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Omg headcanons? Of you can think of any for Energy Reading El?

okokok i got dis (i decided to do the snowball situation bc i cant get over it, it makes me so happy):

- so along with telekinesis el sorta has a synesthesia effect when it comes to people’s “energy”

- she can see different coloured wavelengths and energy “halos” around people that vary in brightness, colour and shape depending on the persons mood, attraction and current thoughts

- at the snowball, there are A LOT of people around with a moderate glow to their “halo”, its colour ranges from a burning red to a soft pink depending on the individuals attraction to the person theyre dancing with

- mike’s halo is burning red and is blindingly bright

- as els dancing with mike, she likes to observe the halos on other students and teachers

- she likes this sort of environment because she can see a lot of peoples “emotions” based on their halo, even if their face or body language suggests otherwise

- with that in mind, she finds her eyes wandering over to will, whos dancing awkwardly with a girl

- the girl’s halo is a soft, cherry blossom pink and twinkles slightly

- will’s on the other hand is grey and heavy looking, resembling more of a dark cloud than a halo figure over his head

- el’s only seen this sort of energy in people who are extremely stressed, upset or lonely, like joyce, ALWAYS

- el finds herself asking mike, “why doesnt he dance with someone he likes?” she sorta pokes innocently

- mike looks confused and asks who shes talking abt

- el nods her head towards will, whos still slow dancing, ironically, like a zombie. but more of like a zombie robot hybrid

- cus hes got his hands straight out in front of him with like, basically a whole metre between the two of them

- mike looks hella confused “he does like her” he sorta just assumes, i mean, if he didnt, why would he be dancin with her right?? (oh mike… honey)

- “no he doesnt, he likes him” el takes her hand off mike’s shoulder to point at a boy about the same height as mike whos sitting at one of the tables, a girl chatting constantly into his ear

- his “halo” is also a cloud shape but rather than grey, it sparkles and glitters a bright salmon colour as he very obviously has his eyes glued on will

- his face is sad but his eyes are dopey and hooded

- el has never seen both a cloud shape and glowy colour mixed together but it makes her smile cus she KNOWS this means something special

- mike just looks rly confused and his “halo” starts to fade a bit

- el notices and is like NUH UH and pulls him in closer

- mike’s face INSTANTLY goes bright red, just like his energy

wasnt sure how to approach it but I LIKE THE IDEA OF TELEKINETIC SYNESTHESIA sorry im garbage

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Can you do a Steve Harrington imagine where him and his girlfriend (the Reader) are at a party and she gets drunk and he’s afraid it’s gonna be like what happened with Nancy at the party when she got wasted, but instead she’s a happy drunk and just clings to him and drunkenly tells him how much she loves him ?❤️

Summary: Steve tends not to get drunk at parties after what happened with Nancy, but you’re not afraid of getting absolutely trashed. Steve worries you’ll say something like Nancy said, but in reality, it’s the complete opposite.
Pairing: Reader x Steve Harrington.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: Swearing.
Word Count: 964

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You and Sebastian have been dating for a couple weeks, and he invites you to the play he’ll be starring in. He’s so nervous when he sees you in the audience because he’s crazy about you, that he ends up forgetting his lines and improvising a few, which is why no one but the rest of the cast notices. You find out about this years later during his wedding vows for you.

Imagine Loki

A/N: Requested by anon.

@papi-chulo-bucky you asked to be tagged in errthang so here it is bb.

He has known you for ages. He has been watching you since the moment he knew you were born. He’s watched you grow up, day to day, from a snot-nosed infant, to a beautiful woman. He is enamored by you. His love borders possession and obsession, his fingers curling every time someone who is not him dares to lay a finger on you. He has appeared to you before; when you were an acne-filled tween, lost in depression and loneliness. He was there, standing over you and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. When you were a lovely teenager, with braces and a late-blooming body, he was there to plague those who made fun of you with bad dreams. When you turned eighteen, he slipped into your room late at night to show you how a man kisses a woman. He slipped his tongue between your lips and you felt an unknown warmth seep deep within you. He always made sure to alter your memory, to leave just the sensations and not his face. You were always so confused, when you woke up with a sweet taste of cold on your lips and dampness between your legs.

