☀️☀️☀️ Cruising 👌🏼
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Cruising with @vehiclevirgins @lambogirl22@ragingbullperformance @lagreefitness and many more on the @70milesaturday Lamborghini Fest following the HRE Wheels open house!
Video by 📽: @brentruiz_ | #Majorka007

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Prompt list dos

51. “Come on, it’s raining,”
52. “Just listen,”
53. “You have something in your eye,”
54. “Are you sweating?”
55. “Why are you out of breath?”
56. “Do we need this?”
57. “There’s no more food,”
58. “You’re such a baby,”
59. “They told me you loved me,”
60. “Unsure,”
61. “Can I leave?”
62. “Honestly, she drives me mad,“
63. “Yeah well, you’re ugly,”
64. “Not my best,”
65. “Can we just watch Netflix and cuddle,”
66. “Where’d you get that?”
67. “You’re strange,”
68. “Don’t be stupid, get inside,”
69. “Do you like it?”
70. “I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you,”
71. “Anything as long as I’m with you,”
72. “Is this a superhero figurine?”
73. “Tell me a story?”
74. “Where are you?”
75. “You’re my best friend, but I want to be more,”
76. “Hi, I know this is weird, but I’ve been looking at you everyday you come here and, you’re gorgeous,”
77. “Get in the spirit,”
78. “Oh come on, it’s not that bad
79. “Where are we going?”
80. “It’s your pet name,”
81. “With you, I get lost,”
82. “I’d do anything for you,”
83. “When are you going to realise…”
84. “I don’t remember,”
85. “I’m sorry if this breaks your heart,”
86. “And you believe them?”
87. “They warned me not to trust you, you’re the bad guy,”
88. “People like you don’t change, they just don’t,“
89. “You only think of yourself,”
90. “And it’s your fault”
91. “It wasn’t me this time, I swear,”
92. “Go take care of it,”
93. “I just wanted to talk,”
94. “Love sucks huh?“
95. “It’s beautiful,”
96. “She had eyes for him, I had eyes for her,“
97. “He had eyes for her, I had eyes for him,”
98. “Its heartbreaking sometimes, the truth,“
99. “I’m hungry,”
100. Song fic

You can drag me through hell, if it meant I could hold your hand
—  Bring me the Horizon

I’ve seen so many posts in different fandoms saying don’t tag the background / very minor ships with the main pairing tag on ao3 which very true but I’ve only seen fic readers expressing their frustrations which is understandable

and not tagging it at all is not an option either bc everyone likes to see if their notps are in there or not, right?

so gather around fic writers I have a solution for you: tag search!

I’m abt 95% sure this is the search most people never use / use the least

I’m going with asanoya as an example

fandom, character and relationship are obvious, but what are freeform tags? that’s the official ao3 name for anything you type in the “additional tags” part 

let’s see what happens if you type asanoya and leave every other options

a lot, right? “but I can’t use this!” this is why ao3 has volunteers so the Archive can be searchable. they are called tag wranglers and they are the true heroes of ao3. what do they do? transform that ^^^ into this ˇˇˇ

if you you click on “Minor Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu ” you get to this page

if you click on works you’ll see all the fics the authors tagged properly so the tag wranglers could do their job

now how does this work when you post a fic? copypaste “Minor Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu” and you need to do it properly because caps matter

trying it in the relationships doesn’t work

but if you do it in the additional tags

ta-da! now let’s see how it looks

neat, right? you can help your readers with using this, lessen the workload of the volunteers and it looks so neat in the tags. win-win! 

#nextarch by @fogliobianco.arch #next_top_architects City square developing, Luxembourg AllesWirdGut

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