Head.Cars.Bending // Spokane // 10.22.16

When you accidentally create a new hairstyle for David while doing some absolutely disastrous editing…

…and it reminds you of

I am on the floor.


G:“All those little booths where everyone wears like dresses and that.”
M:“I don’t feel people will be wearing dresses.”
G:“They have curtains around them, it’s like -”
M:“People wear dresses with curtains on them?”
G:“It’s like Phantom Of The Opera those little booths.”
M:“I think George has got confused about where we’re playing, but I am very excited to play that venue, apparently it sounds really good as well.” (x)

anonymous asked:

Hi i was wondering if you had any thoughts or ideas for your one-shot series "of souls and mates" Soulmate au is my favorite and you're my favorite writer so put them together and I get amazing stories like Free Fall!

Of Souls and Mates

(gifs @songbin from this post)

I call it that because Olicity as soulmates just connect to me, anon. I am never letting them go. Rest assured. More soulmate stories coming in that collection.