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1. Rose-Colored Boy by Paramore

2. Signal by Twice

3. Serce by Cleo

4. 你,好不好 by 周興哲

5. Sofia by Alvaro Soler

6. Hold On by Flor

7. Liability by Lorde

8. Ikävöi, Ihminen by Rajaton

9. Gemini Feed by Banks

10. Strani Amori by Laura Pausini

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ana cristina


1.70 cm

Ultimate Bias:

i don’t have one :c


HMMM i also don’t have any nicknames

Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Fruit:

mango, melon, apples

Favorite Season:

i like them all but i hate it when it’s too hot

Favorite Color:

yellow and blue

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

hot chocolate all the way, i dont drink coffee and only drink tea when i’m sick

Favorite Animals:

dogs, ducks, my bird ted

Last TV Show I Watched:

oh well i can’t remember it’s been a while since i last watched series

Last Movie I Watched:

get out

Dream Trip:

anywhere with snow. i’d love to go to australia or canada or even south korea tbh

Number of Blankets You Sleep With:


Song Stuck in My Head:

attention by wyatt

What Kind of Stuff Do I Post?

aesthetic edits that ppl seem to like oh well

Last Thing I Googled:

“four stages piaget”


ywnjin and somet-hing


906 (i need an unfollow spree i think

Follower Count:


When Did You Make This Blog?

november 2016 i think??? i’m not sure

Do You Get Asks Regularly?

yep yep <3

Why Did You Choose Your URL?

idk i didnt have anything else in mind haha

Average Hours of Sleep:

7 hours?

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tag game :^)

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NAME: Joyce

NICKNAMES: Maria calls me peach so im counting that 😩💛 (also by far the cutest nickname ive ever had)

ZODIAC SIGN: rat (chinese zodiac) leo (astrology)

HOGWARTS HOUSE: i cant rmbr i think i got ravenclaw on a quiz or smth?

ORIENTATION: i say ace but i dont really know tbh ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

ETHNICITY: chinese

FAVORITE FRUIT: strawberries, watermelon and green grapes :^)


FAVORITE BOOKS: to kill a mockingbird, the help, the hunger games, modern romance

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: ben wyatt, captain raymond holt, angela martin

FAVORITE FLOWERS: almond blossoms, wild roses

FAVORITE SCENTS: coffee, clean laundry and this satsuma hand lotion i have :^)

FAVORITE COLORS: all hues of blue but especially pastel blue, black, and also the kinds of colours you find in sunsets!


FAVORITE ARTIST/BANDS: hoo boy uhhh Bastille, Lorde, Halsey, To Kill a King, HAIM, Hozier, Banks, Florence + the Machine, Oh Wonder, PVRIS, Rationale, 21p, Shura, Troye Sivan and Christine and the Queens

FAVORITE DRINK: iced hazelnut latte :^)



DREAM TRIP: a road trip following a band/artist i like/going to a bunch of music festivals!!

LAST THING GOOGLED: copic markers


NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: 2090??? holy shit

WHAT I USUALLY POST ABOUT: idk man its just bastille and memes tbh (and social justice stuff occasionally)

AESTHETIC: i have a sideblog for that @perfectplacess :^)

thanks maria!!!!!

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random questions tag!

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nickname: i don’t have any

starsign: capricorn

height: 5′2 

time right now: 12:29 pm

last thing googled: “mbti test” because taeyeon posted her type on ig this morning and i wanted to see if we had the same type (we did lmao!!)

favourite music artists: bts, exo, snsd, shinee, monsta x, big bang, f(x), got7, red velvet, iu, 

song stuck in your head: all star by smash mouth omg i hate myself 

last movie watched: i think wonder woman?? i saw that in theater last week

last TV show watched: jane the virgin!

what are you wearing right now: snowflake sweatpants and an old t shirt lmao even though it’s summer and it’s almost 90 degrees outside 

when did you create your blog: june or july of 2015 i think?

what kind of stuff do you post: blue and white aesthetic/kpop

do you have any other blogs: nope! this is my only blog :)

do you get asks regularly: nah not really lmao

why did you choose your URL: bc sehun is my bias lol

gender: female

hogwarts house: either hufflepuff or ravenclaw

pokemon team: mystic i think? the blue one lol

favourite colour: blue and purple!

