taguchi junnosuke

Overseas fans.

So I’m here at the other side of the world, and I know that maybe I could not ever go to a concert of any Johnny’s groups. You know what I mean? I’ll have to spend a fortune only on plane tickets plus the concert tickets.

I have to deal with delayed information, concerts reports, information about their dramas just because information doesn’t travel as fast as I’d like it to.

Also, if I want to get merchandise I need to pay twice or three times the price that Japanese fans pay plus a super expensive shipping fee.

So please don’t say that overseas fans are less than Japanese fans (I’ve been told this like 3-5 times, believe me it’s frustrating and disrespectful).

So don’t you think that we are so faithful with our favourite groups? We do crazy things just to help them to rank #1 in Japanese charts. (Like buy official merchandise with a second party).

Thank you.

*nakamaru birthday post*


This scene actually really stuck at my head, it gives me the impression that this is how nakamaru is! humble, ordinary and loyal friend type.

we love you nakamaruuuu~

- KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates Live Concert -「un-」

cartoon kat-tun

Okay guys,

so, I literally spend years collecting Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes with english subtitles and I finally managed to get the full Season 1 and Season 2. 
I still have half the episodes (if not more) to go with Season 3, so please, if anyone know where I can find any episode of Season 3 with english subtitles, please share it with me. 
Also, I will start uploading all of the episodes soon so we can all enjoy them together.

for some of my follower know im bound to this song so much..

and i think tatsuya part here is so beautiful it brings me tears always.. he sing with feeling and it reach me.. T_T

i love KATTUN

This song is so beautiful……….

- KATTUN Countdown Live 2013 - Haruka Higashi no Sora e - Tatchan Part