and i wanted to draw it
was a fun excercise got a lot of practice with expressions and hands and feet which are all good things to work on
also ended up doing a  bonus comic with the other tag haha

continuing my grand tradition of ‘planning to do a big river/eleven thing for their anniversary but ending up with a genderbend doodle’ 

should maybe plan these things out and not do them last minute but also wHATEVER

autumngingersnap asked:

Your art was on flux buddies! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Yep! It gave me a heart attack with Lalna’s image cause I totally forgot I had tagged that with fluxbuddiesintro welp. It was ridiculous, I even made a post then asking people if they thought I should tag it.

It’s just like ‘ah yes the intr-HM YES OKAY hello that’s a thing that I did cool yep totally didn’t flip my shit for a moment just then’

theweefreewomen asked:

Your tags are always a joy to read.


because sometimes I’m like ~~ what does my blog actually offer which other Disc blogs do not? (⊙‿⊙✿) does my blog even have a point?? (⊙︿⊙✿) does life even have a point??? (⊙△⊙✿) wHY ARE WE ON THIS PLANET etc. etc.

and then other times I’m like hm yes but my tags could be a point, right?

fundamentally I mostly just reblog things

but maybe… maybe I reblog things with fUNKY TAGS

so this makes me super duper happy

:. thank u  (◡△◡✿)

Here are some basic questions. Pass them on to the last 10 people that reblogged from you!

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condicio [obviously ;p] 
Name: Daria
Favorite color: black [I know some people will say it’s not a color, but I beg to differ]
Sexuality: not as fluid as I’d like.
Current mood: I’m trying not to think about it.
What time and date it is there: 5:50 PM, 18.04.2015
The last thing I googled: probably something EXO related
What I last said to a family member: “Haha, no to idź.”
One place that makes me happy and why: hm… my room, I guess. It’s my sanctuary, I feel good in here and I have everything I need.
Something I plan on learning: how to teach my mother language [Polish] as a foreign language; Chinese. 
Tagging: (ok, so there’ll be a mix of the people who reblogged las from me and the people whom I see the most in my activity ^^)
chenchinchilla; fangirltosurvive; soolover; babejongdae; charmander007sunset812; yehet-to-my-ohorat; dream-strawberry also @kellosaurousrex ( I can’t tag you, but maybe you’ll see it :)) and happy-little-things (Vane, are you alive?!)

I see you guys, I recognize your urls, maybe it’s time to know a little more ;) 

i was tagged by tmhlirry :^)

rules: repost and tag 10 people you would like to get to know better.

nicknames: most ppl call me vin!! which was actually unintentional but i like it also some anon called me vins once and i almost died it was cute
gender: p much male
current time and date: 11:32 pm april 21 
average amount of sleep: hm i usually go for like 9 but i wont be getting that tonight obviously
lucky number: i dont really have one!! 
last thing i googled: zayn malik height lmao
first word that comes to mind: guitar
one place that makes you happy: omg idk!!!!!!!!! my room when my cats are in here
favorite food: UH pizza rolls but i cant eat them :( tfw gluten
favorite drink: lemonade is so good
favorite book: hpppppppp 
last film i saw in theaters: home!! it was so cute!
last holiday: like vacation? sorry im an american um idk if this counts but i went to nyc to look at college like a few weeks ago
dream wedding: something cool and modern my big fat polish wedding 
dream job(s): i wanna be a plastic surgeon!
what are you wearing: a grey tank top and green plaid shorts !

hmm i tag……. mravolo scaredpotter thiccmom queeralbus yrrard rubmytitty batteryacids biancajaggerofficial malfcy ragingpanromantic some mutuals i know and some i dont too well aaa have fun u guys :)

yay I was tagged by aphroditesam thanks cutie <3

  • Name: tyler
  • Average hours of sleep: 7-8
  • Nickname: ty
  • Birthday: october 26th
  • Height: 5′8″
  • Favorite color: black
  • One place that makes me happy: my room or my computer room
  • How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1
  • Favorite film: IDK OKAY I LOVE ALL MOVIES
  • What I’m wearing now: flash t shirt and gray sweat pants
  • Most used phrases: bro and really (idk man)
  • Last thing I said to a family member: hm!
  • Favorite beverage: all I can drink right now si water rip help but I love grush soda and snapple drinks
  • Favorite food: cookies or pasta!
  • Last film I saw in the cinema: idk
  • Dream pet: ALL THE CATS
  • Dream job: cosmetologist :D

I tag: sgntbucky feathersdean cowboyackles (ha im lazy wow)

I was tagged by i-normally-dont

Name: Neeli

Nickname: too many

Birthday: June 18

Star sign: Gemini

Gender: female

Height: 5'6.5"

Sexual Orientation: grey-ace

Romantic Orientation: heteroromantic

Favorite color: Bleu

Time and date at the current moment: 10 April 2015 3:04:34….35….36

Average hrs of sleep: none

Lucky number: 13, 4, 64

The last thing I Duckduckgo’d: … i don’t use it…

First word that comes to mind: petrichor (also my favourite word. hm.)

