Bucky Barnes continues to be front and center in Civil War marketing. The conflict revolves around him, and I’ve heard that depending on how the editing shakes out, Sebastian Stan might end up with a bigger part than Chris Evans. Even if it doesn’t break that way, Stan is in a LOT of this movie. Spider-Man 3.0 is going to be a big deal because he’s one of the most recognizable superheroes on the planet, and Ant-Man is going to be a scene-stealer for sure, but Bucky Barnes is the one poised to break out. The movie is engineered to show off the Winter Soldier’s capability—he’s got a melee sequence that is f*cking unbelievable—and just how ruthless he is. Team Iron Man is a total flop in the comics, but I think the movie solved it. And he’s not wrong—Bucky Barnes is too dangerous to go unchecked.

This is what happens when i paint while being angry. You can see the process of the mouth animation here

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Guys. Seriously. I’ve said this before, but apparently I have to say it again:

Please don’t tag the actors in NSFW edits and art on Twitter. Definitely not if you didn’t make it yourself. If they want to see it, they’re more than welcome to look it up, but it should be their choice. I don’t know if it makes them uncomfortable or not, I have no way of knowing that, but I’m not going to just assume it’s okay. I’m going to assume it’s not.

Please just think about this for a sec. Would you like to see your face (or your boyfriend/husband’s face) edited onto someone else’s body in a sexual situation? With a co-worker? And people keep making suggestive comments about you and said co-worker?

Maybe you wouldn’t mind. Maybe they don’t mind. But it should be their call. It shouldn’t appear in their feed where they have no choice but to see it.

Once Upon A Time is a family-friendly show. That’s what the actors signed on for. Kids watch it and engage with it. That’s not to say there shouldn’t be smut in the fandom, but really, how hard is it to keep it in the fandom? And tagged accordingly, so it won’t show up in Google searches if a ten-year-old girl wants to look for pictures of her favourite character?

Keep it in the fandom.

(Thank you to everyone who does respect the graphic makers, artists, and actors, and reblogs or retweets from the source instead of spreading it where it’s not supposed to go. I’m sorry some people ruin it for everyone. You deserve better. And this isn’t aimed at you.)

To the people doing this - if you guys can’t stop tagging the actors and spreading these things around where they’re not meant to be spread, I’m going to stop posting paintings like that. Seriously. I’ve already stopped making NSFW edits because apparently that’s the only way to stop people reposting and/or tagging the actors. I’m sorry to everyone who was sensible about it, but a few idiots unfortunately do ruin it for everyone.

I’ve said, several times, not to tag the actors. I meant it. I still mean it.

There’s a difference between the character and the actor who portrays them. When I paint characters in any situation, I’m painting the characters. Not the actors. Sometimes I’ll tag them on Twitter, if it’s something I think they’d like to see. Usually portraits. Because honestly, I don’t think they could show much interest in or support of ship stuff even if they wanted to.

Think about it. Jen gets enough crap for talking about CS in the context of the show; if she started showing interest in CS fan stuff, especially X-rated stuff, her Twitter would explode. So by tagging her, you a) make it impossible for her to ignore, b) put her in a situation where she HAS to ignore you or face tons of backlash, and c) accomplish nothing else.

Don’t bloody do it.

I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m saying it so hopefully you’ll understand my reasoning here; I hope you can. I have a lot of respect for everyone who works on the show, and the last thing I want is to make them uncomfortable or put them in a difficult situation.

Just THINK before you tweet.

So, if you’re like me, and you…

-Love the Danvers Sisters
-Think they’re the best part of the show
-Want to see them interact more

I wholeheartedly recommend Adventures of Supergirl. Chapter 2 came out today and it’s GREAT. Because Science! Sisterly Bonding! And also Sewers! (I needed a third ‘s’ thing. ….It’ll make more sense if you read it.)