Thanks to @musifications for tagging me :DD <3

Directions: Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. Tag 10 people.

1. The title of the first song will describe how you’ll die:

Follow Me - Muse (Who’s the fucker who told me to follow him and then I suddenly die?? thanks matt)

2. The second song describes your love life:

It’s Time - Imagine Dragons

3. The third song will be played at your wedding:

All Summer Long - Kid Rock ( @rockestqueen questa era più adatta a te, al matrimonio col tuo bel capellone :’) )

4. Add “in my pants” to the title of the fourth song:

Falling Away With You In My Pants…  but we both fall away in my pants… or I fall away while you are in my pants? that’s weird anyway.

5. Fifth song will be played at your funeral:

Every Little Thing she does Is Magic - Sting  (this is fucking incredibly sad)

6. The sixth song is your theme song:

Get On Your Boots - U2

7. Seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love:

Play The Game - Queen

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song:

Take a Bow with a shovel and a screwdriver :’)

9. Ninth song will describe your week:

Cha-Ching - Imagine Dragons

10. Tenth song will be played when you miss someone:

Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

soooo it’s been a ride! I tag @peace-will-arise @rockestqueen @supervisobposts @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou @miniidrones @ohbelldomismine @micro-cuts-in-my-brain @microbellamy @miniidrones @rasberryhall :)) i know some of you already did it, I just wanted to say I really love you with this game cause i don’t have the balls to send an actual text :^P

#yoho yoho a pirate’s life for me#I don’t know if you can notice but I’m a Elizabeth stan#I mean look at all her glory#mistaken for a sea goddess thanks to her fearless vicious ways#named pirate king by the embodiement of chaos (and don’t tell that isn’t what Jack is; because that’s all what his character is about)#Elizabeth Swan; who loved a man so much for her entire life that she refused to accept anyone else#who destroyed the original narrative of her life and created her own version#in which she is free and wild#Elizabeth Swan who convinced an army to go to war when they didn’t stand a chance and won#with the man she choose to love by her side; leading a former-monster ship#I’ve got a lot of feelings and they aren’t very coherent tbh#but the thing is#Elizabeth is awesome#so you can imagine I don’t care much about the fourth movie; in fact it doesn’t exist (via)