One place that makes me happy: bed

How many blankets do I sleep under: as many as possible

Favorite fictional character: so many. Ginny Weasley, Korra, Bellamy Blake, Mulan, Tadashi Hamada

Favorite famous person: Julie Andrews, Mark Ruffalo, many others

Celebrity crush: eh

Favorite books: Wodehouse books, Fangirl, Pride and Prejudice, HP and the Goblet of Fire, Mythology, The Great Gatsby

Favorite animes: FMAB, Ouran, Nisekoi, gsnk, etc

Favourite TV shows: ouat, aos, agent carter, flash, fresh off the boat, etc

Favorite musician/band: no. nonononononono.

Favorite games: mario kart (i will choose fucking rainbow road fight me), injustice, (i don’t play many video games) 

Last movie I’d seen in the cinema: Kingsman

Dream Holiday: Roadtrip with friends, traveling through south america (safely)

Dream job: environmental design, writer, art teacher

Wearing right now: leggings, flannel shirt, scrunchy

Last book I read: Eleanor and Park 

I’m tagging: dorkballmcgee lostinthisduniya perpetual-divagation sylkitty idk anyone else who wants to i’m tired

anonymous asked:

Hello ! I think remembering you once said your diet had changed since becoming spiritualy awake. Therefore, I was wondering if you knew any websites/tumblr where we could find some food ideas, or what to cook or something maybe? Or if you had any pieces of advice for healthy eating? Thank you very much and have a nice day !

Hm, I don’t! I’d love to find healthy and nutritious food blogs here, I’m sure there are some if you search the tags. 

I have a lot of nutritional tips because I’ve been studying it for a year or so (informally) and learned a lot from what my own body has taught me. I’ll share them here! 

First of all, I think weaning yourself away from processed food (things with high fructose corn syrup, autolyzed ____, food coloring #___, etc) is a good idea no matter what. The more spiritual I get, the more I can taste and sense the toxicity of the chemicals. Often times, you’re literally poisoning yourself (in small and non-deadly…short term at least) doses, when you eat these foods. It’s terrifying!!

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, herbs, seafood, and lean meat is always a healthy choice. It’s really all about balance and listening to your body. All the people I’ve spoken to that have changed their diet just listen to their body. Sometimes you’ll crave a certain vegetable, probably for a reason! Most likely, your body is deficient in a nutrient it has, and it craves it because you’re body is crazy intelligent. (Side note: do your research on seafood. Some are endangered species and others contain a lot of heavy metals due to pollution in the oceans. If you plan on eating a lot of seafood, research first!)

If you can, eat organic and freshly picked vegetables and fruits. Most foods lose most of their nutritional value after only a few days of being out of the ground. You also want to avoid pesticides, so if you can’t eat organic then make sure to wash your fruits and veggies well! Pesticides are literally deadly…why these even go near our mouths I question daily. D:

If you don’t have the healthiest diet right now (like a lot of processed stuff and not much fresh food), don’t go cold turkey and switch everything over (unless that works for you and you know it). It’s possible it could actually upset your digestion (not in a harmful way, but you might not feel great), because your body is eating so differently. So if you want to switch your diet over the healthier things, try these tips: 

  1. Drink more water. If you really love soda (which is like drinking chemicals…gah), that’s okay, but try to change it to healthier fruit drinks! The Izze brand is an awesome place to start. I definitely still drink those. 
  2. Read ingredient labels. Ideally, you should be able to make a mental picture of everyone ingredient. If you can’t and it doesn’t say (vitamin C) or something in parenthesis, don’t get it. There are a couple exceptions (citric acid, etc), but you can look it up on your smart phone or computer if you’re curious. 
  3. Start to focus your grocery list on the produce (fruits, berries, veggies). Make a point to shop once a week, and make a goal that 2/3rd of your list will be in produce within a month or two of changing your diet. 
  4. Don’t worry about cutting out the bad stuff at first–start just bringing in good stuff! Eat your favorites veggies and fruits (you can snack on as many veggies as you want, you can’t overeat them! Fruits are sugary so try not to have more than ~3 per day, but definitely eat them!). The curious thing is how intelligent our bodies are: you will start to crave veggies and fruits. Processed stuff with become distasteful. It’s all because the food industry has convinced us, through flavorings etc, that processed food is yummy and the best for us. But our bodies know better and they quickly recognize this after only weeks of introducing veggies and fruits! Once you start to crave healthy stuff, then start focusing on cutting out junk. It will become easier and easier.

