Some short crappy imagine of Bisexual!Dean when he just picks fights with cute/hot guys at the bar and they get all frustrated and say, “Well fucking blow me Winchester,” And Sam just has this terrified look on his face that says ‘please don’t.’ While Dean is just smirking almost comically and I just— AND Cas is just sitting there done with life, but still smirking all misha like, and he says, “He’s my boyfriend, but I don’t blame you for trying because he gives one hell of a blowjob” _ I’m dead

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Peter Pan didn’t fail. He caused everyone to go back to the EF and Emma and Henry forget EVERYTHING that happened in the past couple of years. And now, the fairytales characters are back because of a danger.

Pan fucked shit up.

He won.

Come sei strana. Sei fredda, rispondi sempre male, sei stronza e acida, ma che hai? Cosa ti è successo?“
“Mah, diciamo che se sono così, di certo non vuol dire che sto vivendo una bella vita.”
“Vedi? Non ti si può dire nulla.”
“È proprio per questo che sono così, perché per troppo tempo nessuno mi ha detto niente. Mai nessuno mi cercava, mai.
—  Mani-gelide

Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your sweet comments 😊 I originally started out with two rounds of INSANITY and I drastically changed my eating habits. I do not count calories and I eat massive amounts of vegetables, a few fruits a day, lean protein, and some complex carbs since my workouts are pretty intense. At this stage I am now training 2 a days for the next few weeks and I alternate between HIIT workouts and area specific training (legs, back, shoulders, etc.).. My HIIT gives me my cardio for the day and incorporates strength training as well. With a killer workout and super good eating habits there is no way to fail at being healthy! Don’t get me wrong.. I splurge and eat cookies, cake, or whatever, but only in moderation and not everyday. - quirkycurls #weilos