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Graylu Angst Week Prompts Are Here!!!!

Hello, everybody! All official prompts have been chosen for the first ever Graylu Angst Week in 2017!

Excuse us for the delay, the admin had wanted to give ample time for participants to celebrate fluff fest before announcing this years prompts. 

Official Angst Prompts

Day One // May 6: Nightmare
Day Two // May 7: Wounds
Day Three // May 8: Stars
Day Four // May 9: Fate
Day Five // May 10: Guilt/Regret
Day Six // May 11: Ice
Day Seven // May 12: Unrequited Love

Bonus Days: May 5 & May 13

Bonus Prompts: Apology // Punishment // Lost

Official Rules and Guidelines

Please tag your works as graylu angst week or “graylu angst week 2017″ within the first five tags

Tag accordingly: Tag all and any NSFW, trigger warnings, etc.

Prompts are OPTIONAL. If you find inspiration in any other form, please feel free to base your submissions on that inspiration.

Late submissions will be accepted.

The submission box will be open and those who post their submissions elsewhere will be encouraged to submit their works here.

No repost, plagiarism or stolen work will be allowed.

Angst does not mean there are no happy endings:

  • Happy endings are optional but will be allowed and are encouraged.
  • Other genres (such as romance, fluff, etc.) will be allowed as long as there is some form of angst incorporated within the submission.

Signs of abuse will NOT be allowed:

  • We still love our characters and pairings.
  • No domestic abuse, child abuse, etc.
  • Post including signs of abuse will NOT be reblogged to the main blog.