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so i was tagged by @poeticbibliophile (YO THANK YOU), @lesfillesenfleur, and @a-clandestine-girl

rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

1. nicknames: Kei is actually my nickname, but very few people know me as anything else, so i go by Kei 24/7

2. gender: well, i currently identify as a cis girl but i’m trying to figure things out

3. star sign: Gemini

4. height: 5′4. i’m a smol (although i do fall into the taller category back in indonesia)

5. time: 4:20 pm (ayyyyyyyyyy) (i’m lame i know)

6. birthday: June 14th (same as @poeticbibliophile actually!)

7. favourite bands: THE KILLERS, my chemical romance, fall out boy, the beatles, bleh bleh (i’m not much of a band person) (and i don’t think p!atd counts as a band anymore since it’s just brendon)

8. favourite solo artist(s): hayley kiyoko because i’m gay af, aaron tveit because i’m fucking in love with him, sara bareilles, eva noblezada, dodie, samantha barks because i’m in love with her, etc. etc. etc. (those are just the ones that come to mind rn)

9. song stuck in my head: Let’s Have Intercourse (i spent the last two days bingeing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can you blame me)

10. last movie i watched: i honestly do not remember. i think it was aladdin??

11. last show i watched: i just got all caught up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend at one in the morning today

12. when did i create my blog: sometime in late 2015, i think. i wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

13. what do i post: my blog is a melting pot of shitposts, memes, theatre stuff, les mis, my fanfic, lots of aaron tveit, fandom shit, aesthetics, a dash of social justice, politics sometimes, and god knows what else

14. last thing i googled: aaron tveit (what, are you surprised?)

15. do i have any other blogs: oh, hell no, i have no fucking idea how sideblogs work, so if i’m obsessed with something, all of my followers will know exactly what it is

16. do i get asks: it’s becoming fairly often these days! mostly fic prompts, sometimes ask games, sometimes just chatting with people :D

17. why i chose my url: i’m bisexual. i love éponine. in many ways, i am her. i headcanon her as bisexual. boom, my url.

18. following: 1,611

19. followers: 467 (not a lot compared to a few of my mutuals, but there ya go)

20. average hours of sleep: six to seven hours a night; i nap on the bus a lot

21. lucky number: 14, 2, 21

22. instruments: piano, a whole variety of percussion instruments, my voice

23. what i’m wearing: pyjamas

24. dream job: tony-winning actress on broadway or photographer

25. dream trip: ALL OVER THE WORLD WITH SOMEBODY WHO LOVES ME. it’s odd, really—i’ve been living in the middle of nowhere in africa (no, i’m not going to specify which country), but i’ve never been anywhere in africa other than this country i’m currently living in. i should change that soon

26. favourite food: ramen

27. nationality: indonesian

28. favourite song right now: Let’s Generalise About Men

that was only twenty-eight?? i don’t even know anymore i’m going to add two more

29. sexuality: bisexual as fuck

30. OTP: E/É

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Another downside I’ve found of spending so much of my free time writing–and there are not a lot of them; I’m so much happier this way–is that I now have so much less time for reading. I’m getting behind on my reading challenge and I haven’t kept up with all the cool fic that I know has been published. I’ve just been bookmarking and liking it, promising myself I’d go back and read it later. Later just never came.

But! I have some unexpected free time this week so I wrote in a few hours of fic reading onto my calendar and I am really excited to catch up on what you guys have been writing and also very sorry that it is has taken me this long to read all of it.

PS - If you have any recs I’d be happy to take them.

likecottxncandy  asked:

ok but also your relationship with mina after they started dating,,,,

✕. let jo talk about your muses Not Accepting–!!

“Oh, that’s so easy! Mina’s my girlfriend–!! It feels so good to say that aloud, y’know? I can never get tired of it. Minako’s my actual girlfriend!!

“Not just that; she’s my best friend, my partner, my everything? Mina’s such a huge part of my life–well, I mean, she always has been–that I can’t live without her. Like, at all. Things haven’t changed too drastically, I guess? We still live together and spend time together like we used to, but it’s… it’s a bit more natural. Our feelings are super out in the open now, and there’s nothing I won’t tell her. Including how I feel.

“Mina’s still just as bright, but I get to bask in her light everyday now. And I get to kiss her and tell her I love her and it’s… Man–!! It’s something. It’s… It’s liberating and refreshing and just– Gosh, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I couldn’t ask for anyone more. Mina’s my happiness, my light, and my heart, as cheesy as that sounds. But to be honest, I’ve never been as content with life as I am now, and it’s all thanks to her.

“But, again, can you believe it? She’s my freaking girlfriend–!!” 

hey guys so if you could just reblog this with your opinion on the following:

do you need a condom while having anal sex (if both parties are free of STDs)?

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can you post the coloring you used for this post?? >> /post/165158905085/i-want-that-trophy-so-dance-good

First off, sorry that it took me a while to respond to you!
Unfortunately, I didn’t save the original PSD and basically all of my colouring is done by trial and error, so this isn’t the exact same edit but I tried my best

Usual rules apply;
Don’t repost - Don’t claim as yours blabla

MF download

cuiwi  asked:


Oooh, thanks for asking!! I’ll never pass up an opportunity to talk about video games :D

3.  Best game you’ve ever played?

Journey. That was the first game to make me cry my eyes out for a good hour or two when I finished, and not necessarily because it was sad, but because it was just so beautiful. The story is presented amazingly, the landscape is gorgeous, the interaction with other players is well done, and OH MY GOD THE SOUNDTRACK!! Soundtrack is hugely important to me and is one of the reasons I was crying so much. And all this is accomplished without a single line of dialogue. Such an amazing game. I will never fail to talk about how good it was at any given time.

4.  Worst game you’ve ever played?

Uhh… I tend to forget everything about bad games I’ve played, but I think it was The Golden Compass video game for the DS? The one based on the movie. At the time I thought it was a cool game, but looking back on it, it just… wasn’t… I never finished it either because the controls and mechanics got hard to understand pretty early on that I got stuck and quit.

I almost said Nicktoons Unite! for the PS2, which was pretty awful, but the good kind of awful I enjoyed so I can’t say it was the worst lmao

10.  A game you’ve completely given up on?

The Golden Compass video game, definitely. Gave up early on in the game and sold it a long time ago. No plans to ever try it again.

I might also say Dead Space? I got about halfway through the game, but I don’t do horror well so I stopped playing. I haven’t played it in a long time and I keep thinking I’ll try to finish it someday, but boy does it shoot my anxiety through the roof haha //sweats