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A class piece Cierra Tagura and I taught to our Tuesday class at Hypersquad Dance Company. It was the week we were all going to leave for the mainland for World of Dance LA and we wanted a piece that was fun, challenging, and chill all at the same time. I hope you enjoy it.

“Bomb” by Chris Brown ft. Wiz Khalifa
Choreography by: Cierra Tagura & Allen Pascual
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
7pm Advanced Street Class @ Hypersquad Dance Company 

Back in the flow...

1) Vacation mode: off 2) Work mode: on 3) Concert mode: HELLA ON! …

1st official class back with Cierra tonight and it was without a doubt a group of entertainers that we’ve never seen before. They’re my passion week after week. Hella miss them too! One week is A VERY LONG TIME to be away from your dance class.

I would like to tell them that we can just pick up where we left off, but I would be lying. I want them to go even higher. Capture aspects of dance that they’ve have yet to experience. We have three months to review and clean a piece that will bring more attention to our integrity and level of dance that we teach at Hypersquad, and hopefully inspire more talented youth in the world to create their own movement.

With that, I leave you with an invitation to come to hypersquad and participate in our annual concert in July 2011. If not to participate, then to enjoy. :)

Allen Pascual & Cierra Tagura Advanced Street Tuesdays 700pm - 830pm



Ever since technology lended a helping hand to me, I tried to use it as an aide for the classes that I teach. I have uploadrd them onto youtube and have allowed only my dancers to view them and not share them. Over the years I have collected countless hours of classes and rehearsals with the intent of allowing my students to look at it and learn from it. Some are great, others are just for fun, then there are the ones that I would actually consider releasing to the public. Here’s one of them. This piece is from 2012. It was choreographed by me and my better half, Cierra Cici Tagura. This pushed our boundaries not only to our limits, but to our dancers as well. On behalf of the Dynamic Duo, I hope you enjoy this Behind the scenes footage of “Breakeven” on this wonderful Aloha Throw Back Thursday. Feel free to like, share, and comment. #KeepItPositive