leonismaior  asked:

Papaya, lychee, strawberry and passion fruit for the fruit asks ♥ also hi bby ♥

Ruth!!!! Babe how are youuu tell me what’s going on!!!

papaya- what songs describe your aesthetic
I’m gonna go with green light / by lorde !! Its v free very careless but very sad but also very happy I love it. & Love by LDR!!

lychee- satin or lace

strawberry- favorite desserts
I’m basically a slut for everything that has chocolate in it, but other than that I really like fruit tartes. Also Tahini cookies, bc they go so well w tea

passion fruit- how would you describe your style
casual but cute and also genderless but leans to feminine and also aspires-to-insta-hoe listen my style doesnt make any sense it depends on my mood tbh, it can be anything