Also, I have a book recommendation! It might have a couple recipes…? It’s “Eating on the Wild Side.” It’s filled with info and only around $20 to purchase. 

I also might, in the next few years, make a food illustration book with recipes I’ve designed that are healthy and chakra specific. It would combine a lot of my passions and I think make a great book! I’ll definitely post about it on my blog if this is still running by the time I get around to making the book. 

I hope some of this helped! Just make sure to look for recipes that have easy ingredients and usually avoid “brand name” recipes, like where you have to buy a specific seasoning etc. The old copies of Food magazine often have easy and wholesome recipes. :)

Tag 10 people you would like to get to know better! 
I was tagged by yixinghnng~ thank you so much!

Name: Juliann 

Hours of sleep:right now, like 8-9 because break, but it’s soon to become 5-6 again T_T

Last thing I googled:

Nickname: Julie~

Sexual orientation: straight
Height: 5'5
Favourite colour: purple (esp. pale) and blue.
Places that make me happy: My room and the music room at school~
Number of blankets: 2

Favourite film: hm.. so hard. Big Hero 6! Unbroken was really good too..
What I’m wearing: awk. still wearing my pjs which is usually a long t shirt and spandex. AHHAHAHA
Last book I read: biology textbook for school.
Most used phrase: any question ending in lol.
First word that comes to mind: food.
Last thing you said to a family member: Bye, have a good day!

Favourite beverage: boba ^_^
Favourite food: hot pot ^_^ or sushi…kbbq too. omg too hard.

Last movie you saw at the theatre: um..unbroken (wow. it’s been a while)
Dream vacation: Seoul, or maybe London
Dream wedding: i don’t mine really.~

Dream pet: i’ve always wanted to have a horse, but more realstic pets for me are a bunny and a dog.
Dream job: Veternarian 
I tag: flowerlay|| faerieyeol|| reindeer-hannie|| oh-yixing|| error-1004|| being-madridistaexol-sucks|| itslovelylulu|| xiumin-paradise|| odetotaemin|| jonginmotion||
you don’t have to do this!

things I'm currently in love with:

tagged by meteorstorms (thank you, Kevin)

one song: Shiver by Lucy Rose

two movies: Big Hero 6 and hm…………I got nothing else LOL….I haven’t watched anything new, but I watched A Clockwork Orange again and I enjoyed it

three shows: Running Man, Bob’s Burgers, and Immortal Song 2

four people: Kenneth, jinzino, xmng, and Bienna (but she’s my child too…so)

five foods: whole foods’ fried chicken, ramen, eggs benedict, grilled cheese sandwiches, honeydew

six people to tag: celebie, bluejaysong, bakkyun, hapajack, indistinct, aureate-soul

You're Singing To My Soul

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1JS6jv3

by notalone91

When Quinn and Rachel get paired together for a “current showtunes” assignment in Glee Club, will everything go as expected?

Words: 3113, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of Drabble Shuffle

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1JS6jv3

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Rules: repost this and tag 10 people you want to get to know better
Nicknames: leelee or juju
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: mostly straight lol
Favorite color: yellow
Current time and date: 7:26pm April 27
Average amount of sleep: hm…4-6 lol! so bad >.<
Lucky number: 3 or 5
Last thing I googled: dealership (i did something soooo incredibly stupid to my car TT_TT my baby D: )
First word that comes to mind: pocky cause i’m eating pocky :D
One place that makes me happy: beach!!!!!
How many blankets I sleep with: 1-4 depending on either weather or how cold i am
Favourite character: ….there is no way i can choose just one character in any fandom
Fav food: anything with noodles
Fav drink: milk tea!!! and coffee XD
Fav book: east of eden (i’ll still love steinbeck no matter how old i am :) )
Last movie i’ve seen in the theaters: hobbit battle of the five armies (so bad….me and my sis laughed so hard while watching!)
Last holiday: you mean celebrated? if it’s last celebrated then that would be chinese new year
Dream wedding: hell no!!!!! the day my bf proposes is the day i drag him with me to city hall, get a marriage license, and be done with it! no way do i want to spend money or be stressed about it but mostly deal with problematic relatives. no dream wedding at all!!!
Dream job:  restaurateur
Tag 10 people: koushiiss, crollalanzaa, sadisticxpredator, rezondetoru, s-caroro, apodays, awkwardedgeworth, kirilldesu