I want to be your last one (Jumin x Reader)

So yeah :3 Made another fanfic because my waifu (@spoonfulofchoi) kinda requested it (?)
I just needed to write it :3

It’s kind of a ‘Jumin theory-ish’ fanfic?
I honestly don’t know what i wrote XD


“Why do they only think of him. Only think of his pain? How he feels?
Why do they think he’s the only one who knows the truth? That he’s the only one that falls in love with you every single time… every… single… time…
Yes, you being happy is the most important thing to me, even if that means not being able to hold you. To lay with you, kiss you, touch you…
But it hurts. Hurts when you finally choose me, just so he can be your last one. Because he’s the only one that knows the truth. The only one that knows what you will do after you end a route, when you end his route…
But I’m fine. Not because I know the others are better than me, but because I know you will replay the routes… come to me again… love me again…  but you’ll also leave me again… to run back to him…
I’m stuck in repeat. We’re stuck in repeat.
But I will wait, till you return. And I will hold you close to me, as close as I can, so that you can enjoy my warmth, hear my heartbeat, feel my breath against your skin, my lips on your neck,…
Hoping you won’t let go this time. Hoping you won’t leave me… again… hoping I can be your last one…”


You went out shopping with a friend, Seven to be precise, rushing to get home when you saw how late it was. Jumin would be home any second, and you know how he is when he gets home before you.

You press the button to call the elevator multiple times, hoping it would come faster, but you knew it wouldn’t. You get in the elevator, press the button to get to your floor and wait anxiously.
You arrive at the floor, get out of the elevator and rush to the door of the penthouse, nodding to the security when you pass them in the hall. Almost turning your handbag upside down, you search for your keys, grabbing them and quickly opening the door. Quietly opening the door you walk inside. When you close the door and turn back around you feel your heart stop for a second.


Jumin stood in front of you, a cold, almost emotionless look daggering into you. But you could feel his anger.

“Where were you…”, he asks monotone, keeping his eyes focused on you, slowly creeping closer.
“I-I was just out… wi-with a f-friend…”, you answer,  backing up until you hit the front door. He keeps coming closer until he stands only mere inches in front of you, no escaping possible.

“Who where you with.. hmm?”

“Just a f-friend…”, I answer, my voice shaking. “Do I know him?”, he asks.

“Y-yeah… it was just S-Seven…We w-went shopping…”, you instantly regret saying this. His eyes widen and he slams his hand next to your head, leaning over you. Eyes that could stab someone to death dagger into yours, you wanted to look away, but he wouldn’t let you. He grabs your chin and makes you look at him.

“I want you to look at me when I tell you this, so that I know I… ONLY I… have your attention”, he says trying to keep himself calm.

Tears well up in your eyes, but you try to hold them back, almost forgetting how to breath. “Oh, don’t start crying, I just want to make clear that you can ONLY think of ME, ONLY be with ME, ONLY listen to ME and that YOU are ALL MINE… and MINE ONLY…”, the coldness in his voice sends shivers down your spine, making a tear escape from your eyes.

That little tear caused a bomb to explode. “I told you not to cry… then w-why are you crying” he asks, trying to stay calm but when you don’t answer him he can’t control himself. “ANWSER ME!” he yells at you, “WHY DO YOU LIKE BEING WITH HIM, MORE THEN BEING WITH ME?!” he slams his fist next to your head against the door, again and again and again.

As he stops slamming his fist against the door, he places both of his hands next to your head.
His face coming closer, you turn yours away, not wanting to look him in the face, especially when he’s being like this. He grabs your chin forcefully and turns your head so you have no other choice then to stare into those deep, dark but oh so beautiful eyes. “I… I don’t want to lose you, not again…” he says, tears welling up in his eyes. “I have lost you to the others to many times… I want you to be with me and stay with me, forever…” You expected him to kiss you or at least hug you, but he just walks away, sitting on the side of the bed.

Still in shock, you glide down against the door until you sit on the floor, knees close to your chest, tears still rolling over your cheeks from what just happened. You look at him sitting at the edge of the bed, thinking about what you should do next. Should you just sit here, should you go up to him even after what he had just done?

Before you could make a decision, you heard footsteps coming towards you. Looking up you saw Jumin standing in front of you, slowly lowering himself to eye level with you. “… I…. I’m s-sorry…” he says hesitantly, looking at you with red swollen eyes. He has actually been crying? Over thinking you would leave him? Over thinking you would ever want anyone else then him? Yes, you had picked Seven before… but you wanted him and not Seven… you wanted him to touch you, kiss you, hold you and more.
You looked up at him, still in shock. Reaching up and hugging him close to you, crying the hardest you ever had. “I-I would never want to be with any else but you… I want you to love me, hold me, kiss me, desire me. I want you to sleep next to me. I want to be the first thing you see when you wake up and the last when you go to sleep. You are the only one in my life, just as I am the only on in yours…” you tell him while tears stain his vest.

He pulls back, cupping your cheeks in his hands, looking at you with tears in his eyes. “I sorry about how I acted. I just… really don’t want to lose you again.” He slowly moves his head to yours, hovering over your lips with his, waiting for your approval. You look him in the eyes once more before closing them and leaning forward slightly to start the kiss, giving your approval.

He pulls you up on your feet, before moving both of you over to the bed. He sits down on the edge of it, you on his lap, kissing you passionately but not too eager, afraid to go to fast after what just happened. He let you take control over him for once, but only a little of course.
After the long make out/make up session, he pulls away and looks you in the eyes. “I’m sorry” he whispers and lays you down on the bed gently, lying next to you and pulling you close to him. Your head on his chest, relaxing when you hear his heartbeat. Remembering it only beats for you.

The last thing you hear before you doze off are the words “I love you”, and feeling a kiss being placed on your forehead.

This time you weren’t leaving, you were going to stay, until the end of time and beyond.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! >.o

Then I’ll step aboard the feels train again and finally play Sevens route(for the first time) *insert evil laughter* >:3