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name: Mickey

height: 5′0″

hair: brown

eyes: brown

gender: elf

sexuality: frying pan

fav anime: nope

fav band(s): simple plan, uss, hedley, mother mother, three days grace, metric

fav song: woman woman - awolnation

fav book series: i like sarah dessen and john green

fav word: gobsmacked

fav color: orange, pink, blue

dream job: veterinarian or lab tech

what do you want to do when you’re older?: raise dogs

idea of a perfect moment: does being asleep count?

favorite quote: “i want you to live for the future.” - tloz: wind waker

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1. Music, but especially concerts. There’s nothing better than this feeling of excitement when the singer/band enters the stage or when the adrenaline kicks in and you’re jumping up and down to an amazing beat or when you’re just so overwhelmed and you start crying to your favorite song because it means so much to you.  

2. Finally doing stuff I’ve been putting off for too long. (story of the life of a procrastinator lol) 

3. Coul’s voice messages. They just never fail to make me smile and that means a lot. 

4. Listening to sb’s monologue about sth they are really passionate about. 

5. People complimenting me on character traits, people voicing that they’re proud of me and that sort of stuff. Being appreciated is nice. 

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yo, quick thing. could y’all tag sausage party stuff? i do not give one flying fuck about sausage party or its discourse and don’t really wanna sift through all that crap if this is a continual thing. thank! now, back to reblogging aimlessly on this hellhole of a site wish me luck

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Birthday: November 19th 

Gender/pronouns: I use they/them she/her but my gender is prolly something idk

Relationship status: single til this boy quit playin I s2g

Zodiac sign: Scorpio 👅

Siblings: I have an older sister who’s in college and an older brother who is an adult that lived  w me in my immediate home always. A younger step brother that I saw on weekends back in the day and a half brother and sister that I’ve met like 2 times.

Pets: I have three dogs at my moms that I barely ever see, Skipper, reaper and maggie. And a fish at my house, Lucifer Ganja. (Named by my older sister)

Wake up times: well I’m trying to get up no later than 9:30 bc I need to adjust for school but I slept til 2:30 today so IDK lol

Love or Lust: lust rn

Lemonade or iced tea: Arnold palmer

Cats or Dogs: dogs bc I’m allergic to cats :(

Day or Night: more fun stuff happens at night for me and stars r dope like space 10/10 but I love love love the sun n trees n blue sky n nature stuff so idk

Text or call: Depends on who it is

Met a celebrity?: Athletes and voice actors only 

Smile or eyes?: eyes tbh

Light or dark hair: idk I like not natural hair colors and I personally look best w red imo but like idk hair is dope 

Short or tall?: I’m short n I like short people bc I feel so little when speaking w a tall person

Chapstick or lipstick?: chapstick

City or Country: Depends on my mood ig bc in cities u can do a bunch n meet people but I love mountains trees and the vast amount of stars in the country a lot so

Last song you listened to: sucker for pain from the suicide squad soundtrack lmao

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Yo, can you please tag guro stuff?

To anyone, I don’t mean to be rude, but you rather unfollow me, I’m kind of forgetful at tagging stuff :(, even tho I don’t usually reblog things like that.

Anyway, I’ll try to tag it

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TITLE of the first song that describes how you are feeling: Survivor by Destiny’s Child

SECOND describes your love life:  Poker Face by Lady Gaga

THIRD will be played at your wedding: Lose Yourself by Eminem

ADD “in my pants” to the title: haha this one is good ;D Sinner Like You “In My Pants” by Parson James

WILL be played at your funeral: Come Round Soon by Sara Barielles

IS your theme song: 2X2 by Plamen, Ivo, Pavel & Venci Venc’

WILL be played when you think of someone you love: Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

ADD “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title: Alive “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” by Sia (totally weird)

DESCRIBES your week: Bye Bye Bye by N’Sync

THIS will be played when you miss someone: No Church in The Wild by Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and someone else that I can’t remember (oops)

