WICKEDRUNWAY!FEATURE:  Tomboys with Pumps

   Tahitia Allante talks Sammy B and the woman behind it all

Designer Samantha Black, is a new young designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Graduating from Pratt Institute in 2005, Black has interned for many great designers including Jill Stuart, Michael Kors, and the legendary Alexander McQueen.

Today she is the owner of two fashion lines. Sammy B is the more casual, funky, and eclectic collection, while Samantha Black is the high fashion and sleek line. Her collections are often considered unique, fascinating, and colorful.

Black describes her style as “tomboys with pumps”. She also says that she gets her inspiration mostly from everything she loves including art, architecture, and other things.


Words Compiled by:  Tahitia Allante

Images Courtesy:

Sammy B


Dark Scents Awaken;

Rain pouring on my skin;

Thoughts have cleared;

Lonely but happy;

Smiles have widen;

Leaves are changing and have fallen;

I’m alive, and that’s all that matters;

Remembering days of not being able to live without you; 

But look at me I am alive; 

Air flows through my lungs; 

Ran has faded; 

Lighter scents have rapture; 

The sun is smiling on my face; 

I am living in a blanket of inner peace and it’s all because of you: