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Beyond this, consider how these professions might vary depending on who the customers are - nobles, or lower class. Are they good at their job or just scraping by? Do they work with lots of other people or on their own? City or village?

For younger characters:

  • Apprentice to any of the above
  • Messenger/runner
  • Page/squire
  • Pickpocket
  • Shop assistant
  • Student
  • Looks after younger siblings

(Images all from Wikimedia Commons)

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do you know of anything on ED recovery for woc, qtpoc, queers, or trans* folks?

Hope any of this helps:

  1. Finding Me: Looking Past the Surface to Discover My Transgender Identity
  2. Eating Disorders in LGBT Populations
  3. Gay Males and Eating Disorders ~ As Seen through a Filmmaker’s Lens
  4. Radically Queer
  5. Gay Men and Eating Disorders
  6. Eating Disorders and People living in poverty and/or Working Class Identity
  7. Latin@ and/or Spanish-speaking Identity
  8. Native, American Indian (AI) or Alaska Native Identity
  9. Asian American and/or Pacific Islander Identity
  10. African American or Black Identity
  11. Exploring race, ethnicity, and eating disorders
  12. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ) Identity
  13. Trans People and Eating Disorders
  14. Gender Nonconformity, Transsexuality, and Eating Disorders
  15. Eating Disorders & LGBT 
  16. TRANS*FORMED: A safe-space for trans* people dealing with eating disorders
  17. Experience Project
Fandom-related Transparent Images Masterpost
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Making GIFs less grainy. Photoshop Tutorial.

So I got a message asking me how I make GIFs less pixellated  and grainy. I use Photoshop CS5 but I haven’t done anything that can’t be done in any other version. I don’t really do anything special and this isn’t going to be a tutorial on how to actually make GIFs. There are hundreds of tutorials on Tumblr on how to make GIFs with Photoshop, so a quick google should find you one :) This is really image heavy and long as fuck, just a warning. So here we go! :) 

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We had a follower ask about resources on the Moors in Europe, so here you go!

15 Things You Did Not Know About the Moors

1. The Spanish occupation by the Moors began in 711 AD when an African army, under their leader Tariq ibn-Ziyad, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa and invaded the Iberian peninsula ‘Andalus’ (Spain under the Visigoths).

2. A European scholar sympathetic to the Spaniards remembered the conquest in this way:

a. [T]he reins of their (Moors) horses were as fire, their faces black as pitch, their eyes shone like burning candles, their horses were swift as leopards and the riders fiercer than a wolf in a sheepfold at night … The noble Goths [the German rulers of Spain to whom Roderick belonged] were broken in an hour, quicker than tongue can tell. Oh luckless Spain! [i]

[i] Quoted in Edward Scobie, The Moors and Portugal’s Global Expansion, in Golden Age of the Moor, ed Ivan Van Sertima, US, Transaction Publishers, 1992, p.336 

3. The Moors, who ruled Spain for 800 years, introduced new scientific techniques to Europe, such as an astrolabe, a device for measuring the position of the stars and planets. Scientific progress in Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Philosophy flourished in Moorish Spain

4. Basil Davidson, one of the most noted historians recognized and declared that there were no lands at that time (the eighth century) “more admired by its neighbours, or more comfortable to live in, than a rich African civilization which took shape in Spain”

5. At its height, Córdova, the heart of Moorish territory in Spain, was the most modern city in Europe. The streets were well-paved, with raised sidewalks for pedestrians. During the night, ten miles of streets were well illuminated by lamps. (This was hundreds of years before there was a paved street in Paris or a street lamp in London.) Cordova had 900 public baths - we are told that a poor Moor would go without bread rather than soap! 

6. The Great Mosque of Córdoba (La Mezquita) is still one of the architectural wonders of the world in spite of later Spanish disfigurements. Its low scarlet and gold roof, supported by 1,000 columns of marble, jasper and and porphyry, was lit by thousands of brass and silver lamps which burned perfumed oil. 

7. Education was universal in Moorish Spain, available to all, while in Christian Europe ninety-nine percent of the population were illiterate, and even kings could neither read nor write. At that time, Europe had only two universities, the Moors had seventeen great universities! These were located in Almeria, Cordova, Granada, Juen, Malaga, Seville, and Toledo.

8. In the tenth and eleventh centuries, public libraries in Europe were non-existent, while Moorish Spain could boast of more than seventy, of which the one in Cordova housed six hundred thousand manuscripts.

9. Over 4,000 Arabic words and Arabic-derived phrases have been absorbed into the Spanish language. Words beginning with “al,” for example, are derived from Arabic. Arabic words such as algebra, alcohol, chemistry, nadir, alkaline, and cipher entered the language. Even words such as checkmate, influenza, typhoon, orange, and cable can be traced back to Arabic origins. 

10. The most significant Moorish musician was known as Ziryab (the Blackbird) who arrived in Spain in 822. The Moors introduced earliest versions of several instruments, including the Lute or el oud, the guitar or kithara and the Lyre. Ziryab changed the style of eating by breaking meals into separate courses beginning with soup and ending with desserts.