When you were old enough to understand that there was someone messing around with your memories and making sure those around you suffered for their malice, you snapped. You waited for him to come, as you had anticipated, and you caught him. Staring at you wide eyed, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. The man who had protected you, the man who had given you a taste of lust and love, but was so taken by you that he became obsessed and possessive. 

“I kept you safe.”

“I didn’t need you to do that.” 

Even if you cast him out, knowing that he was the devil that had once terrorized this Earth, he remained in your shadows. Maybe, then, if he was so taken and had always chosen you, maybe then you could give in? 

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Want more of these? Send in your requests if you wish.

Maybe I can turn this into a fic??

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Imagine an apologetic Thor bringing home a very drunk and swaying Loki, sheepishly explaining that ‘things may have gotten a bit out of hand’ before you are left with the task of herding Loki to bed, who of course fights you every step of the way, never mind that he can barely stand on his own. Naturally, when you finally get there, sleep is the last thing on his mind…

PSA to Writers:

I’ve been reading a lot of new material on tumblr and something I’ve noticed is that for some reason a common request is the cliche of “you’re being sexually harassed but then you’re rescued”.

I understand that people want to know that if they are ever harassed, that they will be rescued, but here’s a tip to the writers out there: if someone has been sexually harassed and has JUST been rescued, there is an almost 100% chance that they will NOT throw themselves at their rescuer and start making out with them.

Being sexually harassed or almost raped is a traumatizing event and most victims don’t even want to have physical contact with someone of the opposite gender immediately afterwards.

Admittedly, some do depending on their relationship with said person, but usually only a hug or pat on the back.

If you’ve just been almost raped, you’re not going to go and have sex with the next guy who comes in the room, despite what many fanfics and imagines will have you believe.

Also, assuming that you want your imagines to be realistic, there is another aspect of abuse and trauma called a trauma bond that you can research.

Trigger warning: infant death, miscarrage and stillbirth

Imagine Loki and the reader who live in Asgard and they are married happily. After 3 years, they were blessed with their first born but the baby died when it was 3 months old. The reader (wife) received bad comment from the people for taking too long to bore a child. After a while, they were blessed again but sadly the baby was a stillbirth.  Loki began is worried about his wife’s health and he also heard that the maids in the palace are talking badly about his wife. The wife knows that Loki always dream of having a family but she could not give to him as she had two miscarriages. 

BTS reacts to... finding out  that you are pregnant *kind of by accident*

Hey guys ^_^This is my very first reaction /actual post .Hope you enjoy it  .Feedback is always welcomed .And also send me requests with anything you want me to write.Please help me start-up this blog .Thankies ^_^


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Jin would be extremely excited about the news that you two are going to be parents.Although shocked that you thought he would leave you or not want the baby .He wouldn`t stop kissing you and your belly , even though  you weren`t showing yet .He began to panick about food , and the fact that you eat for two now.
“Oh..my ..god ..What you want to eat?I will cook you anything , like anything.O maybe you want take-out .You can`t be hungry, you eat for two now .You have to eat something”
“Breath  ..I am not hungry . Yes, i will tell you if i am .Yes , I will later .I know, eat for two .Got it , babe”


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Every subtle hint you would give him , would go unnoticed.When you finally decided that hinting would not be enough, you just dumped the 6 tests you had taken in his face .Watching him as he made a genuine shocked face .But once he realised what`s happening he would hug you so tight that you forgot how to breath.
“What ?Is it for real ?You are..we are …?”
“Noooo babe.It`s just a prank , all 6 of them are like so fake , I can`t even”
“Oh , don`t be all sassy with me, or maybe you need me to make sure that you are 100% pregnant”
He smirked , picking you up heading to your shared bedroom.


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You sat him down in his studio , mentally preparing to drop the news .After you said it , he would look a bit dazzled.Then you saw that oh so familiar face ,a smirk meaning no good.It was the same face he makes when thinking of something not too saint .
“Yoongi-appa sounds …good.Considering that  daddy is already taken ”
“Oh dear Lord , Yoongi ”


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Jimin would be the most vocal about the announcement , but in the same time he would shy out a little bit . As in being in awe that you two did that , created life.  He would go from being happy and generally excited to being anxious in less than 3 seconds.You will try to calm him down as best as you can with all his worries.
“What if I will be a bad dad ?What if the baby will hate me ?”
“Don`t be silly , babe , no one could hate you .”


