Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are perfectionists and when it comes to learning something new they can become frustrated. Especially if it’s a new skill they want to be good at. They are frustrated that their work isn’t their best, but haven’t learnt the skill enough to know how to fix it.

This can cause some Ravenclaws to give up and try something new. So they become notorious for hobby hopping. Other Ravenclaws become extremely driven to get better and put all their effort into trying to make their best work, but they still find flaws in their work.

Has there ever been a name more fitting than Malware for this boy? Sorry, I’m just really proud of having thought of it hahah, pls don’t judge;;

Physical Restoration, the ability to literally restore an object back to its original, pristine condition. What a shame that it only works on technology, not people.

A technological aura also allows him to form a mental (and subconsciously emotional) link with gadgets and weapons. Think telekinesis, but limited to objects filled with electricity, wires, gears, and/or bolts. Still though, an arsenal of floating guns pointed right at your face is a frightening thought. Do whatever you can to avoid ending up on his bad side: this man will not hesitate to kill.

@cynnicynni, bless your beautiful soul, and thank you so much for lending me both your time and effort in helping make this boy’s hella costume ❤️❤️

“My Little Pony: Bobdude Remix”

Oh shit it’s a new blanket design for Bronycon. I wanted to get big mac, maud, and shining armor/cadence/flurry on this thing (because I should have them as stickers for bronycon), but the order has to go in now if I’m gonna get them in time. If I stick to this horse convention thing another summer I’ll add a whole bunch more of the other horses I’ve drawn to it, quite like my Sweetie collage. I’m hoping to turn it into something really cool but it’ll be a few hundred hours before that can happen. I uh, may or may not be trying to draw every vaguely important pony from the show. We’ll see. In the meantime though I think this looks pretty neat, got a little bit of something for everyone on it. This one will also be on wallscrolls, which will be a bobdude first for bronycon.

Anyways, enjoy a little collage of horses. Expect those new stickers I mentioned real soon

OH, one last thing, I won’t be taking preorders for blankets at bronycon this year. Due to this post-trotcon rush, I just couldn’t make them happen. However there is some good news, I found a new blanket printer so I’m printing more of them and they’ll sell for even cheaper. I’ll have ten of my Sweetie Collage and ten of this new design here. Hopefully they take off as well at bronycon as they did at everfree, those blanket sales take my mood from good to infallible every time one goes haha

fantasy au

so a few ppl have been a little confused cause they came in like halfway into when i started making these so i’ve made a small masterpost here, in chronological order, like, the boys’s timeline, not when i made them.. and just the first post of every comic cause that post links to the other posts of that comic,, SO, anyways, enjoy

he’ll be back

he wants a sword

stop staring at me

i love swords

kirishima goes to jail

kirishima leaves jail

[some unknown amount of time that i gotta fill with content]

rain rain go away

good morning

i dont dance

maybe i dance


They were kings, rulers, warriors… gods. But no matter how much divinity had been granted them, in they end, they were still just men.

well, it’s finally done. all 18 primarchs + the God Emperor. had to combine them into two long images as tumblr doesn’t allow that many pictures in one post, apparently.

the icon for Lion is completely new as i kinda hated the original one. i also changed up Guilliman’s hair a tiny bit, and opened Sanguinius’s eyes. i’ll upload the new one of Lion if anyone wants the high res to use as an icon. 

primarch ports

The feminist struggle is having to deal with seeing female characters in media get cast as either the super badass no-emotion hot and funny male-gaze fantasy, or (potentially worse) as constant victims who never have to take any responsibility for their own appalling actions because they are just a poor lil woman who can do no wrong and are constantly victimised by the nasty men around them. When will we have flawed, complex, realistic female characters? When??? 

New theme!  And new amazing header too <3

I loved how this theme looked on my main after all the modifications I made to it so I decided to put it here too. I find it to be much more easier to navigate and to look at. 

I hope you guys like it! I will update @ereri-x​ later as well (*^∀゚)ъ.

I don’t want female characters written as eternal victims (even when they do things which are frankly appalling) and then to be expected to subscribe to that point of view or else be a misogynist myself. When will female characters in media be treated like ACTUAL flawed people and be held accountable within the narrative instead of always being written as saints and nurturers and poor little girls who have never made a mistake in their lives. 

Just give me three-dimensional, flawed female characters. PLEASE.