honestly if this mess makes @taylornation not like some of us for speaking out then good riddance.

if they can’t take constructive criticism from taylor’s own fans, then what is their job supposed to be? just catering to rich fans who live in america and can afford expensive merch? if they can’t give us specific tour details yet then they could at least tell us *when* they will be able to? so far all we get is nothing.

people are confused, we’re being asked to make serious monetary commitments as the deadline for ticket dates draws closer, and we continue to get little to no information on what is going to happen. this is on top of the short notice for international fans, not only for their secret sessions but for stadium tour dates as well.

i know some of you are afraid of speaking on this, but if speaking out is something that you believe would actually impact your chance of meeting taylor because of taylornation then… that’s supremely disappointing. if they would really do that, i would want no part of it. i wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them.

and if taylor truly only has such limited control over her own management team, then i feel bad for her because this is only making people feel disenchanted about the current direction of this era.

i politely ask that you all reconsider your decision to compromise your standards on this. because this era has proven to be disappointing so far for many of us, and it won’t change if we don’t make that very clear.

Change of tactics?

Some kind of realization hit me today. Get ready for some comparisons!

Some days ago, I wrote a theory about why I think little things have been changing before the big zalgo bomb was dropped.

Before the zalgo. Remember that.

A little time leap:
Remember this photo he posted on Twitter not long ago?

There have been several interpretations of this, for example why his eyes looked a little bloodshot – we came to the conclusion that he took this photo shortly after he defeated King Dice in Cuphead, which would definitely explain why he looks a little… strained. (Still a very cool picture!)

A day later though, some people have already been comparing it to this photo he posted on Instagram back in October 2016:

And then, of course, to the thumbnail that set us on fire in the first place…

Directly after that, he committed some community arson with that “Bu ̶t  n̨ obody ca̛ me”.

The thumbnail and the zalgo - I’ll call that “storm initiation” here.

Today, we got another Instagram photo:

Looks fine at first sight. Nothing glitched, no plain black shirt, no letters in the background (which is a possibility we have to consider, because of… reasons). Seems innocent.
But wait. That look could remind you of something…

(As already pointed out here and here.)

Additionallythe beanie covers his ears. Who knows what’s hidden under that beanie…
It was posted after the initiation.

After it. Remember that.

In conclusion:
Now that the starting gun, aka the zalgo, has been fired, Anti changes his tactics.

Before the initiation, he wanted to hint at coming events by changing little things here and there.

Now that we got the permission to burn, he starts to match and align things again – show similarities, make us remember older pictures.

And I don’t quite know what to do with that information…
Maybe I just needed and outlet for some thoughts on today’s posted picture because my brain wouldn’t be quiet.

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