- Cool lecture, and cooler shirt. Feeling alright?

- I feel fine. I do have a stomach ache. Why do I always have a stomach ache?

- Well, you just ate fifty pounds of chili, bro. This one’s on you.

Not to sound shallow, but I never found Chidi that attractive until I saw him topless in the latest episode. Chidi is now super hot just like the others. 

Now I NEED a beach episode, so all four humans are in swimwear showing off their hotness. Michael and Janet would of course be there too.

Jason and Chidi would of course be in shorts. Eleanor would be in a bikini. Tahani would start off in a “classic and stylish” swimsuit, but Eleanor being a fellow Bi would try to talk her into putting on a bikini instead. Janet would be dressed in something she knows that Jason would find attractive. 

Tahani and Eleanor relationship hc’s

I see no imagines for The Good Place. And while I work on my supergirl imagine I think this may tie y’all over.

Season 3 spoilers under the cut (Not major, mostly from episodes 1 and 2) Also talk of Tahani’s death


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-Originally she met you when she was at Kamila’s party when she was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

-You were there as a waitress.

-After Michael saved her, you were the only one who knew it wasn’t Kamila who saved her, but some stranger.

-Once she wrote her book you met up with her once again.

-You didn’t admit it at first, but you’ve had a crush on Tahani for forever. Kamila wasn’t really your cup of tea.

-Before she began the study, you asked her out on a date.

-She brought you to a super fancy restaurant that you were majorly under dressed for.

-She thought you looked lovely though.

-A year into the study, you purposed to her.

-Tahani gladly said yes, even though she wished for a bigger ring.

-She was more than happy to be with you though.

-You guys had a surprisingly small wedding for Tahani


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-You guys actually met in the “good place”

-You were her next door neighbor.

-One day you two were in line at the fro-yo spot and got to talking

-At first, you weren’t going to act on these feelings because of Chidi and your soul mate.

-However, once you two found out you were in the bad place, and that everything was a lie, you two went on “dates”

-Once Michael even made you soulmates in one of his good place scenarios.

-That was one of the worst because Michael saw how happy and not miserable Eleanor was. So halfway before it went to hell he restarted it.

-Once you all kept your memories though, Eleanor asked you out.

-The two of you spent a lot of time together.

-Even though Eleanor has done some very questionable things, the two of you love each other