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yo, um, could you please tag all the kink stuff as nsfw or something? i'm ace as all fuck so literally anything about kinks makes me seriously uncomfortable

Sure!!! I missed a few because I answered the last couple on mobile so I apologize! They’ve been remedied!! Sorry about that!!

yo I was tagged by @shoeblaze420 💖💖💖 thank u!!!

name: erin
nickname: Murphy, sheep, lil e
gender: female
star sign: aquarius
birthday: feb 8
relationship status: single as hell yo….
pets: 2 cats!! misti and scribbles
height: idk really abt 160+cm??? im small
favourite colour(s): yea,.. I like a lot um….. ultramarine, red, pink, green, uhh… anything except purple really
average hours of sleep: like!! the hardest question!! idk.. 6 or 7
lucky number: idk
last thing i googled: “blént girl" (I had to show it to my friend dnt judge)
number of blankets i sleep with: LOTS!! like 4 or 5 winter 1 or 2 summer
met a celebrity: none!!
favourite fictional character(s): amélie from amélie I guess.. lyra from his dark materials… omg!!! the mechanic girl that Winona Ryder plays in night on earth
favourite book(s): THE LITTLE PRINCE OMG…. I really loved Persepolis… Chocolat!!! and griffin and Sabine (can’t rly remember the name oops)
favourite band(s): Wild nothing, beach house, vampire weekend, devendra banhart, sufjan stevens
song stuck in my head right now: shoot you down by the stone roses
last movie i watched: idk lol…. i think it was now you see me two…. ew
last tv show i watched: ok it was the L word tbh
last song i listened to: Clair de Lune
dream trip: uhm Morocco, turkey, Peru… would love to go to Iran as well… Egypt… Spain, France…
what am i wearing right now: pyjamas
time right now: 5:53 am.. I woke up in the middle of the nite lol
what do you post about: my posts r just random shit about like what the fuck ever is on my mind
do you have other blogs? nah
when did your blog reach its peak? idk!!! when I was super happy last year
do you get asks on a daily basis? no way lol
why did you choose your url? uhm I hated my old one so I picked 2 songs and mashed em
lemonade or iced tea: lemonade…. tea is best warm
cats or dogs: both are sweet but I tend to prefer cats
coke or pepsi: who the fuck would really say Pepsi honestly
day or night: gah I don’t know they’re both nice
text or call: I don’t really mind….. depends on my mood
makeup or au natural: au natural.. makeup just isnt me really
light or dark hair: dnt care..
shorter or taller: I don’t get why ppl care abt this so much? don’t care
intelligence or attraction: uhm attraction I guess idgaf if ppl r smart
city or country: that’s so hard!! idk at all

I tag @tnahc (if you even USE tumblr 😒) @thevoiceofdoubt and @lotusei 

yo I’m gonna be tagging stuff abt the whole clown thing with ‘clown tw’ just in case !! I know it’s rlly distressing for some ppl

hey there! if you’re transgender, i want to tell you that you are valid and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. if you’re a transboy but you still like to wear feminine things, you are a boy. if you’re a transgirl but you still like to wear masculine things, you are still a girl. nothing you do will make you any less of the gender you are. even if you can’t pay for corrective surgery or testosterone, you are the gender you want to be.

if you have a feminine or a masculine name and no one calls you it, or some people do but others don’t, kill them. haha, i’m kidding of course! i will always be here and i will always think that is your name. if you were born a jessica but you feel like a jason, more power to you! i’ll call you that name.

if you’re ever misgendered or people use the incorrect pronouns for you because they don’t believe you’re that gender, or that it’s just a phase, they are wrong! this is who you are. you are the gender you feel that you are. if you parents don’t accept you for who you are or they’ve told you you’re just going through a phase, or that it won’t last, they are dead wrong! you feel like a girl? you are a girl! you feel like a boy? you are a boy!

if you need some inspiration, i urge you to watch the short film “boy” if you haven’t! it’s foreign, but there are subtitles. it’s a very moving film and it isn’t overly long, but i absolutely adore it!

i’m just here with a message for you: you are valid, and if someone tells you otherwise, kick their ass! and if you can’t kick their ass, i will do it for you. if you are feeling dysphoria or people are being horrible and critical of you being trans, you can talk to me! i may not be trans myself (i’m actually a demigirl - who leans more toward agender!) but i am here for you.

bonus: if you are agender, a demigirl, a demiboy, or any kind of gender in the spectrum that people like to say “isn’t real” i’m here to tell you that your gender is completely real! i know how much it hurts to hear that your gender isn’t real, because as a mostly agender demigirl, it killed me when someone in my school said “there aren’t any genders but boy and girl.”

bonus bonus: if you’re cis, that’s great too! you be who you are, friend!

you are valid! you are loved!

have a lovely day! u w u

  • Before the Fire Trailer:*innocent* *minding my own business*

hey yo guys don’t tag people’s names in irlshipping. when i see it in the Game Grumps fandom it worries me because Ross, Suzzy, AND Arin have a tumblr and if they search and find that shit it’d be really bad.
like i said before respect is the biggest thing when it comes to shipping people irl, but PLEASE DO NOT TAG YOUR IRLSHIP STUFF WITH THE ACTUAL FANDOM TAG AND PEOPLE’S NAMES
use a tag like “grump shipping” or “__/__”
don’t be a weenie