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Name: Ben
Nickname: Flex Jackson, Bedney, Punkass, Benny Biceps (i hate it)
Gender: Cis-Male
Star-sign: Libra
Height: 5′9/175cm
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Hetero- im very sorry to those of u who are sad to see this
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff is what i’ve been assigned by everyone, they refuse to accept i am a slytherin and I don’t even care its just what pottermore said
Favourite Colour: Light Blue
Time right now: 11:34pm
Average hours of sleep: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA
Lucky number: 26, 3
Favourite fictional character: bruh… probs my Pokemon Trainers
Blankets I sleep with: 2
Dream Trip: bringing my friends on an all expenses paid trip to multiple capitals and having a good time and getting free money for doing this
Job: Personal Trainer
When did you make this blog: 2011 i think
Follower count: 312
Posts: 68,423 (424 with this one)
Your most active followers according to the biggest fan: @gyopo-jpg, @rustedmustard, @desolatevessel, @twinkle-nebula
When did your blog reach it’s peak: i think it peaked during the great meme war of 2014
Why did you get tumblr: heard it was the place to go for the freshest and zestiest home grown memes on the market
Do you get asks on a daily basis: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA no
Why did you choose your url: its my name on everything. Battle.net, Origin, Steam, League of Legends, Blade and Soul, etc so on and so forth, everything.

Tag followers you wanna know better: if some of u see this and wanna do it, consider yourself tagged m’dudes. However I will tag a few people. This is by no means something u need to do and no pressure just interested.

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I have been wanting to start a studyblr but I don't know how any tips that can help me

bruh i feel

okayso when first starting your studyblr, pick a url that you like and represents yourself and makes it obvious that you’re a studyblr. so basically pick a word you like and put some variation of study near it. i chose distancestudies bc im a distance runner in track!!

and then when you start your studyblr, decide what tags  yo uare going to use to organize your original stuff (tags for the stuff you reblog can be done a lil bit later) most people just tag their stuff with some variation of #my post. 

post an intro! introduce your name, pronoun, age, graduating class, and interests! name the people who inspired you to start a studyblr and tag them in the post! a lot of times they’ll reblog your post and it’ll help spread your blog’s name a lil bit

for posting original stuff, you can post stuff like what you’re studying right now, your current workspace, any new supplies you get, lists of tips, stuff like that!! among my first original posts was a picture of my study space and a list of tips for incoming highschool freshmen. 

for pictures and stuff, you don’t have to worry about if your work space or picture looks pretty. just do what you want to do!! i typically just resize the picture a bit, and put a nice looking filter. nothin’ fancy

i hope you have fun starting your studyblr!! and remember, things can get hard, but keep your head up and keep on truckin’!!

p.s. also sorry bc i just saw this ask and i have no idea how long its been in my inbox for

hey there! if you’re transgender, i want to tell you that you are valid and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. if you’re a transboy but you still like to wear feminine things, you are a boy. if you’re a transgirl but you still like to wear masculine things, you are still a girl. nothing you do will make you any less of the gender you are. even if you can’t pay for corrective surgery or testosterone, you are the gender you want to be.

if you have a feminine or a masculine name and no one calls you it, or some people do but others don’t, kill them. haha, i’m kidding of course! i will always be here and i will always think that is your name. if you were born a jessica but you feel like a jason, more power to you! i’ll call you that name.

if you’re ever misgendered or people use the incorrect pronouns for you because they don’t believe you’re that gender, or that it’s just a phase, they are wrong! this is who you are. you are the gender you feel that you are. if you parents don’t accept you for who you are or they’ve told you you’re just going through a phase, or that it won’t last, they are dead wrong! you feel like a girl? you are a girl! you feel like a boy? you are a boy!

if you need some inspiration, i urge you to watch the short film “boy” if you haven’t! it’s foreign, but there are subtitles. it’s a very moving film and it isn’t overly long, but i absolutely adore it!

i’m just here with a message for you: you are valid, and if someone tells you otherwise, kick their ass! and if you can’t kick their ass, i will do it for you. if you are feeling dysphoria or people are being horrible and critical of you being trans, you can talk to me! i may not be trans myself (i’m actually a demigirl - who leans more toward agender!) but i am here for you.

bonus: if you are agender, a demigirl, a demiboy, or any kind of gender in the spectrum that people like to say “isn’t real” i’m here to tell you that your gender is completely real! i know how much it hurts to hear that your gender isn’t real, because as a mostly agender demigirl, it killed me when someone in my school said “there aren’t any genders but boy and girl.”

bonus bonus: if you’re cis, that’s great too! you be who you are, friend!

you are valid! you are loved!

have a lovely day! u w u