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anonymous asked:

How did you put the lighting on the face?

well, when I’m done with the entire coloring process, the lighting is the final step! here’s an example of a finished drawing.

then I paint oranges, reds, and pinks with my watercolor brush over the center of the eyes like this

then I set the layer to “luminosity” and voila! sometimes adding an extra multiply layer and lightly erasing the area where the highlight should be makes it stand out more too ^^

I hope that helped! ^^

“At the end of the day, the sound of a screaming crowd is my favorite sound, and the sight of a sold-out stadium is my favorite view. Everything derives from that and revolves around making those people dance, sing along, feel like they aren’t alone, and ultimately want to come back and see me next time.”


George Byrne (Australian, b. 1976, Sydney, Australia, based Los Angeles, CA, USA) - 1: Temple, 2015  2: Carpark, Hollywood Blvd, 2015  3: Miami #1, 2015  4: Boyle Heights, 2015  5: 7_11 Venice, 2015  6: Blue On Blue #2, 2015  7: 99c Silverlake, 2015  8: Green And White #2, 2015  9: Hotel Pool #1, 2015  10: The Valley, 2015  Photography