I’ve been on the longest losing streak of my life. I never knew it was possible to be so bad that you lose 35 games in a row. I’ve been flamed and bullied, and I really just want to give up. I can’t even win with my main, Jhin, no matter how hard I try. I’m at the point where I want to die because this game is all I have. And at this point it doesn’t even make me happy anymore. I can’t find joy in anything anymore. I need help.


Making A Tiny Living Room For My Dogs 


A Bald Cap Full Of Eyelashes 


My Boyfriend Buys My Makeup

My dad just said he didn’t like Jenna because she was “too pretty and hollywood and a gold digger.” I’m so mad. What makes me even madder is that I’ve seen other “clique members” say the same thing.

Like okay Dad, let’s blame her for the looks she was naturally born with, and then get upset when she wears clothes that are more than cheap ones from walmart, and blame her for taking cute photos of herself.  

As long as Jenna isn’t being a jerk to fans, or bragging about what she can afford, she’s just a normal person who has been blessed with good looks and some money she spends on things she likes. My dad spends hundreds of dollars on video game consoles, so why is it so bad for a women to spend it on clothes and want to look nice?

Jenna is kind and sweet, and doesn’t believe she’s better than anyone else. Its okay if you personally don’t like someone, but at least have a valid reason why you don’t like them other than the way they look and choose to dress themselves.