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For the first time ever, Hobi would be speechless .For a second you start to worry that he doesn`t want the baby or that he isn`t happy at all . And you were so excited to bring up the news.When he sees you becoming gloomy all of a sudden , he takes your hands in his , and kisses you deeply.
“Jagi,  I just didn`t know how to react .Of course i am beyond happy that you are having our little bundle of joy.”


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At first , Taehyung wouldn`t register what you said .He continued talking about the rehersal that he just had with the boys . As he was talking he suddenly stopped looking at you awestrucked.He repeated your words , in a high pitch voice , smiling extremely wide.
“Oh my god , i need to call everyone , my baby has our baby .Isn`t that just amazing?”
“Yeah , well tell me about it ”


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Jungkook was way too relaxed considering what you just told him.You didn`t know if he heard you or if he was just shell shocked.Like, too shocked to even say something.Afterall you two always took measures to avoid this , so a pregnancy might come a bit more than unexpected.
“Uhm , babe , have you heard what i just said?”
“Yep, i am too happy to even express it into like anything.Just mind-blowing .”

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Honey, you're so hard working with those imagines, I'm admiring your patience and perseverance! I have an angsty skelebro ask this time: The lazy brother had a serious accident. He recovers quite fine and there aren't any consequences except for amnesia - he doesn't remember anything about his life. How does his brother go about that? How does he cope? UT and HT, pretty please!

(Ahh, thank you so much ;^; And oh boy, that’s some good stuff right there <3 )

UT Sans: Sans woke up in a strange bed, in a bright room, sunshine pouring onto his face. He looks around the empty room, desperately trying to remember how he got here. Or…who he was. Everything before the moment he opened his eyes, here, is just a fog. Just nothing. Like there never was anything, even though he knows there has to be something.

A loud, tall skeleton suddenly bursts through the ajar door, startling Sans out of his wits as he threw himself onto Sans bed, hugging the living hell out of him.

“uhm…hey there….not to ruin this moment or anything, but who are you?”

From the look on the taller ones face, Sans should know him. Very well too. Sans wondered how he could read a persons face that well, considering he couldn’t remember anything at all. 

The taller one muttered something about being told he could have amnesia, but not expecting it, before putting on a wobbly smile, and introducing himself. “I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS! YOUR GREAT AND AMAZING BROTHER!”

Sans flinched a bit at the volume of his voice: “uh…ok….you mind being a bit, you ‘now, quieter?” The way the others face fell was not a good sign. And it strangely…hurt. Even though Sans had no idea who that was.

He was released out of the hospital the same day, after a short checkup, the doctor telling him they can’t do much for him here, that being at home would probably help more in regaining his memory. But that he should come back for another checkup in a few weeks, or if anything changes. So Sans goes home with Papyrus.

It’s…awkward. He makes food for Sans, but it tastes terrible, very terrible. Sans can’t help but grimace and slowly slides the plate away from him, saying he isn’t really hungry, maybe he’s just gonna grab a ketchup bottle. He doesn’t know why ketchup, but something in him tells him he should drink it. He sees the disappointment on Papyrus face, immediately regretting what he did but unsure how to fix things. He barely knows the other after all.

After that, he mostly stays in his room or wanders through town by himself. Papyrus accompanied him once, but he was so loud and energetic and Sans still didn’t know him, he was just a loud stranger to him. Sans told him he would rather go outside by himself, and Papyrus face crumpled slightly, but he still smiled. Papyrus stopped accompanying him anywhere, stopped asking Sans to come with him to get groceries or to get ice cream together.

Sometimes Sans stayed in his room. He felt…off. Bad. Not good. And he didn’t know why. Like somebody sucked all the energy out of him, and just left a shell behind. One time, Papyrus burst into his room, something he stopped doing after Sans told him not to, but sometimes he couldn’t help but still do it. Sans lashed out at him as he tried to drag him out of bed, telling him that he was feeling like crap. “but that doesn’t seem to bother you, you just smile and shout. you always did that? you ever cared? just leave me be.”

Papyrus stopped entering Sans room after that, only knocking sometimes to tell him that dinners ready.

Bits and pieces flashed back to Sans from time to time. A man with a flame head, a red scarf, somebody with cracks running up and down from their eye sockets.

One day he woke up from a dream. He and Papyrus played in the living room, both still baby bones. Papyrus jumped from the couch, Sans catching him before he could hurt himself. he didn’t want his brother to get hurt. He wants to make him happy. He makes Sans happy every day after all, just by existing.

