I had to paint this a few months ago for my local library’s “literary garden” where we picked our favorite book and illustrated it on a 6 foot post. It took me a million hours. Not my usual thing but it’s Les Mis related so I’m posting it here. Edited together from 20 photos, but hopefully you get the idea what it would look like in 3d.

I fit as much symbolism as I could with my time limit, if that’s a thing you like.  

what i was supposed to do today:
• study
what i actually did today:
• thought about you
• made waffles
• thought about you again
• redecorated my room
• organized my makeup
• watched three episodes of the office
• bought new cute underwear from uo
• thought about you
• thought about us
• did a cucumber peel facemask
• made brownies and cookies
• bought kanye tickets
• bought birthday presents
• checked your social media every half hour
• took an hour long nap


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Here's a thing my cat does that I think Cat!Dogma might do as well. He's pretty standoffish when it comes to cuddling and the like, but he's ridiculously concerned about me taking care of myself. If I haven't left my office or room recently, he comes and gets me. Meows until I get up then escorts me out, to the bathroom, kitchen, or my bedroom depending on what he thinks I need. He's especially insistent about bed. WE GO TO BED AT MIDNIGHT. Yay for cats looking out for their owners!

MY CAT DOES THAT TO ME TOO. I call it her “Mothering” me. She gets so offended when I’m not in bed on time, and sometimes she’ll even turn off my bedside lamp after a while if I’m in bed but not asleep (it’s touch-sensitive and reacts to her nose). She turns it on in the morning too. We often have back-and-forths with that lamp. XD She also likes to Supervise, which I think goes in hand with your note about leading/following from room to room. She gets concerned when I stay in any room longer than I usually do and will come find me, but I can appease her by making a spot where she can perch and observe me. I actually have a small dining room chair that travels depending on whether I’m at my computer or my sewing machine. If my cat can’t sit next to me while I’m working, she goes just out of reach and meows to high heaven.

Anyway YES these are all very much cat!Dogma things. He’s learned Tup’s usual routine and gets peevish when the schedule deviates. “I’m making you do this for your own good” is the essence of Dogma’s internal monologue to me in any context, tbh. 

Oh I was finally tagged in that 3 characters that make up me thing, LOL.

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1. Star Butterfly. We all knew this one was coming. She’s literally me, I don’t know if you guys actually understand how much we are the same.

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2. Rapunzel. My softer, gentler, more artistic side.

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3. Honey Lemon. I may not be a scientist (though I think I could if I wanted to, my grades were pretty good in those classes) but I do feel very passionate about what I do in life and I love to make it as colorful as possible a long the way. (And I love my friends! <3 <3 <3 )

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Oh also they all look like me and ngl that helps me connect even more. XD

Overwatch plus Game Grumps
  • Lucio:"The Rumor Come Out: Does Jack Morrison Is Gay?"
  • Junkrat:BAHAHAHahahahahhaah *wheeze* hahahahaaha *squeak*
  • Lucio:*snickers*
  • Junkrat:*wheeze, then pause* I DUNNO, DOES HE?
  • Lucio:WELL, I've said--they sent that, uh, to my friend Hana, so--she went deeper down the rabbit hole and like, read the article, and sent it back to me. And she was like, "you're going to want to read this." SO! Allow me to take the next twenty seconds--
  • Junkrat:uh-huh
  • Lucio:--to read you an excerpt--
  • Junkrat:*giggle*
  • Lucio:--of the "Does Jack Morrison Is Gay" rumor mill.
  • Junkrat:eheeheeheeyeah, 'cause I've thought that same thing myself
  • Lucio:Yeah!
  • Junkrat:"does Jack Morrison is gay?"
  • Lucio:pffhehehehe
  • Junkrat:I have to know!
  • Lucio:Ahem.
  • Junkrat:I does is have to know.
  • Lucio:"Jack Morrison is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago."
  • Junkrat:*snorts, giggles*
  • Lucio:"Even it has happened in 2075, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay."
  • Junkrat:*dying laughing* Oh my God, I can't believe this is real, mate
  • Lucio:"At that time he became the massive social networking rumor. The public, especially his fans, are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which has spread massively. This time, is not about his Overwatch career, but about his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax. According to the last reported the Strike-Commander revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not? This rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans."
  • Junkrat:whoaaa
  • Lucio:So I hope that cleared that up for you.
  • Junkrat:So, I--
  • Lucio:yeah
  • Junkrat:Did he actually come out as gay??
  • Junkrat:not really
  • Lucio:My god, that was like
  • Junkrat:does jack morrison is gay?
  • Lucio:"Does Jack Morrison is gay", it's a question that will haunt me for the rest of my life
  • Junkrat:EVERY DAY
(18:47) Let’s Play - GTA V - Titan Centipede

Ryan: This is…Gavin, what’re you doing, man.
Gavin: Is this you, Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah, why’re you all up on my junk?
Gavin: I’m kinda jealous you have four propellers… .
Ryan: Hey! Get off my propeller! No!
Gavin: So I’m trying to (laughing)
Ryan: Gavin!
Gavin: What?
Ryan: Stop. Stop it. Stop it. (starts driving with Gavin parked backwards atop him)
What’re you doing!?
Ryan: Gavin’s fucked us.
Gavin: How!? Why’re you driving up my ass!?!?
Ryan: Nah, you and I are gonna go die together. That’s what happens.
Michael: What’re you doing, Ryan, you’re killing him!
Gavin: I-I’ve got nowhere to go!
Adam: They’re making love!!
Gavin: Ryan, you’re sliding me away!
Ryan: Oh, you’re done. You’re done! C’mere, son!