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30 things Gin would do if he had a Furby

Author’s Choice list. :)

In the Christmas wishlists list, Gin asked for a Furby. It is now time to consider all of the wonderful (?) things Gin could do with that Furby.

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1. Hang it above Aizen’s bed so that it is the first thing Aizen sees when he wakes up in the morning.


Aizen: GIN

2. Put it on Aizen’s throne whenever Aizen leaves the room.

Aizen: I will stay on this throne forever.

3. Add a new Furby to a different room of Aizen’s palace every day. Warn Aizen that Furbies “multiply like tribbles.”

Aizen: …why do you know what tribbles are?

4. Tell Ulquiorra that the Furby is Aizen’s new hostage and must be cared for.

Ulquiorra: I will make it a uniform immediately.

5. Tell Grimmjow that the Furby is his new fraccion.

Grimmjow: What am I supposed to do, chuck it at my enemies?

6. Ask Tosen what is inside the Furby.

Tosen: I see evil. Nothing but intense, unremitting evil.

7. Make an application for the Furby to be an espada.

Aizen: Yes, by all means have your Furby fight an espada. Go with Barragan, please.

8. Send applications to all of the current espada to make the Furby their fraccion.

Szyael: If I wanted a fuzzy robot fraccion, I’d make it myself.

9. Send the Furby to Aizen’s staff meetings as Gin’s “stand-in.”

Aizen: I am five seconds away from wasting this cup of tea just to short-circuit that demonic thing.

10. Put a Furby above the roof in Ulquiorra’s private column garden.


Ulquiorra: No.

11. Use his shikai to send the Furby flying into any room where Aizen happens to be. Tell Aizen that Furbies can fly.


12. Leave it lying on Starrk’s chest while he naps.


Lilinette: I don’t even want to know.

13. Try to get Starrk to cuddle with it while Starrk is sleeping.

Gin: Man….you’re not a cuddler are you, Starrk?

14. Convince Starrk that his soul has split again - this time into a Furby.

Starrk: I’m pretty sure that thing came from the depths of hell, not from my soul.

15. Tell Szayel that the Furby is edible.

Szayel: Oh, I can swallow anything I put my mind too, Gin!

16. Tell Szayel that the Furby can learn language - but only if his owner is smart enough to figure out how.

Szayel: …I’m smart enough.

17. Sneak in while Halibel is showering and leave it on the ground outside the shower.

Habibel: Farewell, creepy toy. Hello, Cascada.

18. Let the Furby guest-host an Arrancar Encyclopedia episode.

Furby (beside picture of Yammy): wee-tah-kah-wee-loo

Yammy: I’m offended and I don’t know why.

19. Give it to Lilinette as a “toy” that “all children must have.”

Lilinette: I AM NOT A CHILD

20. Put the Furby in front of Aizen’s secret cameras, staring directly into it.

Aizen: Lucky guess.

21. Buy more Furbies. Put them in front of many of Aizen’s secret cameras.

Aizen: …where is he even getting these?

22. Put a Furby in the control room.


23. Tattoo the Furby with the number “6.” Leave it in Grimmjow’s room.


24. Put a crown on the Furby’s head. Leave it in Barragan’s room.

Barragan: My release is definitely motivated here.

25. Tatto the Furby with the number “4.” Leave it in Nnoitra’s room.


26. Demand that all meetings be translated into “Furbish” for the Furby’s benefit.

Aizen: …it isn’t an espada, Gin.

27. Reprogram the Furby to say “heart” at random moments. Hide it in Ulquiorra’s palace.

Ulquoirra: I think I understand Poe now.

28. Put in a box and mail it to Kira. Just because.

Kira: But why

29. Give the Furby a wig with an Aizen-style hairlock. Tell Aizen that the Furby is his son.


30. Send the Furby to Luppi as a token of affection.

Luppi: So…you hate me then?