He woke up with the feeling that he messed up bad. That he destroyed something he has been trying to protect for so many years.

UT Papyrus: He was so glad, so glad that his brother was awake, and alright. Yes, he didn’t remember anything, but he was still his brother, he still loved him. Everything would be alright in the end, Papyrus just knew.

Sans told him to be quieter. He has never told him something like that. Maybe…maybe he has a headache? He got a bad blow to the head after all. He should really be more considerate! He wants Sans to get better now, doesn’t he? He knows, if he just does his best, everything will be alright.

Sans doesn’t like his food. Or maybe he is just not hungry right now? Yes, that has to be it. He probably just grimaced because of the amazing flavour of his dish. Yes, of course, that’s it. He has to cook something extra special tomorrow! Then everything will be alright again.

Sans didn’t read him a bedtime story. Alright, Papyrus didn’t ask him too, but he never asked, t was just a thing Sans did every evening. He was surprised that Sans didn’t appear in his room, grin on his face, wearing pyjamas and looking half asleep already. But he just went to his room and didn’t come out again. Papyrus almost forgot Sans didn’t remember anything. Silly, old bag of bones. But it would be alright again, wouldn’t it?

Sans didn’t want him to accompany him anywhere anymore. Telling him it was a bit weird to him, Papyrus being just a stranger in his eyes. Well, that hurt more the Papyrus expected words to hurt. But he wouldn’t give up. At least not now. Sans just had to remember him, and everything could be alright in the end.

Sans never ate his food. Papyrus brought him Grillbys or other fast food when he went home from work. Sans really didn’t like his food, did he? Papyrus tried his spaghetti for the first time since he started cooking. It was..horrible. Terrible. Disgusting. Was he really that bad? But he was the great Papyrus! How could he fail so badly? Would everything be alright in the end?

Sans was in one of his low moods again. Papyrus knew about them of course. But Sans always hid everything behind a smile, so Papyrus pretended to be fooled. But he always treated his brother extra nice on this days, calling him more often, writing him positive messages, getting him his favourite food without being asked. Pulling him out of bed, even though Sans would rather stay in bed. 

But today, Sans..shouted at him. Not loud, but harsh, angry. It hurt. The words hurt more. He didn’t care? But he did! He really did! But maybe he didn’t do enough, maybe he barely did anything? Could anything still be alright at the end?

Papyrus spend a lot of time in his room now. He wasn’t really…down. He was the great Papy-….who was he kidding. He wasn’t great, and he had his proof. He was always afraid people were just coddling him, boosting his self-esteem so he wouldn’t notice that he was actually a failure. He could handle so many things and still be positive because he knew he had his brother. He knew he had that one person who would always be there, who has always been there.

He knew things wouldn’t be alright again.

HT Sans: He woke up with no memory, and something about it felt familiar. Like he had often lost his memory. But if he lost it again, it meant he regained it before, didn’t it? So why did it feel like there was nothing, just nothing, not just lost but gone forever, completely, maybe never even there?

A tall skeleton entered the room, smiling as he looked at him, but staying where he was. He asked if he knew where he was. Sans shook his head. The other just nodded, still smiling. “IT’S ALRIGHT BROTHER! WE CAN DO THIS! DON’T WORRY, THIS HAPPENS VERY OFTEN, BUT THE GREAT PAPYRUS IS ALWAYS PREPARED.”

He often loses his memory? that would explain the familiarity with this situation. But…brother? “you’re my brother..?” The others face fell. That’s what seemed so off about this whole thing. He seemed to have forgotten everything. And that was not an occurring situation, as it seemed.

He was allowed to leave only an hour later, Papyrus telling him the entire way out that everything would be alright. But the moment they stepped outside, Sans knew it wouldn’t. The hospital was full of monsters, only monsters. Different physiology resulted in different medical care for monsters and humans.

Sans saw humans. Many humans. Something inside him screamed. Or was it outside. Was he screaming? He fell to the floor, shaking before he even realized it. So many, too many. All talking, moving, walking, staring. He finally managed to come back to reality, noticing that he was in a living room, on the couch, Papyrus next to him gently stroking his back.

Sans barely left the flat after that, mostly hanging onto Papyrus whenever he could, something in him screaming at him to never let him out of his sight, to protect him, but from what?

