Selected Records, 1/2 (Agents of SHIELD, TAHITI, S1)

Nick Fury refrained from sending Phil Coulson his complete medical records from Project T.A.H.I.T.I.  Selected withheld medical records are submitted below.

Date: October 1, 2012

Patient: Phillip Coulson, Agent, Level 8

Temperature: 97.1 F

Pulse: 72

Respiration: 16

Blood pressure: 90/55 mm Hg

Weight: 165 lbs, BMI 24


Patient is friendly and cheerful in demeanor, making jokes and inquiring about when it may be time to return to work.  Normal appetite and thirst.  Normal sleeping habits per patient.  Patient reports some lingering discomfort at the site of the fatal wound but has not asked for pain relief stronger than ibuprofen in over one week.  Patient states that overall he is feeling excellent, but impatient to get back into the field.

Patient reports dreaming of working on a red Corvette with his deceased father and describes the dream as peaceful and pleasant, if mundane.


General: Bright, alert, friendly.  Normal demeanor and hygiene.  

Skin: 35cm x 10cm jagged scar on left thorax and abdomen extending from level of T7 to the navel, tender on palpation.  Scarred skin is mildly fragile.  Wound contraction proceeding as expected.

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