Prompt list dos

51. “Come on, it’s raining,”
52. “Just listen,”
53. “You have something in your eye,”
54. “Are you sweating?”
55. “Why are you out of breath?”
56. “Do we need this?”
57. “There’s no more food,”
58. “You’re such a baby,”
59. “They told me you loved me,”
60. “Unsure,”
61. “Can I leave?”
62. “Honestly, she drives me mad,“
63. “Yeah well, you’re ugly,”
64. “Not my best,”
65. “Can we just watch Netflix and cuddle,”
66. “Where’d you get that?”
67. “You’re strange,”
68. “Don’t be stupid, get inside,”
69. “Do you like it?”
70. “I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you,”
71. “Anything as long as I’m with you,”
72. “Is this a superhero figurine?”
73. “Tell me a story?”
74. “Where are you?”
75. “You’re my best friend, but I want to be more,”
76. “Hi, I know this is weird, but I’ve been looking at you everyday you come here and, you’re gorgeous,”
77. “Get in the spirit,”
78. “Oh come on, it’s not that bad
79. “Where are we going?”
80. “It’s your pet name,”
81. “With you, I get lost,”
82. “I’d do anything for you,”
83. “When are you going to realise…”
84. “I don’t remember,”
85. “I’m sorry if this breaks your heart,”
86. “And you believe them?”
87. “They warned me not to trust you, you’re the bad guy,”
88. “People like you don’t change, they just don’t,“
89. “You only think of yourself,”
90. “And it’s your fault”
91. “It wasn’t me this time, I swear,”
92. “Go take care of it,”
93. “I just wanted to talk,”
94. “Love sucks huh?“
95. “It’s beautiful,”
96. “She had eyes for him, I had eyes for her,“
97. “He had eyes for her, I had eyes for him,”
98. “Its heartbreaking sometimes, the truth,“
99. “I’m hungry,”
100. Song fic