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I was tagged by @bucky-loki-boki-lucky (a rad human being who you should follow) I’m gonna skip a few cause the original is hella long.

* Height: 5′8

*Age: 17

*Shoe Size: 9

*Do you smoke, smoke, do drugs: nevah

*Have/Want Tattoos: nah son

*Have/Want Piercings: My ears are pierced but I don’t really want anything else.

*Relationship Status: single and not lookin to mingle

*Favorite Movie: Warm Bodies (zombies+comedy+romance, heck yeah)

*I’d love you if: you get super hyped about things like I do

*A fact about your personality: I have a ridiculous sense of humor

*What I hate most about myself: I can’t seem to go more than a month without breaking a toe. I’m a damn fool.

*What I love about my self: my ability to make other people laugh

*What I want to be when I’m older: fiction writer/calculus teacher

*My relationship with my siblings: I have an older sister and we despise each other.

*Last text I sent: “K” no animosity I swear

*Current time: 5:15 PM

*Favorite Song: I literally have too many….King by Lauren Aquilina is one of my faves though

*Ghosts, are they real: I don’t think they’re like…dead people but I suppose there might me something that seems like ghosts…I got lots of theories

*In love with: miniature trampolines and chocolate costco muffins

*One wish: equality and peace for all *whoop whoop*

*Reason to smile: Chinchillas exist

*Time you woke up: 5:30…school stars at 7

*Underwear Color: neon orange cause I like to live on the edge

*Country: U.S.A

Ima stop there cause there are like 40 more…

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6 movies I could watch at any time and tag 5 people

Sweeney Todd ; my fav movie. studied it in cinema class last year and fell in love!!

Airplane! ; I watched it because there was a scientific study of it being the funniest movie ever (3-6 laughs per minute I think). The movie was a joyride.

The Revenant ; h0"ly CoW..

Howl’s Moving Castle ; :))))))) 

Grave of the Fireflies ; ;’((((((( 

Hot Coffee ; I love documentaries and this one is my favorite (I was glad to see they talked about it in GMM in an early episode haha) 

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feel free to do or dont-o~

15 Facts Tag

tagged by @picaresquedreamer​​. Thanks for the tag!!

🌟 I’m clumsy, but I’m not as bad as I used to be. One time I was getting a plate out of the cupboard and it fell and broke into pieces right onto my brother’s birthday cake.

🌟 I’ve never been in a relationship, but that’s mostly by choice hehe.

🌟 I have a cat named Tinker Bell. Here’s a picture of her~

🌟 I’ve been reading fanfiction since I was 14.

🌟 I’ve been a fangirl my whole life. I’ve never really just liked something. I get consumed by it. BIGBANG has been the worse so far lol.

🌟 I love green, especially green clothes. My friend laughs at me because when we shop the only clothes I stop to look at are usually green… I just like that colour okay!!!

🌟 I’m in my 5th year of uni and I am burnt out af.

🌟 One time this gross guy was sending dirty texts to me so I sent him derpy pictures of Daesung to turn him off. It worked lmao.

🌟 I love being at home. I would never leave it, but ugh life.

🌟 I have 3 other blogs: @yokoisacoolname​​, @bigbangmoodboards​​, and @pocketsizedkpop​​. Shameless self promotion

🌟 Last year I wore lots of skirts and dresses, but I’ve become lazy now and just wear pants b/c then I don’t have to shave my legs.

🌟 I’ve never been outside of North America.

🌟 I’ve been to the Pokemon World Championships 4 times. I didn’t play, but my brother did. He’s actually quite good at the card game lol.

🌟 This is the first time I’ve ever seriously used social media. I’ve always been much too shy and uninterested lol. There’s just something I really like about Tumblr I guess…

🌟 Kang Daesung is the hugest crush I’ve ever had on a celebrity.

tagging: no one~ I mean unless you really wanna to do this then sure consider yourself tagged!!

music tag

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs that appear, then tag ten people—and have fun!