He started hoarding food n his room and in different places over the flat. He didn’t know why, but he had the urge to save it before somebody took it away from him. But he wasn’t saving it for himself. For who was he saving it then?

He never ate until he was full, always leaving leftovers. Something was missing after that, like he usually did something else after that, maybe give the food to somebody else, but he forgot.

Bits and pieces flooded back, just small things at first, but then one morning, very early, Sans woke up in cold sweat. He killed. He killed and he ate humans. He actually enjoyed it. He toyed with them. He let them suffer.

He was disgusting.

He walked away, not remembering how he could flee faster and farther. But there were so many people, so many noises, too much of everything. He grabbed his head, feeling a hole in it. He hasn’t touched his head the entire time since he woke up, he hasn’t looked in any mirror. But there was a hole, a hole in him, and his mind went blank. 

He hid in a small alleyway, not knowing what to do next, digging his fingers into his eye socket.

HT Papyrus: He could handle this, he knew how to handle this. His brother lost parts of his memory all the time. He knew how to handle things until he remembered again. Sans took care of him when he had one of his…worser times in return.

But this time was different. Sans didn’t remember a thing. It wasn’t just the usual kind of forgetting either. He had hit his head pretty hard. No wonder he forgot everything. The time he got the hole in his head made him lose half of his memories, so seems like another injury would make the other half disappear too.

It still..hurt that Sans didn’t remember him. He always remembered him, no matter what. But not this time. He would still fix this, he would help him through it. That’s what good brothers do, isn’t it?

But he noticed more and more that it those forgotten memories were only half the problem. The biggest problem was that Sans was back to his old self. Not the happy, punny one. But the one he was when they first came to the surface when surviving wasn’t the priority anymore, and all the stress to just exist fell off of everyone. 

Sans didn’t take it well, he was afraid of everyone, his memory became wonkier then before, he hoarded food like a madman, with such a  desperation. He still didn#t eat first, he still barely ate. He still tried to keep Papyrus alive, because it was the only thing Underground that mattered, the only thing he could do. And after that wasn’t necessary anymore, he didn’t know what else to do.

And he was back to that, back to being just a shell of his previous self, which was already missing so much of what he used to be before everything went wrong.

So Papyrus let him do things, like when they first came to the surface. He helped him through his panic attacks, let him hoard food, letting him eat less then he should, cooking more meals a day so his brother would still eat enough at the end of the day.

But this time, there was nobody to help him through his bad days. He woke up from nightmares, but nobody came. He had flashbacks of what he did Underground, flashbacks that were harder and harder to suppress. But nobody came. He cooked food, afraid his brother would fall down from starvation, forgetting that there was enough now, that they had enough.

But nobody came.


Imagine causing mischief around Hogwarts using your unique magical abilities.

“You’re not a proper student here, are you?”

You glanced down from your perch up on an outcropping of the castle, regarding the red-headed boys lazily, “What’s it to you?”

“It’s our business to know what’s going on around Hogwarts,” one said.

“And someone’s been stealing our thunder in the pranking area of things,” the other added.

You arched a brow, “So you automatically assume I’m not a student?”

“Your magic is next level,” the boy on the left spoke, glancing to his twin, “We haven’t even come close to the sorts of stuff you’re pulling off.”

You flashed a crooked smile and swung down to land in front of them, your movements graceful and confident. You gave a mock bow, “You’re smart,” you acknowledged and held out your hand. “The name’s [f/n].”

“Fred and George,” the twins replied in unison, pointing to themselves. “Weasley.”

You smirked and pointed to yourself, “Fair Folk.”

Their eyes widened, “Wicked.”

“What’re you doing here in Hogwarts?” Fred asked, eyes sparkling with interest.

You shrugged, “Got banished from the court on a temporary basis. Figured I’d have some fun in the mean time.”

Gif Credit: Twins


Fake Social Media Imagine {74} - Cheryl Blossom x reader

Hey all! This is for the request “Imagine where Cheryl is dating the shy girl and she’s really insecure and whenever she talks about her not being pretty, Cheryl posts a picture of her saying how pretty she is and keeps it up no matter how much the reader begs for her to delete it in a text and reader makes it up for posting a pic of Cheryl and her”. Hope you like it! Masterlist in bio! Won’t be posting on thanksgiving