11. The Moors introduced paper to Europe and Arabic numerals, which replaced the clumsy Roman system.

 12. The Moors introduced many new crops including the orange, lemon, peach, apricot, fig, sugar cane, dates, ginger and pomegranate as well as saffron, sugar cane, cotton, silk and rice which remain some of Spain’s main products today. 

 13. The Moorish rulers lived in sumptuous palaces, while the monarchs of Germany, France, and England dwelt in big barns, with no windows and no chimneys, and with only a hole in the roof for the exit of smoke. One such Moorish palace ‘Alhambra’ (literally “the red one”) in Granada is one of Spain’s architectural masterpieces. Alhambra was the seat of Muslim rulers from the 13th century to the end of the 15th century. The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

14. It was through Africa that the new knowledge of China, India, and Arabia reached Europe The Moors brought the Compass from China into Europe. 

15. The Moors ruled and occupied Lisbon (named “Lashbuna” by the Moors) and the rest of the country until well into the twelfth century. They were finally defeated and driven out by the forces of King Alfonso Henriques. The scene of this battle was the Castelo de Sao Jorge or the ‘Castle of St. George.’

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hi ! i love your blog!! :) um.. i was wondering is there anyway you can tell/help me how you edit your gifs with quotes in the bubbles? like this post/60984184987 ? unless, it's a personal kind of thing it's fine! :3

Thank you so much (/////u/////) I’ll teach you how to do that:

1. You have to create the bubble with this tool:  (ellipse tool)
2. You have to create the text, you will have something like this:

3.Now, you have to rasterize the text layer (select the eraser and click above the text, choose the yes option and that’s all)
4.Finally, make right click in the new layer of the text and choose clipping mask. You’re going to have this:

That’s all. If you need something more, just tell me!

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Hi! I am want to learn mandarin Chinese (traditional and preferably with a Taiwanese accent, so not a chinese one. not beijing, shanghai, etc etc). I can't find a lot of online resources for listening comprehension for Taiwanese accent, its all just mainly bejing accent. I was wondering if you could recommend anything? I know you live in Taiwan, so I thought you might know about some things. Also, I saw that stack of Chinese textbooks you were studying, can you tell me which ones they were?

That’s great! And YES, I have lots of recommendations.

First of all, I LOVE Chinese Learn Online. What I appreciate most about this series is that they don’t simply teach you Chinese, they also explain it to you. Their podcast honestly taught me most of the Chinese I used my first year in Taiwan… I would listen to the lesson and then copy the vocabulary lists in English, pinyin, and characters onto notecards. (In that way, I learned characters without even studying them). And it’s made in Taiwan, so they’ll have the accent you’re looking for!  You can get different subscriptions from their website, or check out their mobile app. 

The other thing that I’d recommend is The Far East Book Company. They’re a company based in Taiwan, so their books mainly focus on traditional characters. They have textbooks, and they also have all sorts of dictionaries (my favorite is their pinyin dictionary).

Practical Audio Visual Chinese is also a very good textbook series that I’ve used. If you wanted a more structured learning tool, I’d actually probably choose this book over the ones by the Far East Book Co. simply because I think the design of the book feels newer and cleaner. 

Next, GET PLECO ON YOUR PHONE/TABLET. This app changed my life. It has all sorts of amazing features, it’s free, and it even works without wifi. You’ll never have to carry a dictionary again.  You can look up characters by writing them, show traditional or simplified characters, save flashcards and review them, and even use the reader tool to translate word by word something you’ve “copied” on your clipboard. 

Anddd if you really want to go all the way, find a Taiwanese drama on Youtube and get totally addicted. Why Why Love is my personal favorite. 

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I feel you D; I looked at their FAQ and I couldn’t find any info on overseas shipping, soooo I’m assuming they only sell within japan. :{ you could use tenso or other shopping services that will give you a japanese address to use and then will receive the items and ship them to you, but of course that’s more expensive because of all of the extra fees :{{{{{{{

ALSO! :D you could check out rakuten and then search “aimerfeel” or other brands or just lingerie in general because ooohhh my gosh there is so much ;A; if you couldn’t tell already by my blog, I’m quite taken with lingerie from east asia so holy jesuspie I want to give these shops all my money too 

lastly, I’m not sure if they’re legit or not, but I found an ebay store (I think there’s an official site as well) claiming to be aimerfeel uk so you  may be able to find some stuff there as well :3

Sony Vegas 10 Pro

Virus-free way to get Vegas Pro 10 free. Only downside is the .exe must be set to ‘run as admin’ each time it is loaded after inputting the Key & Auth. Code. (can be set to automatically by right clicking > properties > compatibility > checking 'run as admin’ > apply > okay in Windows Vista and up) The .exe checks out after multiple virus scans plus no keygen required, they’re all in the description.

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