interested in trying Tahitian Noni Juice? I’m feeling generous….. I might just give someone some to try if anybody is interested? Depending on where you are, TNI ship in approx 90 countries, so it can be arranged. I swear by it, miranda swears by it, pretty sure boub thinks its pretty alright too. I haven’t had it in the last 2 weeks, due to being flat broke and guess what! Ive got a cold. When I’m taking noni, I NEVER get colds. Ask boub, she can vouch for me. I really think it aids recovery as well after workouts, I seem to recover better from anything when I’m taking it. 

FYI: I started drinking it in May 2010.

Anyway, that’s enough from me!
I need to get organised today! 

fwishsticks  asked:

Hello again :) I want to thank you for the awesome help in the past with Noni Juice. Quick question though, does the juice replace daily multi vitamins? I'm not nutritionally deficient on anything but it's a force of habit to take them every morning. Since Noni Juice is so full of vitamins and greatness, would it just be able to replace everything? (I don't like taking pills all the time) Also, do you know if Miranda takes other supplements in addition to a daily dose of Noni? Thank you so much!

Hey there :) That’s ok, not a problem! This is something I can’ really give advice on. I can tell you from personal experience that for the last two years of taking Noni, I never took any other vitamins and minerals, just noni. And i can count the number of time I’ve been sick in that time on one hand. But it is up to you, maybe you could try taking both to start with and then wean yourself of the vitamins and see how you feel? I don’t like taking pills either so I know what you mean. In regards to Miranda, you can check out her post here on her favourites! 


I hope that helps, have posted this on my profile so everyone can see - Hope you don’t mind :) xo