• OCDP:We should finish that project that's due tomorrow.
  • INTP:We can do that later.
  • OCPD:But what if something comes up later? We have to do it now!
  • INTP:But nothing's gonna come up. And I want to finish this video.
  • -After two hours of incessant bugging from OCDP-
  • INTP:Fine. We'll finish the project.
  • OCPD:Finally! Wait, we can't finish the project, our desk is a mess! We have to clean it first.
  • INTP:But cleaning it takes so much work...
  • OCPD:But it has to be done, there's no way we can finish this with a messy desk and we have to get this done now!
  • INTP:*grumbling* Fine.
  • -After cleaning desk-
  • INTP:Now can we do the project?
  • OCPD:Yes!
  • Wait...
  • No. Our hair is too long and it's parted weird today, we have to fix that first.
  • INTP:*groan*
  • -At school the next day-
  • INTP to Teacher:And that's why it's not done.
  • OCPD:I told you we should've gotten it done first thing.

So I didn’t want to stay inside tonight so I decided to get my bloody golf kart and drive myself to the beach. While I was laying there listening to my friend talk I noticed how fudging pretty the palm tree looked in the moonlight. AND BOOM!!! PHOTO!

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