As promised, we’ve got some videos of the show for all you Adventurekateers old and new! We’ll be starting with just some musical numbers, but I’ll post a video of the full show when I have it. The sound quality is not the best, I’m afraid, but I trust you can see what a great time our performers had. 

Don’t forget, if this almost aggressively amateur video isn’t enough, we have another post here with some excellent professional photos!

First up, there’s the Sparks Nevada theme song. You also get the tail end of On With The Show. 

Then we take you out to the Red Plains (Well, not that red, I have a small stage and a fondness for minimalist sets) for “Written in the Stars”. 

From a happy couple to one not so much, here’s the second verse through the end of “Gettin’ Nowhere Fast”. This little bit contains my favorite joke in the show.

And you know we just HAD to pay tribute to our fictional sponsor, which is why we closed Act 1 with a word from @workjuice Coffee. BOW BEFORE YOUR KING AND HIS CAFFEINE-RICH MAJESTY!

For a little bit of every song in the show, check out The Wedding Medley. Featuring all the Mutantes and killer robots you want. Just like everyone dreams of at their wedding. 

And finally, as any good Adventurekateer knows, the only way to properly send off a performance is with this simple truth: LOVE AIN’T NO BILLY GOAT. 

Sparks Nevada created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker 
Music by Andy Paley
Lyrics by Acker and Blacker & Andy Paley
Sparks Nevada’s Theme by Eban Schletter
Love Ain’t No Billy Goat by Jonathan Coulton 

  • Sadie: That was Dave Henderson.
  • Frank: Do we know a Dave Henderson?
  • Sadie: He's married to my best friend, Donna Henderson and father to the Baby Henderson.
  • Frank: Eh...rings a bell...
  • Sadie: He is a police detective officer man.
  • Frank: Nearly remember him...
  • Sadie: He's occasionally a werewolf.
  • Frank: How occasionally?
  • Sadie: Once or twice a month.
  • Frank: So close now...
  • Sadie: Allergic to bees.