the gangsey dance party

ok listen we’ve already established how it starts out in this post but let me just refresh your memory:

(gay trans boy!ronan, bisexual bigender!adam, pansexual trans boy!gansey, demisexual genderfluid!henry, pansexual transfeminine!noah, demisexual genderfluid!blue)

henry is Bored and starts snooping through everybodys ipod in order to organize a dance party (and theyve also got ahold of some weed; courtesy of cheng two)(everyone has a playlist of latin music as well in their library) and here is what henry finds in everyones music library 

more under the cut :))

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Ways to Wow: DIY Hand  Stamped Pet Tags

For our final installment of our #WaystoWow series, blogger Laura Gummerman is back with another DIY any cat (and cat lover!) will adore. Laura shares how she transforms an ordinary pet collar into a charming adornment with a DIY hand stamped tutorial. See the steps here and find out how she wows her cat Mac with a dish he loves: Broths with Chicken!

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CS Fic Reader Feedback Recap

First off, WOW, I never expected this much feedback from my post this morning. It has been an absolute joy and enlightening to read everyone’s responses! The initial post is HERE and I recommend everyone who is interested to read all of the responses in the reblogs and replies. There is some fantastic feedback from so many people! (if I had known so many of you would respond, I would have done this differently so seeing responses would be easier - sorry!) The private messages I got are worked into my recaps below the cut. Here we go!

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