average hours of sleep: usually 5 or 6 during the school year, but now that it’s summer i usually get 8 or 9

lucky number: i don’t have one

favorite character(s): i don’t have any??

how many blankets do you sleep with: i sleep with 2 or 3 sometimes

dream job: travelling the world and taking pictures

following: 237 (omg i need to follow more people lol)

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alrighty y’all so Kaci aka @sapphicvanille/@battlemagnus tagged me to do the music shuffle thingamabob (she’s super cool go follow her) so here we are!! thanks for tagging me!!

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then chose ten additional friends.

1. HEAVEN - Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who (Blue Neighbourhood) 
2. How You Get the Girl - Taylor Swift (1989)
3. How Far I’ll Go - Auli’i Cravalho (Moana Soundtrack)
4. Keep You Warm - Sam Tsui & Kina Grannis 
5. Just Give Me A Reason - P!Nk (The Truth About Love)
6. All You Had To Do Was Stay - Taylor Swift (1989)
7. If Only - Dove Cameron (Descendants Soundtrack)
8. Chandelier - Sia (1000 Forms of Fear)
9. The Other Side - Ruelle (RIVAL)
10. I Can Do Better Than That - Anna Kendrick (The Last Five Years Soundtrack) 

tbh I am quite surprised that Hamilton didn’t show up in there - can you tell I love musicals?? 

erm alright I don’t really know a whole bunch of peeps here but let’s do this - @clizzy-is-pure @ronanlynhh @ungodlyapollo @lightwowd (don’t think I told you Meli but your new URL is awesome - SAME tho) @xmenxpert @rosestormclare @stressphil @canislytherinthings @daddarios @daddariossmile (Yael, Mavra, Ceci, I’ve talk to all of you like once so hope it’s okay I’ve tagged you! Also, happy birthday Yael!!) 

thanks again for tagging me Kaci!

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relationship status: Whishing that I had a girlfriend
favorite color: any shade of purple and pastel colors
last song i listened to: Party tattoos by Dodie Clark
top three shows: Shadowhunters, Teen wolf, The OA
top three characters: Raphael Santiago, Magnus Bane, Maia Roberts
top  three ships: Saphael, sterek, jaia
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1. “In the Morning” by Nao
2. “Together” by Kaytranada ft alunageorge & goldlink
3. “Chosen” by Blood Orange
4. “LFT” by Quadron
5. “Ring the Alarm” by Joey badass ft Kirk knight, nyck caution & meechy Darko
6. “Ocean Drive” by Duke Dumont
7. “Losing you” by Solange
8. “What An Experience” by Janelle Monae
9. “Numbers” by Skepta ft Pharrell
10. “Girls@” by Joey Purps ft Chance the Rapper

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5 Things Tag

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5 things you’ll find in my (school) bag

  1. 3 pencil cases
  2. Mildliners
  3. Binders
  4. Calculator
  5. My school ID

5 things you’ll find in my room

  1. One bunk bed and one regular bed (my sisters and I share a room)
  2. Stuffed animals
  3. Books (many many books)
  4. Our collection of rubber duckies
  5. Phone chargers

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

  1. Have a penpal
  2. Not be ashamed of my Korean-speaking skills
  3. Memorize a song from a different language
  4. Learn Japanese, German, Polish… basically every language out there
  5. Watch Once Upon a Time (I heard it was a good show)

5 things that make me happy

  1. When I see kids grow up and change (in a good way)
  2. Finishing a task on my to-do list
  3. Talking with other studyblrs (especially small ones)
  4. My family
  5. My church
  6. Learning something new

5 things I’m currently into

  1. Hamilton (not as much as my sister though)
  2. Pretty notes
  3. History (World History and American History)
  4. Disney Movies
  5. Wong Fu Productions (Wong Fu 4 lyfe)

5 things on my to-do list

  1. Finish summer homework
  2. Go to violin lesson
  3. Study AP Bio and Calculus
  4. Work on a masterpost
  5. Read

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