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Imagine Bucky receiving medical treatment from Fitzsimmons

It happens so fast that even Steve’s heightened reflexes don’t have time to react. Bucky’s breath is coming quickly as Fitz helps him into his seat; his face is white from blood loss, pupils dilated, and then Fitz is staggering backwards with a shout and Steve’s heart is sinking through the floor.

Bucky still can’t cope with medical treatment. Steve had hoped that multiple shattered ribs and a bullet wound to the gut might convince him to acknowledge the necessity of being treated, but - well.

"I’m - I’m fine," Fitz pants, catching his balance on the wall beside him. "It’s fine, Agent May. Please." On Coulson’s nod May lowers her gun, but she doesn’t holster it. Coulson’s calm gaze turns on Steve, and Steve knows exactly how this ends: they’re going to have to sedate him, again, and when he comes back around he’ll be fully healed and half-panicked and vindicated all over again in his distrust.

And then - Steve is still staring, paralysed, praying to every god he’s heard of for a way out of this mess - then Simmons is shrugging off her lab coat and stepping forward, very slowly.

"For heaven’s sake, Fitz," she says. "You can’t just manhandle our patients like that. Are you alright, Sergeant Barnes?" The tension in the room spikes sharply as she steps closer, but Simmons doesn’t falter. "He must have jarred you, didn’t he? Those ribs of yours look very uncomfortable. Would you like a painkiller?"

Don’t mention drugs, Steve thinks, panic rising in his throat like bile. Bucky is terrified of being drugged. But he doesn’t lash out again, and Simmons makes no move to administer any medication - just tips out a white tablet into her hand and watches carefully for Bucky’s reaction.

His lips are closed tight, jaw clenched, eyes fixed on the pill like he expects it to leap up and hurl itself down his throat. “Actually,” says Simmons, “I think Fitz had better have one too. I think you sprained your wrist in that fall just now.”

"Not at all, I’m perfectly - oh, actually, yes. That does hurt a lot,” says Fitz, catching on only a split second before Steve does: these pills are safe. Look, we give them to our own team as well. And it works: once it becomes obvious that the pill isn’t doing Fitz and harm, Bucky takes his without a fuss. Simmons hangs back for a few quiet moments, lets him breathe. His posture relaxes a little. His eyes take on a slightly glazed look. He’s not calm, exactly, but whatever was in the pill he took has taken the edge off his panic. Just enough that he doesn’t flinch when Simmons steps closer again.

"There we go." Simmons smiles encouragingly, and then somehow - somehow, thank God, and Steve is going to buy Simmons the world’s biggest bouquet when this is over - Bucky isn’t fighting her. She keeps up a steady stream of chatter as she works, telling Bucky exactly what she’s doing, and by the time she’s finished her work Bucky’s breathing has slowed to almost normal and his right hand isn’t even shaking anymore.

It takes Fitz a while to sober up from the industrial strength painkiller, of course - but from the goofy grin on his face when he leaves the medical bay, he doesn’t seem to mind.

List of utaite & VocaloP's official LINE accounts

Making this because Millie asked me to! And to help those in need.

When searching for their IDs, you have to use “@” or else it won’t appeared ((Also, yes, I know, but just let me add ArsMagna to the list)).

dear adam,
i’ve heard about you my whole life, but you were always overshadowed by your wife. i sit and i think about it sometimes; i wonder if you’re the reason why men are so angry at women.

dear adam,
but you loved her once, didn’t you? you loved her before all that, before you were cursed by the god that you worshiped. did you stop loving her when god called for you?

dear adam,
do you blame eve? do you blame her for taking the fruit, just like the men of today do?

dear adam,
i think sometimes you must wish it was you instead.
( there would be so much more glory for you. )

dear adam,
from the start, we have been blaming eve, but there’s more to the story, isn’t there? see, she was willing to trade the whole universe for you. what were you willing to give?

dear adam,
should we forgive you?

—  alexis n., letters to adam // inspired by poppyflowerpoetry

I was tagged by hthrloo​ to do the music meme. Thanks, lovely!

MUSIC MEME: Answer the following questions using only song titles by a single artist or group. Try not to repeat songs; it’s harder than you think.

Pick your artist/band: Prince 

What is your gender: Endorphinmachine

Describe yourself: 1,000 Hugs And Kisses
 / Funny Love / Soft and Wet

How do you feel: Better With Time / Willing and Able

Describe where you currently live: Here On Earth / Under The Cherry Moon

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Space / Erotic City

Your favorite form of transportation: Little Red Corvette

Your best friend is: Gold

You and your best friends are: Ol’ Skool Company

Favorite time of day: When We’re Dancing Close And Slow

If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: Jukebox With A Heartbeat

What is life to you: The Everlasting Now
 / It’s About That Walk / D.M.S.R. / Love Song

Your relationship: You’re All I Want
 / Automatic
 / I’m Yours
 / Take Me With U
 / Kiss
 / Trust
 / Nothing Compares 2 U

Your fear: Gotta Broken Heart Again

I’m tagging twoyellows, retracingben, scholvin (if they would like to do this, that is), and if you’re reading this… YOU’RE IT, TOO.


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