I was tagged by @thilk

  1. The Pretty Reckless – Factory Girl
  2. Zabutom & Dubmood - Zabutoms Robot Adventure - Dubmoods 2004 Remix
  3. Kryštof – Revizor
  4. Dubmood – Sentient Engine
  5. Shakira – Spotlight
  6. Smash Mouth – Waste
  7. Kryštof – Hellou
  8. Daft Punk – Short Circuit
  9. Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure
  10. Anamanaguchi – Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues

It turned out better than I anticipated. I recently switched almost completely to Spotify, and I started adding bands and songs quite randomly. Sometimes I add entire discographies, sometimes specific albums, sometimes only single songs. So the shuffle is really unbalanced (it might have very well been Queen and Daft Punk top to bottom, I’m surprised they only appeared one time each). I never listen to entire collection though, I always listen either to albums or specific playlists.

I don’t like tagging a whole lot of people, I’m gonna keep it down to three, as did Thilk, but if you’re reading this, feel free to do it as well. So I tag @janeofmine, @spiderinthecupboard, @spectral-elk

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Nicknames: Lemon, Dip, Ski, Skyely

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5'11

Time rn: 23:01

Favourite musical artists: msi and matd

Song stuck in your head: Wonderland by Caravan Palace

Last movie you watched: I can’t even remember

Last tv show you watched: rewatched over the garden wall with my lil sis

What are you wearing rn: undies and a marvel sweater (I’m in bed 😴)

When did you create this blog: like a month ago

What kind of stuff do you post: Cartoons and soft stuff

Do you have any other blogs: gravity falls - @supremebill rnm - @tinyc137 chire - @angeldribble art - @softdipart

Do you get asks regularly: na

Why did you choose your url: cause dipper is soft af

Hogwarts house: Never seen Harry Potter

Gender: demigirl

Pokemon team: forgot the name but the blue one

Favourite colour: pale yellow

Idk who to tag cause this blog is pretty new and I know no one

RULES: Pick 5 of your favorite k-pop groups (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them.  

1. Monsta X

2. SF9

3. KNK

4. BTS

5. EXO

tagged by @keunakool (omfg, im surprised you tagged me in this! thank you :D)

-Who is your favorite person from #2?

Lee Dawon! He’s just so precious T_T 

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-Who is your least favorite person from #1?

Omg, how is it possible to have a least favourite person in Monsta x? I mean look at them, they’re such dorks and so fluffy!

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-What’s your favorite song from #4?

Save me!

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-What is your favorite era from #5?

Monster era! 

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-Who is your favorite OTP from #3?

Jihun and Seungjun, they’re seriously so freaking hilarious. They always make me laugh so hard.

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-What is your least favorite OTP from #2?

I dont think I have one, they’re all so funny with each other. But to be fair, I just recently got into them so i’m trying to pick my favourite ones.

-How long have you been a fan of #1?

For a while, I didn’t really get into them as much as when then MV for stuck came out.

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-Bias in #5?

Suho or Chanyeol, they’re always competing lmao.

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-Favorite music video in group #4?

Definitely save me, i love the colours and the cinematography in it. Like i dont know, there’s just something i love about it so much. I know the video is pretty simple! also the new one for blood sweat and tears has got me like holy shit D: thats some good shiz! 

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-How did you find out about #3?

I watched them on an episode of weekly idol and omfg they made me laugh so hard. Especially Seungjun, and well, I decided to check them out and the first MV i watched by them was back again, i have never regretted it since then. 

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-Favorite thing about group #4?

The fact that they’re very talented and not to mention freaking hilarious! they always make me laugh so hard when ever I watch them on something.

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-Most played song on your cellphone/ipod from group #2?

Fanfare. That shit is always on repeat. I love the rest of their songs but omfg im always singing this one. It’s so damn catchy! and if you haven’t already heard it, you should go watch it cos fuck its so good.

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-Rank favorite to least favorite from #1, #2, #5:

1. Monsta x 2. KNK 3.SF9 4.BTS 5.EXO

-Which have you seen more variety shows from?

Monsta x of course! they’re the kings of variety shows!

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-If you could be anyone from #4, who would you be?

J hope! he’s a ray of freaking sunshine! I love him so much! 

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-Who would you hang out the most with in #5?


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-What would you change about #3?


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-Random quote or saying from someone in group #2:

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-Would a collaboration between #2 and #5 work?

Yes for sure, i can definitely see it happening :D that would actually be so awesome to be honest!

-Who would you want to meet the most in #3?

omfg, don’t do this to me. This is such a hard question. I want to meet all of them T_T 

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